Greatest Black Sabbath Albums

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1 Paranoid

War Pigs: 9/10
Paranoid: 10
Planet Caravan: 4/5
Iron Man: 11/10
Electric Funeral: 9/10
Hand of Doom: 4/5
Rat Salad: 10
Fairies wear boots: 10

Did the math: 9/10 overall - LightningStrike

Easily deserves the blue ribbon. None of the tracks suck. - theultimatecritic

Best Black Sabbath album to have ever been recorded!

Best lineup of Black Sabbath, by far:
Ozzy Osbourne - vocals
Tony Iommi - guitar
Geezer Butler - bass
Bill Ward - drums

Come back to Sabbath, Bill! We all miss you!

Heaven and Hell was good, Master of Reality was good and so was Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. But none of them can compare to Paranoid. Each song is a crown Jewel in its own respect, and the replay value is off the scale. Master of Reality maybe the heaviest, but that doesn't mean it's the best. That's a bit like saying that the jazz song with the most trombones in it makes it the best jazz song. No. There is much more to it than that. Paranoid is the soul of heavy metal.

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2 Master of Reality

Children of the Grave, Into the Void, Sweet Leaf, and other amazing songs belong on this powerhouse. - theultimatecritic

1 Heaven and hell
2 master of reality
3 black Sabbath
4 Sabbath bloody Sabbath
5 vol4
6 sabotage
7 technical ecstasy
8 born again
9 mob rules
10 Dehumanizer
11 headless Cross
12 tyr
13 13
14 never say die
15 Cross purposes

Black Sabbath’s masterpiece is Master of Reality. The 1st album that Tony Iommi detuned his guitar on to give that classic Sabbath sound. While Paranoid might have more recognizable hits, Master of Reality is better start to finish. An amazing album.

Don't just automatically pick "Paranoid" as the best Sabbath album because it has two "hits". Put on your diplomatic hat and listen to these two albums back to back. You'll see that the riffs on Master kill the riffs on the Paranoid album. Don't get me wrong, I like both albums, but Master is better!

That isn't why Paranoid is the best album, in fact the title track isn't even one of my favorites on the album

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3 Heaven And Hell

Their first album with Dio and I have to say, one of their best! Listen to Neon Knights, Children of the Sea, and the title track. - theultimatecritic

I like many of Black Sabbath's albums but I agree this should be first not third. I believe if Dio would have been the original singer, and this album had been released before Ozzy was heard of there would be no question its the best. Unfortunately since Ozzy was there first many want to discount the other singers, but I am sorry this album is their best! I like paranoid and Master of Reality too, but I can't see how its possible to rank them higher than Heaven and Hell. Its just such a great album it should be number one. Also as a side note I think the self titled album is better than Master of reality. So the list should be 1. Heaven and Hell 2. Paranoid and 3. Black Sabbath

Just different class neon nights what a belting opening track just love this album it's almost perfect almost

Black Sabbath done many Classic Albums with Ozzy except Never Say die but with Dio they set the crown of all Albums of all time they did.

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4 Black Sabbath

1 Black sabbath
2 Paranoid
3 Master of Reality - Disturbedpotato

Black Sabbath is the beggining of a new era with songs like black sabbath (the tritone makes the song sound really doomy and scary) NIB with that amazing distorted bass solo (bassically) the wizard with a wah wah riff mixed with an amazing harmonica perfomance by ozzy, warning and evil woman are amazingly permormed covers with amazing solos and wicked world the name says it all just a ****in wicked blues performance. A whole new era without leaving the blues-roots aside

Very Sabbath. - Userguy44

Always the best

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5 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

This album was the first Sabbath album I played from start to finish for a couple of months. I was officially a Sabbath fan. This is their best album by far. Epic, Brilliant, Masterpiece, Magnum Opus. Song for song, this is Heavy Metal at its best and definitely, the best Black Sabbath album.

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath sees the band at their absolute peak - more accomplished songs, better performances, better production values - the sound of a band that had grown from their previous albums and raised the bar a notch with this album. Fantastic

If someone was to point a gun at my head and say, "pick one track off this album that you would get rid of! " I would turn to them and say "pull the trigger! "

This album not only stands out as the greatest Sabbath record, but one of the greatest records in music!

Most sophisticated songwriting and inventive blend. Sabotage puts one genre after the other in a song, leading it to be a little pretentious at times. Best Sabbath album, one of my top ten favorite albums of all time.

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6 Black Sabbath, Vol.4

Overall a strong album.

3 songs are okay. The rest are awesome! - theultimatecritic

Vol.4 is Black Sabbath's most special work, with the mega finale "Under The Sun" as their greatest piece. Every track in the album is phenomenal and manifests the band's magic chemistry at its best. Awesome, unforgettable record. Sabbath's Sgt. Peppers!

