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21 Live Evil

This is a great live album its cool hearing Dio sing ozzy songs - christangrant

22 The Ultimate Collection
23 Technical Ecstasy

It's a spooky, edgy album that very much mirrors the concern with modern society set forth in the album title and album cover. "Back Street Kids," "All Moving Parts Stand Still," Gypsy," "She's Gone." They certainly strike a nerve. Hell, even Guns & Roses covered "It's Alright" on their live album.

This album is simply great, but since it was the first one where they slightly departed from their classic style, then narrow minded people chose not to accept it and word of mouth, true or false, tends to travel far.
Great classic Sabbath album which if people dislike is mainly cause they haven't heard it

So underrated, each song is unique and many people disregard this record because it strays away from Sabbath's original style, but still a remarkable album.

Well, it's probably the worst of the "classic" albums, but that's Bassically the worst of the best. Still very, very good, if there's one thing Black Sabbath failed to do it was to make a bad album.

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24 Live At Last

Ah, the album released during the dio years from the original lineup without the bands knowledge by a former manager who was in a legal battle with the band. Decent recording. The guitar solo from the official 2010 release I quite like.

25 Seventh Star

First album which I haven't got on iTunes, before that I've got all the Sabbath studio albums. Nice album though, totally underrated. Why hasn't anyone added the album yet?

Glenn Hughes... Enough said

26 Forbidden

This album shouldn't be forbidden by the fans

At the bottom where this album belongs - christangrant

The cross purposes lineup revisited.

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