Greatest Black Metal Guitarists

These are the musicians who have changed the definition of Extreme Metal and helped to spawn Black Metal through their guitar riffs.

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1 Quorthon (Tomas Börje Forsberg) Quorthon (Tomas Börje Forsberg) Tomas Börje Forsberg, known by the stage name Quorthon (1966-2004), was a Swedish musician. He was the founder, songwriter, vocalist and guitarist of the band Bathory, which pioneered the black metal genre and is credited with creating the Viking metal style. A multi-instrumentalist, Quorthon wrote more.

He is the heart of bathory - Ananya

Lead guitarist and founder of Bathory. The most influential Black metal musician and the forerunner of the First Wave of Black Meta scenel. - Nord666

Bathory for Life m/

2 Infernus (Roger Tiegs) Infernus (Roger Tiegs) Roger Tiegs (born on 18 June 1972), better known by his stage name, Infernus, is a Norwegian black metal musician and Satanist. He is the sole founding member and chief ideologist of the Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth, which was formed in 1992, as well as the founder and head of Forces of Satan more.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? INFERNUS IS ON 5th? Infernus is the best black metal guitarist of all time with an epic and terror personality.. Probably the hottest dude in black metal... Overall he's the best guitarist in the black metal... Listen to Incipit Satan.. No one can play those riffs like him.

Guitarist and founder of Gorgoroth.
In my opinion the most talented norwegian guitarist. - Nord666

He is the best! - Ananya

Oh god he is amazing, my favourite
No one can play riffs like him, technical him - Ananya

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3 Ihsahn (Vegard Sverre Tveitan) Ihsahn (Vegard Sverre Tveitan)

Lead guitarist and bassist of Emperor.
Probably the most influential Second Wave of Black Metal guitarist. - Nord666

I'll say he is the best. Not the greatest. Oh wait. That (Was ) Quorthon. So Actually Ihsahn is the Greatest now these days.

Yeah this one has to be tops

No one except maybe euronymous can compose those riffs.

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4 Euronymous (Øystein Aarseth) Euronymous (Øystein Aarseth) Øystein Aarseth (1968-1993), who went by the pseudonym Euronymous, was a Norwegian guitarist and co-founder of the Norwegian black metal band Mayhem. Euronymous was stabbed to death by band member Varg Vikernes in August 1993. more.

A martyr for black metal, that created some of the best riffs black metal has ever known. If it were not for his death, he would certainly be appreciated more and considered an even more prominent figure in metal.

He is the best black metal guitarist ever after his murder mayhem have NEVER been as good as when he was alive and I only really listen to his and dead era of mayhem because after they both died its never been the same or as good

He comes up with amazing and atmospheric riffs all the time and has more feeling than any other black metal guitarist.

It gives me goosebumps listening to his songs! AMAZING!

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5 Abbath Doom Occulta (Olve Eikemo) Abbath Doom Occulta (Olve Eikemo) Olve Eikemo, better known by his stage name Abbath Doom Occulta, is a Norwegian musician who best known as the former frontman of black metal band Immortal and the current frontman of the band Abbath.

Founding member and Lead guitarist/bassist of Immortal. - Nord666

Great soloist with almost Doom Metal riffs. Fantastic guitarist. Shouldn be at least #3

He's best my father is best friend with him

Its Abbath...need to say more? - Ananya

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6 Morgan Steinmeyer Håkansson

Mastermind of one of the most prolific and consistent black metal bands, and creates an eerie, threatening guitar sound by himself.

Not just fantastic guitarist, but also clever person. As a founder of Marduk, he makes it a proffesional band. Not one of the bands which try to be the most brutal of them all.

7 Nocturno Culto (Ted Skjellum)

Lead guitarist of Darkthrone. Played for Satyricon too. - Nord666

8 Count Grishnackh (Varg Vikernes)

Multi-instrumentalist founder of Burzum. Originally ex-Mayhem and ex-Old Funeral bassist. - Nord666

He is the black metal Magician! The Mozart of Black metal - Ananya

Varg Must be Higher :) at least 3!
Listen to "Lost Wisdom" "Ea, Lord of Depth" and Outro of "Key To the Gate" then You Will understand What I Say

Count grischgnuk aka varg vianesa

9 Jon Nödtveidt (Dissection)

Jon is seriously the best black metal guitarist ever. He wrote some of the best riffs, melodies, and solos in the genre. If you don't agree, go listen to "The Somberlain" and "Storm of The Lights Bane" track for track and see the light.

Jon Nödtveidt, master of harmonized guitar parts, and great riff writer... Damn, he wrote "Storm Of The Light's Bane"!

10 Nergal (Adam Darski) Nergal (Adam Darski) Adam Nergal Darski (born Adam Michał Darski; 10 June 1977 in Gdynia), is a Polish musician and television personality, best known for being the frontman for the black/death metal band Behemoth. more.

"Blow your trumpets Gabriel", "Lucifer" " Slaves shall serve "...check 'em out and you'll know - Ananya

Plays lead guitar for Blackened Death Metal band Behemoth. - Nord666

His solos are killer..

Great riffs by nergal conquer all, ov fire and the void guitar solos like seed ov I and conquer all and many more you can't beat nergal

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The Contenders

11 Archaon (Idar Burheim)

Lead guitarist of 1349. - Nord666

12 Galder (Tom Rune Anderson)

Plays for Dimmu Borgir and Old Man's Child. - Nord666

13 Blasphemer (Former Mayhem) Blasphemer (Former Mayhem) Rune Eriksen is a Norwegian Spellemann-award winning musician and composer. He is best known as the former guitarist in the black metal band Mayhem under the stage name Blasphemer, which he took from a Sodom song. V 1 Comment
14 Malefic (Scott Conner)

He is the one man band Xasthur. One of the influential musician of DSBM (Depressive Suicidal Black Metal).
He is a mastermind of atmospheric and ambient music. - Nord666

Amazing versatility out of this guy

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15 Tormentor (Gorgoroth)

What a technical genius - Ananya

He wrote destroyer goddammit!

16 Harald Nævdal (Immortal)

Demonaz Doom Occulta. The guy literally tremolo picked himself into tendinitis. What a badass - MetalFoREVer1228

17 Samoth (Emperor)
18 Thomas (Kampfar)
19 A. Morbid (Scott Å.)
20 Stian Bakketeig (Windir)
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1. Quorthon (Tomas Börje Forsberg)
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