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21 John Coleman

I'm not old enough to have seen him play but must have been one hell of a player based on older people describe.
Had lunch with some workmates in about 1991 and we joined up with 4 older gents who were having there monthly 'catch-up'. ( It was around the period where many in the press were speculating that Garry Ablett And was the best player of all time.
None of these guys barracked for Essendon but to a man, each of them scoffed at the suggestion that Ablett and was in the same class as Coleman. They say he marked from anywhere, was too quick for any opponent, a great kick and a constant match winner over his 99 games. 'We will never see his like again'.
These are similar to the stories my parents, uncles, aunties, grand parents etc told about Coleman. Was he the best ever? I don't know but the generation that saw him say he was.

So good the crowd, including opposition supporters, used to move up and down the ground at each quarter change just to watch him play. Probably the best ever, dominant on the ground, untouchable in the air, just played too long ago to be clearly remembered of just how good he was. Sadly a short career. Those who know, know why the league's leading goal kicker now receives the Coleman medal.

Don't undrstand how he isn't in the top 5 kicked over 500 goals in just 96 games. Brilliant

22 NIck Maxwell

What a joke. Maxwell has never had an opponent in his life, all he does is punch when he could mark the footy. Any muppet can do that. Can 't kick the ball either. He's not in the best 500 of all time, let alone, the top ten.

I think this is pathetic he should be know where near the top 5 and there is way tougher players than him. He's to soft

Will go down as the best player ever to play the game. An icon. A household name. We should all take a moment to be grateful we saw the Great Nick Maxwell play in our lifetimes

He needed a break. But what a great Collingwood captain.

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23 Peter Daicos

Only a Collingwood fan would have him in the top 1000! Averaged about 5 touches per game in his final 4 years. Kicked some freakish goals but didn't do much else.

So talented and changed the game with his amazing skills

Great player who could score whenever he touched the ball. A real freak.

He has got to be in the top five Collingwood players ever.

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24 Matthew Richardson

800 GOALS IN A POOR SIDE THAT COULDN't DELIVER the BALL TO HIM SATISTICLY BETTER THAN CAREY MORE GOAL MORE MARKS MORE KICKS had a huge tank could run like a midfielder imagine him in a good team would have been unstoppable he probably not number 1 but should be in the top 10 with out question I think he's the best center half forward to have played the game and I'm an essendon fan

Magnificent player. A fantastic ability to take high and stretched out marks and an amazing goal kicker too. Deserve red a lot better than 23.

An amazing player who deserves to be much higher up on this list

Richo is a real icon to look up to because of his amazing ability to grab the ball and kick many goals. Deserves to be right up there as one of the best that ever played.

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25 Adam Goodes

Adam Goodes your a fantastic player maybe not the best but your still awesome.

He was very good but started to play for free kicks in the later years

Dual brownlow medal winner. Enough said!

Adam you are so amazing at footy

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26 Matthew Pavlich

Much better then a lot off those players above. Should be in the top 15

How is your head.P.S. how did you lose to the worst team? You should be ashamed of your self and your team. How did you lose to Lenny Hayes's last game? Boo Dockers

Matthew Pavlitch should be 3rd best because he has played more than 350 games and his a awesome player

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27 Graham Farmer

Everyone I know that saw this bloke play rated him as the best they had seen. Gave Bobby davis and Geelong glory. And coached WA to 1977 state of origin demolition of Victoria.

"The only individual man that changed the game".

Has to be in the top 10 if you saw him play it left no doubt he was one of the greatest players

A Legend in two States. His hand balling skills were second to none. As a ruckman of the highest calibre his clashes with Jogn Nicholls were legendary. He played beat 400 games at the top level. Probably the greatest player from W.A.

28 Mark Riccuito

Best player for hard ball gets off all time

You are my second favourite of all times you are so the best

One of the best players of all time and without a doubt the best Italian player of all time can play as a midfielder and small forward. Equal holder for the most All AustraliaN with Robert havey with 8 equal best and fairest for thr crows with 3 equaled with bujji and goody and a brownlow I reckon Andrew mcleod is still better then him but he is a champion. Now he has handed his jumper to... Patrick Dangerfield who is a gun quick, good long kick, talented and has spark very good plyer patrick dangerfield remember his goal against freemantle assisted by tippo

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29 Stephen Silvagni

Silvagni is the best full back in afl history he should be in the top 10 instead of nick maxwell

You're the best player ever I wish you still played

By far the best full back ever. Deserves alt better.

