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1 Let It Bleed

The top 5 on this list would be mine but not in the same order. Exile had resurged as the fashionable favorite, not just since it's re-release but for many years. Probably because it got unfairly judged by it's critics in it's time. But,.. come come now.. let's look back on rock'n roll history. Exile does not have any of the orignality or intensity that the top three had. Let it bleed, Beggars and Sticky fingers. Given the choice of one Stones record and it could be a double album, I'd choose HOT ROCKS or ROLLED GOLD any way. That said, "Shine a light" is one of my all time favorites and I do love the record. Some Girls has another flavor some Stones fans don't like, but for the time, from a 60's band, fu.. 'n great! Think about it. If the Stones had gone heavy, it would have been worse than a joke. They stayed true to their r'n b, rock 'n roll roots and fresh at the same time with a sense of humour, throwing in a bit of dico "Miss YOU" a great song!, a bit of punk ...more

Probably the best album ever recorded by someone. - johnnydoe82

Beggar's Banquet has some songs that, while great, aren't THAT good. I mean, I frigging LOVE songs like "Dear Doctor" "Factory Gril" etc. but they aren't songwriting masterpieces.

Sticky Fingers is very very very good, but it looks a bit too much like a collection of songs. I mean, after hearing the bluesy "Sway", you get the gorgeous "Wild Horses" and before you can get on with your emotions, you get "Can't You Hear Me Knockin'? ". I'm not saying the album hasn't got flow, because it flows just well, but... ehn...

Exile is a masterpiece, but the production makes it WAY too hard for me to listen to it without gettin' a Headache.

But this? This is one of my top favorite albums of all time. I could go ravin' on and on and on, but I'll let you look at the track list.

I recently set out to by my first album and came back with three, Simon and garfunkels bridge over troubled water, the velvet underground self titled and let it bleed by The Rolling Stones, the hardest choice for me easily was which Rolling Stones album to buy, they have several I hope to own in due time but having the option to buy only one I knew I had to be sure with my choice and in the end I feel I made a good decision, the album starts off with the energetic gimme shelter and is great track after track till it ends on an incredible high with you can't always get what you want

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2 Sticky Fingers

There is only one question: is it the best Rolling Stones album or the best rock album ever?

Sticky Fingers, in my opinion. Is by far the best album, not only due to having some of my all time favorite songs by The Rolling Stones, but also because it was a return to the proper blues rock which The Rolling Stones did. Albums such as Let it Bleed and Their Satanic Majestic Request were too similar to The Beatles, Sticky Fingers however, was and still is pure originality! Back to The Rolling Stones original ways!

Its just that demon life has got you in its sway

My favorite of the stones. I love it because of classics like Brown Sugar, and Wild Horses, but also because of hidden gems like Sway, Can't You Hear Me Knocking, and it ends with Moonlight Mile, their most beautiful song, which I listen to a lot driving home at night

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3 Exile on Main Street

#3? Exile on Main St. is awesome! It's the Stones at their grimiest and bluesiest, with too many great songs to count! Just listened to it today, and it might have dethroned Led Zeppelin IV as my all-time favorite record. There's a perfect blend of grit and catchiness which makes it badass while sticking in your head too. If LZ IV is the epitome of rock, this is the epitome of rock and roll. - ThatDudeRoss

rocks off, rip this joint, tumblin' dice, sweet virginia, torn and frayed, loving cup, happy, let it loose, all down the line, shine a light. all these songs are pure perfection. the album is their best and I'm hooked on it.

It's the ultimate Stones album. By many it is considered the greatest rock n'roll album of all time.

Exile the best of greatest band of all time.

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4 Beggars Banquet

Beggars banquet is their best album.

Every song is great. sympathy for the devil, jigsaw puzzle, street fighting man, stray cat blues, and salt of the earth are fantastic. The rest of the songs are great too. My fave album ever!

In my opinion the best album by the stones and one of the best albums all time!

Though the Stones are absolutely are absolutely one of the best ever bands ever, this is their only album which is perfect from the first to the last second. Let It Bleed is also good, but this is the Stones finest.

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5 Aftermath

Mother's Little Helper, Paint It Black, Under My Thumb - TheGreatest

Under My Thumb, Paint It Black, and many more. Under My Thumb is my favorite Rolling Stones song.

This is an awesome album so much charisma songs like Under My Thumb, Paint It Black, Lady Jane, Doncha Bother Me are all great

Love this album, back to the 'stoner days'~trippindiculor~Awesome tunes*

6 Some Girls

Don't let anyone fool you to think this is a disco album. Granted, Miss You may be disco, but the rest of the songs are a great mix of super-energetic rockers (When the Whip Comes Down, Lies, Shattered) and beautiful ballads (Far Away Eyes, Beast of Burden). While Exile on Main St. Has its week spots, Some Girls is a consistant strong record.

Not the stones people were used to but great in its own write, there is so much energy in this album, a lot more up beat that many of there other albums, should be up there

From beginning to end, the album is a 70s masterpiece. It's controversial, it's rocking', and it sure as hell is a classic!

