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41 I've Loved These Days

Amazing song... It talks about how you shouldn't be so involved in self-comfort.

42 Leave a Tender Moment Alone

Great song! One of the first Joel songs I've ever heard

Incredible lyrics

Brilliant underplayed song!

There are so much Great Billy Joel Songs out there.. and this One ja truly a masterpiece! Sadly So underrated.. Everything fits so well
The lyrics ( which is Really Deep and meaningfull) the Melody and his Singing Voice.. he should sing it again even without the Great Toots Thielman

43 Don't Ask Me Why

This is one of those songs which has to be heard live. Billy and his band are incredible performers. I'm lucky to have seen them. - PetSounds

Amazing song, that's all I gotta say

44 Say Goodbye to Hollywood

I can't believe this isn't in the top 10
this is one of billy joel's best works with a catchy beat and great lyrics

45 Sometimes a Fantasy

The true meaning of this song is not the best, but I have always loved the vocals and beat of this song!

46 Souvenir

Such a beautiful song.
One really feels the loneliness in billy joel's heart

47 All for Leyna

The bass line on this one rocks. From Glass Houses when Billy Joel was more a member of a rock band rather than a supported piano lead.

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48 She's Right On Time
49 Root Beer Rag
50 Modern Woman

Funky and catchy song.

51 Rosalinda's Eyes
52 You're My Home

Beautiful song... This song was a friend of mine's wedding song. When Billy Joel came to my city, they bought front row tickets!

This should be in the top 3

Another underrated song! So beautuful

53 Until the Night V 1 Comment
54 Why Should I Worry?

One of the best Disney songs of all time! Although my personal favorite from Oliver & Company is actually Once Upon a Time in New York City. In fact, I love all the songs from the movie.

Awesome song. Billy Joel at his finest.

Great song from a great film

55 Everybody Loves You Now

Why is this so low? This is a great song from his first album 'Cold Spring' Harbor'. Also, the live version from 'Songs from the Attic' is awesome!

Great song that talks about his first wife... Haha!

56 I Go to Extremes
57 Everybody Has a Dream
58 Laura
59 Tomorrow is Today

The lyrics speak for themselves. A dark yet beautiful song which Billy Joel wrote in his times of trouble, when he was struggling with suicidal thoughts. It may not be as complex as his later compositions, but it is truly written from the heart. At one point in life, everyone will find himself or herself into this song and crack a smile of loneliness and bitterness.

"People tell me life is sweeter, but I don't hear what they say. Nothing comes to change my life, so tomorrow is today"

60 Famous Last Words

His very last song released on his last album... Billy quit while he was ahead and I think that's what makes him such a great artist. He leaves fans with all these wonderful songs instead of allowing his quality of music decline with age like so many artists do.
Overall a wonderful song. Very catchy and you can really feel the bitter-sweet feelings that Joel has in making his last song.

Best cd ever, wil cherish arriving in NYC renting a car and driving towards Philadelphia listenning to River of Dreams, wow

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