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30 John Nicholls

Are you kidding? Number 30? Big Nick was 'the general' who directed play and had a huge influence on so many games. He was the engine room of the mid-field of his day via his wonderful tap ruck work. John Nicholls had one of the best football brains of all time and, with his size, ability and ground leadership, he deserves, (along with Polly Farmer, incidentally), to be rated in the top 10.

31 Gordon Coventry

In his heyday this man is the difference between Collingwood and the rest of the VFL team. In the late twenties and the early thirties. A tough and rugged players who drew the attention of every coach when he plays. Makes a habit of kicking 100 goals a seasonis at atime were on 16 games a season. Where Tony Lockett needed motivation to kick his 1000 or so goals Gordon Covenry set a legacy that took other full forwards overifty years to surpass. The greatest spearhead of all time.

32 Dean Cox

I like you Coxy but you should play a bad game and then retire so you could give Natnui and Lycet a turn at the ruck so they become great ruck man like you. Go Eagles!

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33 Royce Hart

If football was an art form Royce was the master artist, great leap in his younger days, seemingly out of a contest would soar through the air to take a crucial grab and goal with a flat punt. Was a big game player would would run on when the game was in the balance and lift the team. The whole team lifted when he was on the field and was instrumental in the 73/74 flags.

Royce is the 2nd best player ever. He invented current footballs skills. He taught himself how to kick a drop punt and was a genius at it. His high jumping technique for marking is perfect. He is the best captain ever. He stood up and guided Richmond to flags in 67, 69, 73 and 74.

Hart was a Richmond all star and took one of the greatest mark of all time WHAT A CHAMPION!

34 Bruce Doull

Bruce was was and still is my favorite player he never had his ice off the ball. What I like about Bruce is that he new he had to put in time and effort into training as much as the game.

Greatest defender ever. Never beaten. His games on Hart are Legendary. How this man is not an AFL Legend is a blight on the AFL.

None better. Best defender must be elevated to legend status of the AFL legends will be a joke.

The best defender I ever saw. Ps I'm 62

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35 Kevin Sheedy

Better coach then player, legend

Alright Player, Fantastic Coach

36 Gary Dempsey

1975 Brownlow medalist and one of the greatest ruckman. Suffered severe burns in the Lara Bushfires and was told he would never play AFL again - but came back and proved that doctor wrong with 6 Best and Fairests and the record for the most awarded Brownlow votes.

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37 Bob Rose

Best footballer I have seen I hadn't been collingwood player would have been in the hall of fame in stead of some others in the hall of fame the selector were pretty bias

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38 Haydn Bunton, Sr.

Fitzroy captain 1936-1937
Fitzroy coach 1936
Best and fairest 2x
Fitzroy leading goal kicker 2x
Brownlow 3x first ever out of 4
Sandover 3x
Hall of fame legend
Team of the century
Fitzroy team of the century
Why isn't he number 1?

I think this guys record speaks for itself, close to a Don Bradman of football in achievements as a player

Absolute legend 3 times brownlow medalist also in his first 2 years should be first.

Won a Brownlow in his first, second and fourth year in the VFL, averaged 30 KICKS over his whole career and said to have had 100 KICKS in one match. if that's not enough then goes to Perth and wins three Sandovers in four years there!
6 league Best & Fairests in eleven years, enough said.

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39 Andrew McLeod

Two norm smith medals deserves top 20 that all I need o say

This legend should be in the top 5 at least

Absolute legend. Should be in the top 15

The best player I've ever seen. Should've won a bag of Brownlows! Seriously don't know how this guy never won a Brownlow medal he was runner up twice & third at least 3 times in the Brownlow medal count. Had the ability to turn it on & inspire his teammates in any situation. The Magic Man

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40 Barrie Robran

I saw Robran play most of his games for North Adelaide and South Australia he was a freak could do anything, players would go to tackle him but was like they were grabbing fresh air, was an amazing footballer, multi skilled in every facet of the game, a role model on and of the field. The only player I saw that matched him or had the better of Barrie on the day was Stan Alves in an interstate game SA v VIC

Alex Jezalenko state Robran was in a total different league than all he sawduring his career. The greatest footballer I ever saw by so far it was not funny. Could stand on a blokes shoulder who was standing on another blokes shoulder mark the ball and handball it left handed in mid air to a bloke running past 35m away

Wont get many votes because only south aussies got to see him. 3 Magary medals. Often kicked a bag from centre. Quietly spoken gentlman of the game, not interested in money, stayed loyal to North Adelaide when half a dozen VFL clubs were bidding for him. Think Nick Riewoldt crossed with Chris Judd.

He was the greatest ever to lace up.

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