Greatest Biographical Movies


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1 Schindler's List

"One of the greatest films ever made, and Spielberg's crowning achievement and shining moment as a director. "

2 Gandhi
3 Braveheart
4 Walk the Line

This is an Excellent true story movie about Johnny Cash But you omitted a few of my favourites- Like RAY- Beyond the Sea- Buddy Holly Story- Remember the Titans- We are Marshall- Madison- The Rookie- Bobby Jones- Miss Potter- Apollo 13- Eight Below- Catch me if you can- Erin Brockovich- Music of the Heart- Antwon Fisher & Pursuit of Happyness. GB - GrantzPlace

5 The Passion of the Christ
6 Raging Bull
7 Lawrence of Arabia

A great movie for so many reasons - Billyv

8 Spotlight
9 Gorillas in the Mist
10 Chaplin

Robert Downey, Jr.'s performance was so realistic that Charlie Chaplin appeared to have been resurrected to life again. He should have won that Oscar he was nominated for! What an awe-struck acting job! - curlyqgirly

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? Steve Jobs

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11 Patton
12 The Danish Girl
13 The Big Short
14 Napoleon
15 Malcolm X
16 Eddie the Eagle
17 The Wolf of Wall Street
18 Bonnie and Clyde
19 The Ten Commandments
20 A Beautiful Mind
21 Amadeus
22 Trumbo
23 Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)
24 GoodFellas

In the Rolling Stones Magazine this is number #3 in the greatest movies of the 90's

25 In the Heart of the Sea
26 The Aviator
27 The Doors
28 The Social Network
29 The Miracle Worker
30 Legend
31 Straight Outta Compton
32 Spartacus
33 Black Mass
34 Catch Me If You Can
35 Donnie Brasco
36 The Disaster Artist
37 The Pianist
38 The Elephant Man
39 Into the Wild
40 Hendrix
41 Ray
42 Mask
43 Ali
44 The Hurricane
45 Rocky Marciano
46 Undisputed
47 Elizabeth
48 Elizabeth: The Golden Age
49 Downfall
50 The King's Speech
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1. Schindler's List
2. The Social Network
3. GoodFellas
1. Schindler's List
2. Braveheart
3. Gandhi
1. Spotlight
2. The Danish Girl
3. The Big Short

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