I just bought this album and I have to say, it's really, really good. Everything except FX on this album is well worth a listen. I feel like this album deserves to be higher than sixth. - Metarock

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7 Sabotage

Without question! This is Ozzy at his angriest. These songs are well structured, the lyrics impressive, and the tempo changes are constant. This is a very progressive album compared to the earlier, dirge of songs like Sweet Leaf, Iron Man, or Snowblind. There is nothing like those type of songs on this release. Sabotage may have more in common with Ozzy solo albums "Blizzard of Ozz" and "Diary of a Madman. " "Hole in the Sky" and "Symptom of the Universe" could have easily ended up on either of Osbourne's first two efforts. By far my favorite Black Sabbath release!

This is Black Sabbath pushing themselves beyond their limits. Sabotage is the darkest, most aggressive and most borderline album the band has recorded, and feels like dancing on the edge of insanity. It weird in the best possible way.

In my opinion the best. Listen to the complexity of Meglomania or Symptom of the Universe. Listen to the heaviness of Hole in the Sky. The wonder of The Thrill of it All. The anger of The Writ. My favorite Sabbath album for thise songs. Ozzy sings at his highest and angriest. Iommis Riff on Meglomania is amazing. This album is so over looked.

This album has some of Sabbath's greatest songs: Hole in the Sky, Symptom of the Universe, Megalomania, and The Writ. Not to mention Thrill of It All and Am I Going Insane. Their most underrated album, it should definitely be in their Top 5. - patrickfloyd

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8 Mob Rules

All time favourite! Soulthern Cross, Falling Off The Edge Of The World, Over And Over, Country Girl, and so on.

I just had to add a vote for this album which was one of the first albums that introduced me to Sabbaths’ music and Metal as a whole. Great album that deserves to be higher up the list but gets overlooked because it doesn't have Ozzy on lead vocal. A shame

The best sabbath album ever alongside heaven and hell. This was metal at its best with sabbath. Ronnie just made sabbath
And I think tony, geezer, and martin birch would agree. Metal was metal in the 80s. You can't change that whatever.

Turn up the Night, The mob rules, The sign of the southern cross and country girl.
The best of dio! - TheAxlErmin

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9 13

First album with Ozzy in, what, 35 years? -You may assume that this is a big step for Sabbath, and maybe the quality of their music would be affected, however the Album is quality. Undeniably master of reality and paranoid are far superior, but this album is immensely respectable, It just shows how Sabbath will never die.

It will be the first studio album released by Black Sabbath since Forbidden (1995), and their first studio recording with original singer Ozzy Osbourne and bassist Geezer Butler since the live album Reunion (1998), which contained two new studio tracks. It is also the first studio album with Osbourne since Never Say Die! (1978), and with Butler since Cross Purposes (1994). Exicted about this album...

0 - vishwarajvithuvivi

Every track on this album is amazing and it is amazing how after so many years they can still release such good songs like "God Is Dead", "Age of Reason"... And to be honest all the songs on 13. I seriously think this is their best album!

I don't know if this is the end of the or the beginning if the end, the fact is that even without Bill, this album became so great that could be easily ranked in top 3. Just look at lyrics like Dear father or God is Dead? , the rifs of Age of Reason or Pariah, the atmosphere of Damaged Soul or Zeigeist for example. This album is simply perfect!

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10 Dehumanizer

I don't like this album in general

This album rocks! It's so heavy. It is one of the best Sabbath albums, but was underrated because it came out later and was not from the time of the original Dio era. It is very powerful and has some of the darkest most evil metal you can get!

Either Dehumanizer or Cross Purposes in my opinion is the greatest Sabbath albums although for some reason or another the old albums get all the credit and believe me it can't be having great music knowledge. Now don't get me wrong I love all of Sabbaths'albums but the old stuff is just catchy songs with catchy riffs and not much more than that, when albums like Dehumanizer and Cross Purposes have extremely deep songs with major substance and incredibly creative, well written guitar lines, bass lines and drums, I will never tire of these great albums, in fact they continuesly get better to me and I've been listening to them for almost 20 years. Best songs off this album are :Computor God, Master of Insanity, Sins of the Father, I, and It's Too Late.

In my opinion it is Black Sabbaths best album. I like this one more than the others because with songs like "Letters From Earth","Computer God" and "Master Of Insanity"its definitely the best "really heavy" albums they have ever done.

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11 Headless Cross

Headless Cross album should be considered in best of 5. Some reason this album isn't commercially much successful in usa. Probably because Tony Martin is not as famous as Ozzy or Dio. Dio already become popular metal vocalist in early 80s due to his performance in Rainbow and two albums with Black Sabbath. We all know that after leaving Black Sabbath, Ozzy has his own band which made him even more popular, Anyway musically "Headless Cross" is one of the truly heavy metal album of Black Sabbath with dark lyrics. Later this album influences so many Black, Death and Gothic metal bands.

Master Of Reality and Headless Cross are my favorite Sabbath albums. Headless Cross is so amazing and underrated - MetalDisciple

Tony martin era at its best

Musically the best album.

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12 Born Again

This album is so damn underrated! It was admittedly very poorly produced but still deserves to be in top 10, at least above dehumanizer.

