"Sticky Fingers" Album Review

Alpha101 Many consider this to be the Stones' best album. I may not be one of those people, but I can definitely say that this a classic for many reasons, and that it is an album that has, and will continue, to withstand the tests of time.

"Brown Sugar" is a great album opener, and is one of the band's most popular songs. It has an aggressive and dirty sound to it, which I absolutely love. It's a very memorable track, and it is one of my favorites on the album.

"Sway" is one of the band's most bluesy tracks. I wasn't really impressed with it at first, and while I feel like there are much better songs on the album, it's slowly grown on me, and I now look forward to hearing this song every time it's about to play.

"Wild Horses" is another one of the band's most popular songs, and certainly one of their best. It has a very sad and lonely sound to it, and has a chorus that is impossible not to sing along to. I rarely find a song that I absolutely love, but this is one exception. It's not the best on the album, but it's definitely up there.

"Can't You Hear Me Knocking" is easily my least favorite song on the album. It certainly isn't bad, but it tends to get on my nerves very often, as the chorus is one of the most repetitive in the Stones' catalogue. That being said, if the chorus was altered, then it would be one of my favorites. The lyrics are great, and so is the opening, but the chorus just annoys me upon every single listen.

"You Gotta Move" is another very bluesy track, and while it's not one of my favorites, it's still a great song, and worthy enough to carry the Stones' name.

"Bitch" is one of the band's most catchy songs, and has one of their most recognizable riffs. Also, the fantastic chorus and horn section doesn't hurt either. The song pounds with energy and lust, and is one of the best songs on the record.

"I Got the Blues" is absolutely the saddest song that I've ever heard in my life. Jagger's vocals are usually known for it's energy and power, so I never expected that he could sing something this beautiful. His vocals fit the song perfectly, and it made this my favorite song on the album, and one of my favorite Stones' songs period.

"Sister Morphine" wa sone of the first songs I've ever heard off the album, and I loved it upon first listen. It sounds hopeless, dreadful, and agonizing, which is very rare of a song. It's message is powerful, and it's one of the most haunting songs that the Stones ever wrote.

"Dead Flowers" is among my favorite song by the band, as it has one of my favorite choruses in the history of not only the Stones, but music in general. It's not the strongest on the album, but it's definitely close.

"Moonlight Mile" closes the album with perfection, as it is one of the best songs that the band ever wrote, in my opinion. It's another very powerful and emotional song, and like "I Got the Blues," never fails to bring me to tears.

While this might now be my favorite album by the Rolling Stones, it's still one of the only albums that I can call being close to perfect. The album flows amazingly well, each song, even my least favorite, are all classics, and, through this album, I got to see another side of the band. They're not just all rock and roll. On the album, I've heard many songs that stirred emotions within me that I barely realized that I even had. This is one of history's best albums, and is definitely close to being my favorite.

9.8/10 - Amazing Album


It's not only rock 'n' roll (and that's why I like it). - PetSounds

Hey! I've actually heard of this album! And Brown Sugar. Man, I cannot believe my sensei played it in class, after inspecting the lyrics. Haha! - keycha1n

Does Alpha come on anymore? - peaceswagtv

I was gone for a while, but now I'm back. Probably won't be on as much as I used to, but I'll try to get on every now and then. Just uploaded two lists and a new album review. - Alpha101