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41 Tetsuya Ogawa (l'arc~en~ciel) - Heaven's Drive

the dundundun sound of the bass can be heard and its incredibly very fast - ronluna

42 Roger Glover - Pictures of Home

Reply @dragonspecs91 - bass is awesome but I think that the entire song is awesome, too, not just OK. I heard of this song for the first time in 2015 (shame on me) but I've played it quite often ever since. Besides the bass solo, it has 2 guitar solos, one keyboard solo and a cool drum intro. All these elements are organically connected and don't sound like patches. Besides, the song has a great riff, rhythm, melody and vox. - Metal_Treasure

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43 Cliff Burton - Call of Ktulu
44 Steve Currie - Bang a Gong (Get It On)
45 Bobby Dall - Unskinny Bop
46 P-Nut - Feels So Good

I command you all to go listen to this song

47 Duff McKagan - Paradise City
48 Les Claypool - Tommy the Cat

The most complex bass line ever

Claypool deserves the top spot on any best bassist list. Metallica fans need to listen to other artists too. YEEAH

49 Guti (The Finale) - Bassbaba Sumon V 2 Comments
50 Tony Levin - Sleepless Tony Levin - Sleepless
51 Anthony Jackson - For the Love of Money
52 Flea - Hard To Concentrate

just listen o this song and be amazed

53 Nick Olveri (QOSTA) - No One Knows
54 John Parrish - Get Ready

Phenomenal. This guy is so underrated.

55 Mark Hoppus - Carousel (Chesire Cat)
56 Jimmy Blanton - Mr. J.B. Blues
57 Flea - By the Way
58 Stanley Sheldon - Marching Powder
59 Greg Lake - 21st Century Schizoid Man
60 Flea - Stone Cold Bush

This song was the reason I wanted to pick up the Bass. Listen to the Live version for an extended solo which will make you rewind over and over again!
Long Live FLEA!

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