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1 Cliff Burton - Anesthesia

He was the god of bass. He wanted to become the best bassist ever and he did it. Within 4 years of his short career he touched the greatest heights which I don't think any other bass player could do. I respect Geezer Butler and Steve Harris, the closest competitors to him, but he was a unique bass player. "Shifting the whole band for a bass player? Yes, Cliff was that good." - Dave Mustain, about his early years with Metallica. m/

Of course this is the best. How can it not be? Cliff Burton was the God of the bass. Come on, you can't beat it. It's awesomeness speaks for itself.

I think this bass solo is outstanding. It defines the new generation of heavy metal bass playing and inspired many bass players. RIP Cliff.

Cliff Burton is By far the best bassist ever, after he died Thrash metal Metallica died R.I.P. clifford Lee Burton

2 Geddy Lee - YYZ

Laugh out loud its funny, this has better bass than Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth) which is a legit bass solo. YYZ on the other hand is a full song, in which Geddy Lee also plays keyboards in for about thirty or so seconds... Proves that GEddy Lee is the greatest bass player of all time.

Awesome bass in this song. Yet it is not a bass solo. Geddy Lee knows how to compliment any song but STILL create ripping bass, without overshadowing everyone else. This is how a great bass player does it.

One of the best bass guitarist in rock history! It is a very impressive bass song and even more when we know he was playing all the synths parts too! I think half of the bassists here couldn't play this!

Great chops, composition and tone. Much better than the supposed bass solo done like a guitarist playing bass. Lee's tone is an honest portion of the band driving all three players to the pleasure dome decreed by Kubla Khan.

3 Flea - Give It Away

Without a doubt Flea is the most accomplished bassist ever.

Flea is the best an the most epic no matter what song.

Greate bassline and agree, he's the best bass player ever. This song is one of rhcp (red hot chili pepper) best bass song.

He is one of the few greatest bass players in the world that has a pashion for funk rock muic. A true mbass player

4 John Deacon - Under Pressure John Richard Deacon (born 19th of August 1951) is a retired English musician, who is best known as the bassist for the rock band Queen.

John Deacon is one of the very best bass players to live. Under pressure and Another One Bites The Dust are two of the many great pieces of bass work John has ever played. I cast my vote to John Deacon.

QUEEN--->>>the greatest band in the universe, yet so unappreciated, so underrated, much like the genius of John Deacon.
Under Pressure is absolutely Phenomenal, thanks to Deacy, whose bass line is the most awesome ever! (Eat your heart out, Vanilla Ice, whoever you are, laugh out loud! One thing you are NOT, though, is the creator of this masterpiece, like you're Pretending to be! )

Sorry Another One Bites The Dust, but I'm under too much pressure to choose anything other than this masterpiece.

John Deacon is one of the best bass players that has ever touched the phase of the earth I'm sorry Clifford Burton but my vote goes to Deaks.

5 Geezer Butler - NIB

Black Sabbath is with Geezer one of the best bands his bass kicks you out of your shoes and let you think what is the soul of Heavy Meatal. I think he played with Black Sabbath by his own soul.

I always thought it was simply a riff but then I went and listened to it... That's a solid solo, contrary to many other entries ont his list which are cool riffs.

Very understated bassist... NIB and Black Sabbath are two of his best

I do believe he may be the best, most under appritiated bassist of recent years.

6 Hugh McDonald - Keep The Faith

Alec John Such was the bass player in the band at the time, but it is common knowledge that the producer - Hugh McDonald - played bass on the recordings.

It was actually Alec John Such that done it on the CD originally, but Hugh McDonald is probably better and plays it awesomely.

Actually it was alec john such was was the bassist at the time for BonJovi

Awesome all around song, unbelievable live.

7 Cliff Burton - Orion

This song is just awesome. Cliff Burton has put his soul in this song and you can feel it. When you hear it, you've just a little heart attack when CLiff do the solo. Awesome performance for an awesome Bassist!

It is a legendary song by Metallica. The bass is in a bigger role than the guitar which is rare for modern rock music. Cliff has made the solos very, very good and beatiful for my ears.

Got format wrong last time. Either way, great solo(s) in this one. One of the best instrumentals by Metallica anyways

I am a bassist, and I can tell you that It is much harder to cover Orion than covering Anesthesia

8 John Entwistle - My Generation

This bass solo made me want to learn how to play bass! I am confused why such a classic song that defined a generation like this song did is so low down on the list! John Entwistle is the greatest bassist of all time and is my hero and this is also my favourite Who song.

COME ON! This is list is so stupid. Half of these songs don't even have bass solos in them! This song is true of bass soloing! Bass players, do your research!

That's just shameful. The Ox at 39th with the best known and recognized solo riff in bass history? What the hell are you people smoking?

This is crazy My Generation at number 23? , all you people are nuts, the greatest bass solo in rock n roll history, this is an outrage

9 Chris Wolstenholme - Hysteria

Should be number 1! It is very complicated and... brilliant!

Fingering a girl after learning this must be epic!

So cool, for my a great solo!

This is a list of best bass SOLOS, not basslines

10 John Entwistle - The Real Me

Any list of "Best Bass Solos" that doesn't have John Entwistle in the top 5 loses any and all credibility. Wake up 20 somethings and get a clue.