It's actually great, but was poorly mixed, poorly produced & thus for many years suffered sound problems, but the reissue fixed a good amount of that. Though I like all Sabbath, if you can't have the original 4 members, then 3 is a safe bet. This album along with Heaven and Hell & 13 proved what I mean. ; )

Don't let the cover scare you. Most underrated album ever. Gillan is on fire and the songs are fantastic.

Born Again is my tenth favorite Black Sabbath album. Ian Gillan does a real good job singing on this album. Awesome guitar riffs on that album. Stonehenge / Disturbing The Priest is the best song on Born Again.

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13 Never Say Die

Underrated album. Don't know why because especially junior's eyes and johnny blade are top tracks.Technical Ecstacy is also aa good album though.

It's certainly not Master of Reality or Sabotage, but it's still kind of underrated and far better than its predecessor. Solid album, even if this marked the end of the original Sabbath lineup.

underrated, much better than it's reputation.

Great album, but don't go into it thinking it'll be hard rock/metal album like the first six. It's got more of a rhythmic/blues rock feel to it.. I can't explain it that well, but it's great. The riffs and vocals especially are outstanding. My favorites tracks are Never Say Die, A Hard Road, Shock Wave, and Johnny Blade.

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14 Eternal Idol

Eternal Idol is my fifth favorite Black Sabbath album. Tony Martin is a great singer. Get guitar riffs on that album. The Shining is the best song on Eternal Idol.

First album with tony martin on vocals, good album sort of really. It's not a bad album, but it's good.

15 Cross Purposes

I'm a huge Ozzy fan and a huge Sabbath fan, but what I can't understand for the life of me is why the old Sabbath gets all the credit it must be because of heresay because it certainly isn't from music knowledge. I know a lot of you will disagree but the best thing that ever happened in music was Ozzy leaving Sabbath because Ozzy got better and Sabbath got better. Cross Purposes is not only my favorite Sabbath album but one of my favorite albums period, this album should be #1 on this list followed by Dehumanizer (which is also an incredible album in it's own right, considering Ronnie James Dio sings like a God in it, and in my opinion his best singing ever) then a close third would have to be TYR which is also an amazing album.

This album is better than any album that Ozzy did with Sabbath and deserves to be recognized

One of the best they recorded for sure

16 The Ultimate Collection
17 The Devil You Know

This isn't a Black Sabbath album its album made by a short lived band called Heaven & Hell which had 3 Sabbath members in it although to be fair it is basically a Black Sabbath album under a different band name - christangrant

Sabbath sound but not Sabbath brand

18 Reunion

Love it. Flows smoothly. The aged original Sabbath is still firing on all cylinders.

19 Tyr

My favorite Black Sabbath album. I feel like Tony Martin got in his prime on this one. His high notes are simply brilliant and this features Tony Iommi's best riffs in a long, long time.

Tyr is a band and I bet you that they got the name from this great album right here...

Anno Mudini is probably my favorite song with Tony Martin. This album is really underrated. - Metalmaniakkk

This album is rare but amazing. It's primarily about Norse. Odin's court and Valhalla sync perfectly as if it was supposed to be one song. Just comes together
Brilliantly great album!
1 Anno Mundi
2 The Lawmaker
3 Jerusalem
4 The Sabbath Stones
5 The Battle of Tyr
6 Odins Court
7 Valhalla
8 Feels Good to Me
9 Heaven in Black

20 The End
21 Live Evil

Dio is awful at singing Ozzy songs. They sound like totally different songs - Sabbath

This is a great live album its cool hearing Dio sing ozzy songs - christangrant

22 Live At Last

Ah, the album released during the dio years from the original lineup without the bands knowledge by a former manager who was in a legal battle with the band. Decent recording. The guitar solo from the official 2010 release I quite like.

23 The Dio Years - Black Sabbath
24 Technical Ecstasy

It's a spooky, edgy album that very much mirrors the concern with modern society set forth in the album title and album cover. "Back Street Kids," "All Moving Parts Stand Still," Gypsy," "She's Gone." They certainly strike a nerve. Hell, even Guns & Roses covered "It's Alright" on their live album.

This album is simply great, but since it was the first one where they slightly departed from their classic style, then narrow minded people chose not to accept it and word of mouth, true or false, tends to travel far.
Great classic Sabbath album which if people dislike is mainly cause they haven't heard it

So underrated, each song is unique and many people disregard this record because it strays away from Sabbath's original style, but still a remarkable album.

Great album very underrated mainly because someone tells them it sucks then they don't listen to it!

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25 Seventh Star

First album which I haven't got on iTunes, before that I've got all the Sabbath studio albums. Nice album though, totally underrated. Why hasn't anyone added the album yet?

Glenn Hughes... Enough said

People don't vote for it 'cause it's too good! The best album w/o Dio and Ozzy - sweetbeef

26 Forbidden

At the bottom - LightningStrike

At the bottom where this album belongs - christangrant

This album shouldn't be forbidden by the fans

The cross purposes lineup revisited.

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