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161 Chris Grant

Equally adept playing forward or in defense

162 Graham Johncock
163 Jack Gunston

I don't get how other BAD players are higher than him!

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164 Travis Boak Travis Boak Travis Boak is an Australian rules footballer and is the 63rd captain of the Port Adelaide Football Club who compete in the Australian Football League.

An absolute superstar and one of the best players and captains in the AFL. Go Power!

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165 Hamish Hartlett

As a Port fan, Hammer is my favourite player because he goes about his business quietly and still has a lot of talent.

A good back that creates attack from defense in a click of a finger

I am a Power fan and Hammer is my favourite player because he goes about his business and is such a good player. Even if people don't vote for him, he is a way better player than Nick Maxwell, Raph Clarke, Richard Tambling and other overrated clowns on this list

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166 Ollie Wines

Tough, hard and talented, yet he is only going into his third season. A genuine star of the future although he already is.

167 Zac Dawson
168 Kevin Neale

Feared by all. Never lost a battle. Never took no for an answer. When in doubt clouted opposition. Great role model

169 Robbie Muir

To bad could not score a vote from umpires...

170 Jack Riewoldt

Amazing player he kicked 39 goals and 10 behinds best afl player

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171 Bernie Vince

He is fast, strong and ridiculously skilled

172 Bailey Dale
173 Nakia Cockatoo

A brilliant young gun that gets the ball a lot and gets lots of possessions a snags a few goals every now and then.

174 Neil Mildenhall

Sandover Medallist, an original Fremantle member. Truly a great player. Highly underrated.

175 Russell Ebert

4 Magery Medals for Port Adelaide Magpies.

Nearing 30 years of age he crossed to North Melbourne for one season and whilst his best footy was behind him he still averaged more possessions at the club than any other player and polled 9 votes in the Brownlow.

It should also be remembered that during his year at North Melbourne he lived in Adelaide running a business and flew in and out to train and to play.

As talented as he was with the footy he was also a great bloke...unassuming and self deprecating. Shame more Vics never got to see him at his peak.

176 Kyle Reimers
177 Ben Sinclair
178 Dayne Beams

One of the angle & long bomb goal champions him and Dane swan should be in the place 1 and 2 they just use their own spcial kicking style that teaches young children to get nicknames and be supa stars of their own they have taught me to kick drop punts instead of my favourite kick still the snap & the famous bender

Shouldn't of swapped to Brisbane Lions.

179 Trent Cotchin

An absolute gun kicks real butt and premiership player 2014

He is a gun and a real good leader

But where is jack Riewoldt he is 11

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180 Raphael Clarke V 1 Comment
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