Greatest Black Metal Albums

The Top Ten Greatest Black Metal Albums

1 De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas - Mayhem

One of the most influential black metal albums of all time.

One of the most influential black metal albums - Ananya

The songs, the lyrics, the guitar, the drums, the bass, the cover art, THE BEST!

Really Great album. Freezing Moon is excellent.

2 In the Nightside Eclipse - Emperor

The album cover is the most black metal thing I've ever seen

The level of detail is incredible

Emperor is amazing.

Amazing! - Oliwally

3 Under the Sign of the Black Mark - Bathory

One of my top 15 favorite albums of all time. The reason why this is the best black metal album is that it could be released at any point in time (including today) and still be perfect, due to the experimental nature and unique production. - Caleb9000

No way this one's not #1. - GREYBOYY

The best black metal album ever!

Classic, cult & legend!

4 Hvis Lyset Tar Oss - Burzum

Best Black Metal album ever. Every track it's an atmospheric landscape.

Torment, Hatred, Passion, Rage, Sadness, and Darkness in the purest form delivered through the incomparable howls, thrashing riffs, and smashing drums of the most inspired musician of the millennium, and what a badass name too.

Much more then only black metal! This is art! - torth

I believe there will be nothing better then this masterpiece! The intention was to bring a counter reaction to death metal.
He was the reason that black metal was born!
This album is more then black metal! - torth

5 Filosofem - Burzum

Varg Vikernes Masterpiece! This Album got me into the World of "Black Metal"!

A true black metal classic!

I was hypnotized with this album

Best after The Mysteriis in my opinion.

6 Storm of the Light's Bane - Dissection

Melodic and Violent, led by a man who followed his beliefs, no matter what you think of the, til the end.

Masterpiece, so evil but beautiful, Jon was truly a genius!

One of the best albums I've ever heard.

.. Can't understand its on this positions... Must be a matter of definition if its a black metal thing... The musicality of this album isn't still unmatched, secound to none in extreme Metal.

7 Transilvanian Hunger - Darkthrone

Me (sees both transilvanian hunger and de mysteriis dom sathanas in list)
what do I choose
this one has a much better atmosphere, better, rawer production, better vocals, just damn amazing - shoulderboythemetalhead

Very good album. One of the first BM albums that I heard. It's not my favorite of all time it's just my favorite in the top ten as well as gorgoroths destroyer and immortals at the heart of winter. Those 3 are my favorite in the top 10 on this list.

I got this when I was 8or 9years old, one of my favourite. - Ananya

No des ni nada no?

8 At the Heart of Winter - Immortal

Awesome album, long and complex tracks with great riffs

The battle rages on. - Caleb9000

My favourite black metal album by my favourite black metal band.
It has great production, fantastic riffs, awesome lyrics.

9 Blood Fire Death - Bathory

The album that perfected the guitar sound for the 2nd wave of Black Metal to follow and proto-typed so called viking,pagan metal, basically indefinable and any top ten black metal list should not include Bathory or early Venom for that reason. They are beyond this.

This is great to listen to while playing Skyrim.

A True Masterpiece! with unique production and beautiful acoustic part, quorthon's Fantastic harsh vocals, killer riffs, just... there is no way to describe this masterpiece. so great, so brutal and so beautiful at the same time. - MoeinTPS

10 A Blaze in the Northern Sky - Darkthrone

#22?!?! NO!

27th?! Really they are black metal demons!
A blaze in the northern sky! 😈 - Ananya


The Newcomers

? Einsamer Winterweg - Wedard
? Funeral - Ghost Bath

The Contenders

11 Bergtatt: Et eeventyr i 5 capitler - Ulver

Bergtatt effortlessly blends black metal and folk music. The true black metal masterpiece. - HvisLysetTarOss

12 Bathory - Bathory

This album should be number one because it basically started the black metal scene

Bathory's debut is the biggest influence

...a beautiful vision. - Ananya

13 Sons of Northern Darkness - Immortal

This should be in top 5

They are the sons. the sons of northern darkness

This album is beyond Black Metal standars - Doomed_God

What the f*** is wrong with you people, this is the greastest black metal album ever! Next to Blood Fire Death from Bathory!

14 Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk - Emperor

This and Nightside are absolute classics. Everything that came later is pretty mediocre though. - Abaddon666

This should be number 1! Simply THE best black metal album. It has never been bettered. How is this only at 14?!

The true emperors of black metal with their unmatched evilness and magic.
Each song got more riffs to make an album.

Love it

15 Panzerfaust - Darkthrone
16 Panzer Division Marduk - Marduk
17 Dark Medieval Times - Satyricon

The flutes and ambient keyboards just make this album so atmospheric. It takes me to another time and place, far away from the degeneracy and shallowness of the modern world.

Basically, these guys started the whole "Viking medieval" thing in black metal, later used by Enslaved and many other bands.
This album doesn't get the attention it gets.
Each song on the album is basically my favorite.