7 Tattoo You

Side one is incredible, but side two isn't quite as good. - Metarock

Second half is classic stones...

This and Goats Head Soup is the best ones for me!

One side okay, One side Blows.

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8 Between the Buttons

A fantastic album, it sees the Stones experimenting with as many different styles as possible while keeping consistent the whole way through. - CokeandSympathy

9 Out of Our Heads

Includes one of the greatest songs all time, "Satisfaction." Brian Jones and Keith have some great guitar riffs in "The Last Time." I love the harmonica Mick plays in "Spider and the Fly," which I think is an underrated blues song. As well as some slower songs "Play with Fire" and "Cry to Me" which Mick of course has really great vocals in. I think all the 60s albums when Brian was still with the band are very underrated and this is another. All these albums post-1969 ranked above just do not have that Brian Jones magic.

Should be in the top three

Should be in the top three

10 Goats Head Soup

Very underrated album.Angie, dancing with mister D, heartbreaker, winter and 100 years ago are graet tracks.

Oh my God, thank you for this severely underrated funk-rock masterpiece! “Star Star” is my jam! I love those Steve McQueen and John Wayne references, as they’re HILARIOUS! Who knew that Steve McQueen was do I say this...uh...“HEAD” by a groupie? Mega OOF.

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11 Their Satanic Majesties Request

Exccelent Psychedelic album. Love the Beatles hidden at this cover!

Most experimental album they made, with great psychedelic songs like "in another land" and "2000 light years from home" and songs that touch me deep inside like "she's a rainbow". This album is just totally complete

I love all the albums, but none of them quite have the same sound as this one. Sure, you could call Between the Buttons psychedelic, but that record sounds very Beatlesque - not a bad thing, but it doesn't have the feeling that this one has, the depth.

Great album. 2000 Light Years From Home is one of my favorite Rolling Stones songs.

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12 Black and Blue

The Stones get more black than blue (with a great help from Billy Preston and Ron Wood) and they sound fresh and new!

First album I owned.

13 The Rolling Stones, Now!

Should be Number One, because of Down the Road Apeice, but all the songs on this LP were great...

14 Emotional Rescue

Not afforded the proper level of respect with some off the radar gems like "Indian Girl, Let Me Go, Send It To Me, and the great blues tune "Down In the Hole". Love the rheumy misogynistic Keith vocal on "All About You".

15 It's Only Rock 'N Roll

A great straight-forward no-bull rock n roll album. Gotta be higher than this

Why is this album so low! Amazing stuff.

This isn’t my favourite but it’s definitely the on ethat should be 13 SPOTS higher.
1. Sticky Fingers
2. Exile on main street
3. It’s only rock ‘n’ roll
4. Some girls
5. Let it bleed

16 A Bigger Bang
17 Steel Wheels

A band out of their time and place was how this album was viewed at the time. But listening to it now it comes across as a classic rock n roll album packed with all the riffs and emotions that made the stones great in the first place. List under underappreciated.

This Album changed my life.

18 Voodoo Lounge

Love this one,
A great comeback album, far better then the 3 that preceded it.

19 Undercover

Most political album they made. And 100% 80's sound!

20 December's Children (And Everybody's)

Still covering Chess records classics! Best of the British Blues

21 Blue and Lonesome

They finally got to make the album they wanted to make fifty years ago. It was worth the wait. - Britgirl

It's great that The Stones have gone back to their blues roots.. One of best albums from 2016

22 Forty Licks
23 GRRR!

Best Collection Album!

That's right!

24 The Rolling Stones
25 Bridges to Babylon

This album is criminally underrated simply because of the albums around it in order of release, yes The Rolling Stones best work had already come by this point but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give this album a chance and immediately dismiss it, now I would not say this is my favourite but with songs like "already over me" "saint of me" and "always suffering" it's hard not to think people have unfairly looked at this album just because of some of its weaker predecessors

For me it is the most interesting Rolling Stones album.


26 The Brussels Affair

The band giving it their all - Mick Taylor and Keith's duelling guitars, Jagger almost exhausted at the end - sublime songs. A bit rough at the edges here and there but the real deal - light years away from slick stadium rock and all the better for it.

27 Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!

Can't believe this wasn't already included. If this isn't the greatest live album of all time, it's a close second to The Who's Live At Leeds.

28 The Rolling Stones No. 2 - The Rolling Stones

Better than its US counterparts 12x5 & Now!

The Best

29 The Rolling Stones (England's Newest Hitmakers)
30 12 x 5
31 Hot Rocks 1964-1971

The best introduction to the classic stones. An absolute must no record collection is complete without it.

32 Dirty Work

Ok first of no this isn't my favourite album but is it anyone's? However I do actually like this record, truthfully I don't think any of the stones records are bad they simply range from good to exceptional and though this one is at the latter end its still a good album and there are things you have to commend it for, it does a good job of blending punk and disco which no other album really has and at least you can say this is an interesting listen unlike undercover which in my opinion is worse again not a bad album but the stones worse I think

33 The Very Best Of The Rolling Stones 1964

The best of The Rolling Stones best music. Obviously the best album! :-)

34 Jamming with Edward
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