Greatest Batman Moments

From comics to films, from video games to TV Shows, I'm taking you back on a Bat-Ride. So... get moving!

The Top Ten

1 Why So Serious? - The Dark Knight
2 I'm Batman! - Batman (1989)
3 I'm Batman! - Batman Begins
4 Jack is dead, my friend. You can call me...Joker. - Batman (1989)

Chilling, dangerous with an aire of sophistication.

5 Graveside Lament - Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
6 The Interrogation - The Dark Knight
7 Heath Ledger's OSCAR - 81st Academy Awards
8 Breaking the Bat - Knightfall & The Dark Knight Rises
9 Leaves a calling card - Batman Begins
10 Back from the dead - Batman #244: The Demon Lives Again

The Contenders

11 Batman Almost Dies - The Dark Knight Rises
12 "He's not the child of Ra's Al Ghul. I am the child of Ra's Al Ghul." - The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan was a genius in how he was able to keep Talia al Ghul under wraps in this third movie, because it is common knowledge to any Batman fan that the child of Ra's al Ghul was a daughter & not a son.

13 Robin Blake - Dark Knight Rises
14 "Hell Here" Scene - Batman Returns
15 "Social Experiment" - The Dark Knight

It was so moving when the hardened criminal surprises everyone by throwing the detonator out the window.

16 Batman defeats Superman - The Dark Knight Returns

For years before this, the general consensus in the comic community was that superman would wipe the floor with batman in a fight. However, through smart and creative writing, Frank Miller manages to present a realistic scenario where an aging Batman uses all of his available resources, and defeats the, before this, seemingly invincible Superman. The result? One of the most memorable fights in comic history where a man with no powers, against all odds, defeats the man of steel.

17 Pencil Trick - The Dark Knight
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