Amazing bass thru out the whole song. The Bass is the lead not the guitar!

Absolutely - true drum and bass!

The master in action

The Contenders

11 Tetsuya Ogawa (l'arc~en~ciel) - Stay Away

Stay away. Cool god bless tetsuya... he is the best bass all time

Nice playing bass by tetsuya

distorted fast bass solos

in stay away he is veri cool

12 Mike Dirnt - Welcome to Paradise

It's a tie between this and Longview. But none the less probably the best bassist ever.

It's simple but amazing Green Day should be at the top you can't beat Mike Dirt

One of the greatest bridges in rock history.

It's too awesome... my first choice

13 Chris Squire - The Fish

I just cannot believe this piece isn't here - Squire performed this piece live on Yessongs in 1972 and again 30 yrs later. A complex work which easily outshines so many of these, and a piece written specifically for the instrument.

Truly one of the best bass solos I've ever heard. Together with bass pedals and wah-wah. Chris - RIP - We miss you!

Maybe Heart of The Sunrise could also appear here. It is also, why not, a fantastic bass solo!

As the other guy said, "specifically for the instrument". Anybody can play fast.

14 John Myung - The Dance Of Eternity

The best bassist playing the best solo, simple... Fast solo with an amazing sound. Best than many songs over there, I personally prefer Myung's tapping on Metropolis part 1, but this one is way better technically speaking

Most of the songs on the top-ten does'nt even have a bass solo. They're on the list just cause the song's popularity. So, if you want to hear some real BASS solo you've gotta listen to Myung.

Deserves to be at least at the number 5 spot, damnit. John Myung is a hell of a bassist, and this song proves it. It's definitely a lot better than "Welcome to Paradise".

Tenth place? Come on, this is ridiculous! How many other bass solos with sextuplet sixteenth notes do you know besides this one?

15 Lee Sklar - The Pretender
16 Paul McCartney - Day Tripper

So what is a great bass solo? The ability to play a difficult passage on the bass OR the bass melody that appeals to the ear of the listener? I think of 'Little Green Bag' every time. It's short, singable and comes at the start of the song... Mind you, I'm no great guitarist so I'm speaking as a 'listener'.

17 John Deacon - Another One Bites The Dust

While this song may be simple, it proves that the bass can be a driving force in rock music. Deacon takes the lead on this great tune that gives bass players a reason to LIVE! ROCK ON!

This is a great song...NOT a bass guitar solo. Come on folks...

John deacon was amazing in this song

Great bass, but not a solo.

18 Roger Waters - Money

Roger Waters made amazing lyrics, but he was a good bassist too.

Again, not a solo.

Simple and immediately recognizable. ICONIC

19 John Myung - Metropolis Pt. 1

How can this not be one of the best solos ever? Number 41? John Myung is one of the most talented bass players in the world, and this solo just documents it. Using tapping, this man does amazing things with his bass. One of the best solos ever, easily.

That moment when a songs that you learned in minutes are ranked higher than a song containing a solo that you still can't play the first 6 nots of. seriously there maby a more difficult bass lick out there but is certainly in the top 10 with out any doubt, John Myung when in for the kill on this one!

20 Guti (The Finale) - Bassbaba Sumon

Two solos. my favorite slap-bass solo

As I said two solos. but looks like I was wrong. it has three bass solos. he also played his bass at the ending part. but it got covered with the guitar solo.

1. 1st solo was a slap bass.
2. 2nd solo was a parted with guitar riffs
3. his last solo was a tapping solo.

just check the live version. its on YouTube. at least 10 times better than Mike Dirnt's Welcome to Paradise.

21 Les Claypool - John the Fisherman

Gosh, Cliff Burton Solo is not at the level of Les Claypool, just saying that Les is way better than Cliff.
Cliff was a good bass player, but I invite you to listen to some Les Claypool sick bass lines.

Hot damn anything Les Claypool plays is the best bass solo on earth fools. Even when he's playing the banjo. How on earth is Cliff Burton at the top again? These lists offend me.

Incredibly underrated and amazing musician, he does what most people can't

How Claypool can be in the same top than Mike Dirnt? How is can he be below him?

22 Tetsuya Ogawa (l'arc~en~ciel) - Fare Well
23 John Entwistle - 5115

I man really, its what eruption is to the guitar for bass

Come on the hardest thing the greatest bass player has ever done, and you can't be the greatest if you play slap so don't give me any of that FLEA nonscence

If I can't give you that FLEA nonsense, can I give you some CLAYPOOL "nonsense"?

24 Les Claypool - Tommy the Cat

Ou give Les 7 seconds, and he'll slap, double thump, tap, and tap slide. Honestly, no other solo can be so short yet so epic. Much better than the very simple solo of Jerry was a racecar driver.

Claypool deserves the top spot on any best bassist list. Metallica fans need to listen to other artists too. YEEAH

Indeed, this song DOES have a bass solo, and it's a super cool solo...
But it's only 7 seconds long.

Come on guys it's Les Claypool. And besides, many songs on this list don't even have solos!

25 Flea - Around the World

Why this song isn't in the list? Just hear the beginning! Flea is so talented.

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