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101 Changing of the Guards

Bob here is different but no less brilliant. Somehow the female chorus blends very well with his voice in this song. It should have been way up in this chart

Oh come on this is below gotta serve somebody

102 Mixed - Up Confusion
103 Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

Everybody must get stoned!

104 Billy 4

Made for the soundtrack of a movie nobody watched, doesn't get the love of his other classics, but give it a listen, it's a defining song about the tragedy of Billy the Kid, the being an outlaw in general.

Stumbled across this gem totally coincidentally but it stayed with me forever since. top 10 for me definitely

105 Shooting Star

Truly beautiful song from the guitar melodies to the harmonica solos. The lyrics are also so deep and get me every time. This song instantly makes me reflect on my entire life.

106 Simple Twist of Fate

Easy to listen to

107 Neighborhood Bully

Bob came back to his birth faith, and in an awesome rocker praised the great nation of Israel

108 Tombstone Blues

Bob is in a bluesy garage rock vein in this song

109 Wagon Wheel
110 Trying to Get to Heaven
111 Beyond Here Lies Nothin' V 1 Comment
112 Summer Days
113 Tomorrow Is a Long Time

It is a great song, very direct. Proof that Dylan doesn't need fancy or controversial lyrics to write a great song.

A very simple, to the point, heartbreaker of a song.

"If today were not a crooked highway..."
Always seemed to me to be one of those songs that completely embodied his persona at the time - Billyv

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114 Pay in Blood
115 The Mighty Quinn
116 Pledging My Time
117 Spirit On the Water
118 Tempest

Maybe the best song in along time from mr Bob Dylan he just gets better as time goes bye gabby new cross London

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119 Santa Fe

One of my personal favorites off the basement tapes. It is truly a lovely song and I would have loved to hear it with good recording value.

120 Wigwam

The version of this song heard on Another Self Portrait is so beautiful and this should really at least be in the top 50.

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