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21 Tell Her About It

It's simply amazing, telling a young man love advice. It is overall a great song, and my personal favorite of his.

Simply a great song. Like amazing.

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22 It's Still Rock and Roll to Me

How would you not included this song. Catchy and fun to listen to! Should be number 3 for sure!

Best Billy Joel song ever. Makes me wanna get my groove on.

One of the best, Billy did a great job with this song

The first Billy Joel song I ever heard, and also my favorite.

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23 Big Shot

? This isn't up there already? I feel like everyone could relate to this song in some way.

Surprising this isn't too 10. Great song.

24 The Stranger

Awesome song by Billy Joel. It has an amazing fast paced tempo. I think it should at least be in the top 10.

Absolutely beautiful intro. It also turns out that the rest of the song is awesome as well. Extremely catchy, and has a great beat as well as some pretty insightful lyrics.

This song is AMAZING... Billy Joel's most memorable tune...if you haven't heard "The Stranger" well then go hear it today... Do do do do do

Greatest Billy Joel song!

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25 She's Got a Way

Really does deserve to be higher on the list. So should Goodnight Saigon, Leningrad, and All About Soul.

Really? It's at #48 right now? What a beautiful love song!

26 Prelude / Angry Young Man

This song shows off Billy's musicianship better than any other of his pieces, or any other keyboard player in rock/pop. I go crazy when I here it, because I love the complexity of the "Prelude", and the message of "Angry Young Man". My sentimental favorite is "Piano Man", but this piece vies for the top spot, on the basis of the pure virtuosity of Billy Joel.

So entertaining! The subtle and not-so-subtle attacks on the angry young man are hilarious and profound.

Angry Young Man should be at least be # 10 on the list.

He should have won a nobel price for the intro!

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27 The Ballad of Billy the Kid V 1 Comment
28 The Entertainer

This is a great song that tells about the heart of the artist and how the music industry destroys their soul. If you have never heard the song, go listen now. Disk 1 of Joel's 2 cd greatest hits is amazing.

Funny song! It pokes fun at Piano Man and how it was shortened!

Let this be higher on the list! Most songs nowadays are just constant repetitivety (if that's how you spell it), and this song proves that repetitive songs can be good as heck. Absolute beauty.

It's basically him explains the good things about being a rock star and the bad things. For example, he talks about getting money from performing, but then he talks straight after that that his name will be forgotten and but in the discount rack like another can of beans.

This song was also completely the same the whole way through so the record companies could take out a part of the song and it would still play like nothing was cut at all. Billy Joel, sir, you are a genius.

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29 Allentown

One of the most underrated songs I've heard. This deserves a spot in maybe the top 20 at most or below!

This song will always remind me of high school. Has a great beat.

Remember stealing my brothers cd and this was my favorite song

The saddest song.

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30 Pressure

Best Billy Joel song about dealing with psychological and emotional issues and don't so with clever easy to remember lyrics. Momentum of song changes sound adds to the atmosphere. Superb!

Another great song by Billy, and is an epic song in concert.

Another great billy Joel song

I love the pressure music :D

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31 Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)

Beautiful, sing it with my 6 year old, she knows all the words.

So sweet and tender. It should be played for every child at bedtime.

Beautiful song... If I have kids, I will sing them this song!

Absolutly the best song ever!

32 All About Soul

One of my personal favorites... Definitely doesn't deserve to be this low.

33 An Innocent Man

Billy Joel's voice really shines in this piece. Very beautiful vocals and tender, well-crafted lyrics.

Great vocals, as always with Billy Joel!


34 The River of Dreams

Ok, the reason for this to be so low on the list is obvious so I am explaining: This is the song that goes like "In the middle of the night... " Top 3 easily.

Joel turned his storytelling skills in a new direction here, and the result is an intriguing, soothing, and joyous experience, tied for my favorite on a list of already great songs.

This is an absolutely beautiful song which gives me a lot of hope and courage

It's an awesome song! So upbeat! It sounds like something from The Lion King!

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35 Keeping the Faith

Maybe the youth today just don't get it, or even appreciate Billy Joel's roots.

Maybe the youth on the site just don't get it, or appreciate Billy Joel's roots. - Billyv

36 A Matter of Trust

This song shows how Billy Joel is an amazing singer and song writer.

This song is perfect

I love this song.It should in the top ten.

37 Stiletto

This song is so cool and full of attitude. I want to put on my leather jacket and 3 inch stiletto heals and snap my fingers. So much fun. A great listen.

38 The Great Suburban Showdown
39 Shades of Grey
40 I've Loved These Days

Amazing song... It talks about how you shouldn't be so involved in self-comfort.

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