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1 Combichrist

I found Combichrist as a result of Rammstein, and by God am I happy that I did. Before, I'd only listen to rock/metal but Combichrist broke me into the Electro-Industrial world. There are loads of great industrial groups out there, such as Grendel or Faderhead or God Module, but Combichrist is by FAR the best. Its hard, its fast, and it's not afraid to say anything!

Been listing to them since 8th grade they never get old ;3 I still listen to deathbed and such like everyday

saw these at manchester M. E. N. awesome! never stopped listening to them since.

Well, what can I say, for a metalhead this band has introduced me to the industrial world and I can say I really liked it. Combichrist combines heavy and fast rythim that makes it, for me, the best Tech band ever... The only one I like, to be sincere.

2 Hocico

Hocico are one of the most aggressive and energetic live acts in industrial music

These guys are coming out with video's now. I can't wait for their new stuff here soon.

Seen them twice the last 2 years. One of the best live acts in this genre! Love them!

And no one comes close to them

3 Grendel

Grendels supremacy is undeniable. Listen to Harsh Generation or Chemicals and Circuitry then assimilate you pigs.

Grendel is the most cyberpunk-oriented of all these so it's #1 for me.

Well psyclon nine is #1 but grendel is under them and then Nurzery[rhymes]

4 Agonoize

Agonoize Is the life I love heir music think I'm gonna buy some CD's with them

I listen to Agonoize every single day.

Agonoize Is THE LIFE AGONOIZE TILL THE DAY I DIE :D the best album is "Hexakosioihexekontahexa"

5 Psyclon Nine

This is my all time favorite band along with 2 others. I personally think that P9 and Aesthetic Perfection are the best bands in aggrotech genre.

Why isn't this closer up?
Psyclon nine has most unique vocals, the lyrics are perfect and the music is awesome! My favorite band.

6 Suicide Commando

Suicide Commando are pioneers of aggrotech/electro-industrial. You cannot name a more aggressive act than these guys.SC started in 1986 and are still putting other aggrotech groups to shame.

Best and not close

The most extreme and aggressive. Suicide Commando is by far the best aggrotech band. "Severed Head" "Bind Torture Kill" "See You in Hell" and "Murder" are must listens.

Love me some Suicide Commando, They were the first fro me and I think Johan von Roy is brilliant.

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7 Tactical Sekt

I've gotta say I haven't looked at all of these bands but from what I've seen, Tactical Sekt is the best. Favorite track's Dark Sky

Tactical Sekt is brilliant! Their music is catchy without sacrificing the harshness so beloved to me, and their lyrics are actually GOOD (an appearent rarity in this genre). My favorite song is "Bring Me Violence. "

Wicked track. Perfectly distorted vocals against a brutal techno backdrop

They're different form your typical electro-industrial/aggrotech bands. The vocals, hardass EBM beats and killer samples makes them truly unique and inspirational. Hardcore music that makes you jump off your seat and go crazy as well as hypnotizes you, puts you in trance.

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8 X-Fusion

X-Fusion has his own style. "Dial d for demons" and "Beyond the pale" are his best albums, rhythmic musical landscapes are awesome.
Laugh out loud, this guy owns a keyboard and knows what is notes. Its so rare in aggrotech. He's a Musician, not just a "BEEF maker".
X-Fusion music sounds NICE and harsh.

9 Aesthetic Perfection

I've been Listening to this band for quite a while now and I find that Daniel Graves music have done nothing but progress, I've spoken to him before and he's at least one of these musicians who actually cares about he's fans which is really good because you don't really see that any more so I do recommend you to check them out, Got tickets to see them in 2 months and can't wait

10 FGFC820

Should definitely be higher

This should be higher, can't believe aesthetic perfection is above FGFC820...

This should be first

The Contenders

11 Alien Vampires

The best band on the planet!

Awesome band! It should be way higher, in TOP 3!

Wonderful band their sound is fabulous.

Excellent band...

12 God Module

Jsyn and crew are some really amazing people, and the music they make reflects pure desire to grow the genre, I love spooky dance music.

This band deserves to be in the top three. They can make such melodic music and yet retain a spooky atmosphere. Who else can do that? Not to mention they have some pretty complex lyrics.

Loved It The 1st Time I heard it

13 Amduscia

Definitely should be in the top 10, the vocals are harsh, the beats are catchy, overall an incredible band. Those Mexican's talent is amazing. Give the songs "Absolution" and "Perverse Party" a listen before you dismiss this group from the list.

Should be around the first 5, they're amazing!

14 Aslan Faction

Early Aggrotech-band that must by higher up on the list.

15 Unter Null
16 Centhron
17 :Wumpscut:

Should be higher up

I am absolutely astounded that I don't see :wumpscut: on this list. Rudolf Ratzinger's solo project has been around since the early 90s and was a real pioneer of the genre. It really paved the way for more modern aggrotech groups, in my opinion. Go listen to Music for a Slaughtering Tribe and tell me you don't agree. :D

18 God Destruction

An Aggrotech-band that knows how to use guitars and how to develop this great genre further and make it to be a music genre that will survive for another 10 or 15 years into the future.

19 Dawn of Ashes

Their Anathema album is dark and Satanic as hell itself! Been listening to them for quite some time now. It never gets old.

Their music is addicting. One of the best bands of all time!

20 Nurzery [Rhymes]

Purgatory, revelation, resurrection, holocaust, confession! This band is the best

I love this band

21 Tamtrum
22 Arsch Dolls
23 Project Silence

Industrial metal/aggrotech band from Finland.

24 Eden Synthetic Corps

Not really an Aggrotech-band.

25 Wynardtage

One of my personal favorites

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