LightningStrike Album Review: Paranoid - Black Sabbath

LightningStrike Album Review number 9

This is the sabbath's 2nd studio album released in September 18th, 1970 in Regent sound studios in London. The genre is Heavy Metal for it's time, the length is 41:51, and is also a big hit at it's time too. Very nice. Let's review shall we.


War Pigs/Luke's Wall:

Very soft riffs that even features a train sound in the opening, and as the lyrics starts, the song gets into some awesomeness that never seems to be forgotten. The song is about generals planning for violence and bloody war. Later through the lyrics it mostly talks about major predictions of WWIII. The end of the world? You got that right I guess. Hmmm. It also has a long instrumental break at the end with a very thrilling sound that's a few seconds long. That ending got me.


Yeah it got me paranoid. The riff is super catchy too! I love it! The lyrics is explaining about losing his woman because of how mad he's feeling about things and how unsatisfying his life is too. And it's also explaining about trying to find a unique life too. Now this is just like me. But everyone in this website (TheTopTens) just found their answer. And that guitar solo is awesome too. I love that as well. And the 3rd verse is very depressing. Laughing at a depressed person that's pretty much that. Man this song is meaningful and catchy.

Planet Caravan:

This has got to be the most softest song in metal history! This song doesn't even count as a metal song at all. (I wouldn't say this is a metal album but it is for it's time) bongos. Metal? No. Soft vocals. Metal? No. This is definitely not a metal song. But it's relaxing. The lyrics are about entering this planet with unique stuff and describing it with LSD-like imagination. Nothing much here. It's just a relaxing fever dream. That's all.

Iron Man:

Now this song has got to be the best one in the album. I also like the intro too "I AM IRON MAN!" Love it. And that riff is super catchy!!! And there are alot of other riffs in this song too and they're all catchy. This is just amazing! The song lyrics starts with basic questions to ask someone and it sounds like asking about a creature or something. Then it explains that Iron Man just looks at the world planning for vengeance. Now people are really not caring about him. You get the lesson here. You do something bad. They don't like you. They put in with very hard lyrics too. Very awesome song. And one of my personal favorites too. I love it!

Electric Funeral:

The riffs are very awesome and... Again... Catchy and dark. And I don't mean cheesy dark. I mean awesomeness dark. The lyrics are very dark too. It explains about a Strom that makes a huge disaster all over the freaking world. And very scary imagination as well. Certain things turning into other elemental things. Buildings falling down. The sky turning all red. Stuff like that is described in the lyrics. And also coming from hell. Uh oh.

Hand of Doom:

Here is another dark song with a soft start that got darker and darker over time through the song. The riff is good too. And very great way to make some rock look all scary and epic. There are also other riffs that are very catchy too. The lyrics are describing what it's like being guilty and about to die in a scary way. Describing your death. Skin turns green. Face glooms. Holes on your skin. Ugh! That's dark right here am I right. And is saying it's too late!

Rat Salad:

It's just an instrumental song. Very relaxing and nice riff and drums too. Although the song is only 2 and a half minutes. They got awesome guitar solos too. We also have that long and awesome and almost impossible to do drum solo that is over 50 seconds long! Wow! And ends with the same riff. Not much here folks.

Jack the Stripper/Fairies wear boots:

The opening is very Black Sabbath because... Well... It's the album. Of course it would sound very recognizable. The riffs are also very awesome and catchy as well especially when the lyrics starts. The lyrics are about being surprised looking through the window and seeing some fairies wearing boots. And when he goes to the doctor, the doctor says it's just his imagination from drugs and stuff. Lol! What a song.


Overall, it's not really Black Sabbath's best but it's really cool. The riffs are catchy, the lyrics are meaningful and doesn't have any choruses in any of their songs in this album. It's just great. I love how much work they put making one of the earlier heavy metal albums even though I wouldn't call this a metal album. But it's still good. I love it.