This needs to be higher. It's basically pre-Opeth.

One of my favourite BM albums. Love the cold, medieval vibe. - Abaddon666

18 Nemesis Divina - Satyricon

This devilish stuff totally blends in the real darkness, masterpiece! - Ananya

19 The Mantle - Agalloch

Perfection is this blackened prog-folk metal album. Perhaps, a one of a kind band. Take note that this is not what a purist would called "black metal". But this album is a journey on itself. Hypnotic.

20 Deathcrush - Mayhem

I don't like putting one album over the next... but Deathcrush is amazing - shoulderboythemetalhead

Hahhaha, I love this one, Death Metal/Grindcore elements in this album are awesome, utra fast drumming, tempo changes, everything is awesome, and Euronymous's best riffs. - GREYBOYY

What a unmatched evilness and charisma...
Everything is awesome - Ananya

21 Black Metal - Venom

Black metal my ass.

22 Far Away from the Sun - Sacramentum
23 Pentagram - Gorgoroth

This one should be at least top 10. Come on!

How is this not higher?


24 Exercises in Futility - MgƂa

On of the best album ever created (without division into music genre)

Every time I listen to this album I wonder how beautiful it was

This is perfect.

This is a sheer class...

25 ...Doedskvad - Taake

No matter how all of you voted for mayhem, this is the best black metal album ever


Has anyone ever listened to this masterpiece? Y the hell its in 36?

Taake took the black metal scene to a whole new level... memorable... beautiful. - Ananya

26 Morbid Tales - Celtic Frost

No Celtic Frost means no black metal... They pioneered the genre and this album was one of those earliest first-waves stuffs!
This one MUST be at the 2nd spot after Bathory!

Simply excellent piece of creation. Celtic frost always have produced technically and musically awesome albums but this one out stands everything.

Honestly: I believe everything started here, «Into The Crypt of Rays», where the «Danse Macabre» that Black Metal has begun in the «Circle of the Tyrants» became a rite. This is the album to celebrate the Triumph Of Death...

27 Unchain the Wolves - Destroyer 666

Underrated album, better that many because they don't just rip off Bathory while capturing that early Black Metal sound.

28 Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam - Gorgoroth
29 The Satanist - Behemoth

Not black metal!
Blackened Death Metal =/= Black Metal
And it's not even that good - shoulderboythemetalhead

The album is genius and one of the best blackened death metal albums of this new era

The best black metal album ever!

30 Fas – Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum - Deathspell Omega
31 Autumn Aurora - Drudkh

This album perfect, no other way to put it. Each track literally can't be improved.

32 Under a Funeral Moon - Darkthrone

Number 34? This is the pinnacle of Black Metal folks. The trio format of Darkthrone is forever unmatched

Best album of all time!

Deserves top 10

This is actually my favorite Darkthrone album. I love the drone-ish sound it has. - Caleb9000

33 Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism - Immortal

This album way too low. - DKmen

34 Lawless Darkness - Watain

Awesome and beautiful. Should be in the top 10.

35 Pure Holocaust - Immortal

This album is one fine vintage of black metal savagery! - InsanityJoe

36 Om - Negura Bunget

A unique black/folk metal sound from Transilvania. A true spiritual journey, this album is one of a kind, remembering us once again about our strong bounding with nature and the earth.

37 Hammerheart - Bathory
38 Enthrone Darkness Triumphant - Dimmu Borgir

Before they turned to garbage. It just sounds good. So good.

Love this, but why is everything else they've done so crap. - Abaddon666

This album is mind blowing

39 Thousand Swords - Graveland
40 Diadem of 12 Stars - Wolves in the Throne Room
41 Dusk... And Her Embrace - Cradle of Filth

Best Cradle of Filth album. - Abaddon666

If we are going to call COF black metal.. Then this album is awesome! I think if we are going to talk about the true black metal albums I think "Under The Sign Of The Black Mark" and "Burzum" and "In The Nightside Eclipse" are my top 3. - nooreldeen

This is pure black metal, so is cruelity and the beast. Both amazing

Favourite CoF album. - Abaddon666

42 The Dwelling - Sabbat
43 Nattens madrigal: Aatte hymne til ulven i manden - Ulver
44 Dark Endless - Marduk
45 Battles In the North - Immortal

How come none of Immortal's early albums are in the top 10? - Metalhead666

46 Cruelty and the Beast - Cradle of Filth

Cradle of Filth has definitely sold out, but this one is a masterpiece!

Their first 5 with barker are all brutal masterpieces plain and simple.

Great, but not as good as Dusk... - Abaddon666

Great album, They haven't sold out completely listen to hammer of witches and cryptonia

47 Nachthymnen (From the Twilight Kingdom) - Abigor
48 Black Shining Leather - Carpathian Forest
49 To Mega Therion - Celtic Frost
50 The Codex Necro - Anaal Nathrakh
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