Greatest Bodies In the Solar System

What are the greatest objects in the Solar System?

The Top Ten

1 Earth

The only known planet with life. We may find other life, but this is currently the only place we have found it. - Abc123vote

2 Europa

A moon thought to have a body of liquid water larger the Earth's, I think Europa deserves a high rank - Abc123vote

3 Mars

Mars is thought to have underground life, even if it has no life, It has the largest Canyon and Mountain of the Solar system - Abc123vote

4 The Sun

The sun is the center of our solar system, and we can not leave it out - Abc123vote

5 Saturn's Rings

These rings are only 60 feet high, yet you can fit everal Earths from the inner to outer area. - Abc123vote

6 Jupiter

With a great red dot and many raging storms, and also being the largest, Jupiter can not be forgot - Abc123vote

7 Titan Titan V 1 Comment
8 Ganymede

Ganymede is an awesome thing. No question. - PositronWildhawk

The largest moon in the solar system - Abc123vote

9 Encelidus
10 Venus

Named after the god of beauty, yet 900 degress. Who can forget Venus? - Abc123vote

The Contenders

11 Pluto
12 Uranus
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