Greatest AFL Players Ever

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121 Chad Wingard

Freakish talent that not many AFL players have. Such a star and has still got so long to go. One of my favourite players.

122 Caleb Daniel

Despite his height is the goat

The best small and sneaky player ever.

123 Michael Hurley V 1 Comment
124 Syd Coventry

best back man ever 4 time preamship captin and browlow

125 Ashley Sampi

Lazy player who had the world at his feet could have been better than lecras if he layed off the turtle and export

126 Matthew Liptak

Greatest doctor to platy the game

127 Keith Bromage
128 Simon Madden
129 Sam Newman
130 Craig Bradley

Another Carlton legend who was an excellent player.

V 2 Comments
131 Shane Crawford

He should be about 30 he is in the hall of fame

V 2 Comments
132 Ben Kearns
133 Jimmy Krakouer
134 Bruce Duperouzel

Super Duper

Great St Kilda and Claremont rover of the 1970's.

135 Jack Anthony

Played over 50 afl games when he wasnt even reserves standard. This makes him great because he is the biggest overacheiver of all time.

136 Josh P. Kennedy

He is actually a Sydney player not a West Coast player.

He's the best west coast player ever

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137 Chris Grant

Equally adept playing forward or in defense

138 Jack Gunston

I don't get how other BAD players are higher than him!

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139 Kevin Neale

Feared by all. Never lost a battle. Never took no for an answer. When in doubt clouted opposition. Great role model

140 Jack Huston
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