Album Review #1: Paranoid - Black Sabbath

Since I'm starting an album review series I thought I'd start with something that is critically acclaimed and popular among sabbath fans. This is considered their best album so I'm starting with this one
War Pigs:
Great way to start the album, Ozzy's vocals are perfect and so is the instrumentation. Also, it's kind of interesting how this song starts off as a regular black sabbath song then turns into an opera-like genre. Definitely one of my favourite black sabbath songs
This one is super iconic it's not even funny, once it was even used on the the angry birds movie and was (I think) included in the soundtrack. Let me just say that this is the perfect opening song for a movie or cartoon. The instrumentation is awesome! it just gives off that 70's vibe
Planet Caravan:
Rather soothing and relaxing, one of the best songs to listen to before you go to bed! First time I heard it I almost fell asleep, not because it's boring but it just gives off that tingling sensation. Also, Ozzy's vocals are rather weird in this one. It's like, he had too much sleeping pills before recording this. Still an awesome song tough
Iron Man:
Heaviest one on the album (Nuh-uh-uh, just because I said it's the heaviest doesn't mean there's gonna be growling in it) instead, we get an annoying but catchy riff. Ozzy's vocals are rather strange in this one as well! what I'm trying to say is, it's meh. I was disappointed when I first heard it. Thought there was gonna be fast and catchy riffs.
Electric Funeral:
This one is kind of funky and relaxing. That evil riff gets me head banging rather slowly but it's still awesome anyway. Also I feel like I'm in Ozzy's world when I listen to this song, don't know why but it just feels like it.
Hand of Doom:
This one is rather interesting, normally you would expect growls and screams in a song with that title but instead you get a soothing tune along with Ozzy's nice vocals. I like this one because of the instrumentation and memorable tune.
Rat Salad:
While it gets kind of annoying, that drum solo is amazing and really fast. Not to mention that it's one of the hardest solos to play!
Fairies Wear Boots:
It's kind of a disappointing ending. I don't really like the instrumentation on this one and Ozzy's vocals are slightly annoying. I tried to like it but it was just so boring and uninspired

This is one of the best albums I've ever heard in my entire life, sure it had a couple of bad tracks but that didn't make the album turn into an absolute mess! no wonder why people adore this album it's really good!
The next album I'll be reviewing is probably one of the most controversial albums ever
Divine Intervention - Slayer