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101 Why Can't I Wake Up With You - Take That
102 Pray - Take That

Riotous pop song with an euphoric nature especially once the choir kicks in at the end. Perfect pop.

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103 Relight My Fire - Take That

Great take on a club classic with a 90's twist.

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104 Babe - Take That

Soft Mark Owen lead and a great music video.

105 The Flood - Take That

15 years in the making and it delivers, welcome back Robbie. A modern classic.

106 Love Love - Take That
107 I Don't Wanna Kiss You Goodnight - LFO

One Direction wishes they were on the same level as LFO

108 Close - Westlife
109 She Is My Girl - S4

S4444 I love you all, I like your voice, face, attitude, and everything about S4, you're a different boyband

110 Driving Me Crazy - S4

S4, you make me-make me crazy, I want you S4, I need you S4, I love you S4, S4 you driving me crazy

111 Growl - Exo

In.this song, they act as like students.Varoious dance patters are performed by EXO.They debute Korean and Chinese versions

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112 It's Alright - East 17
113 Story of My Life - One Direction
114 When the Lights Go Out - Five V 1 Comment
115 We Will Rock You - Five + Queen
116 Don't Wanna Let You Go - Five
117 Girl of My Dreams - The Moffatts
118 I Do (Cherish You) - 98 Degrees

This is a very nice song. I would of thought this song and may others by theses guys would of been in the top twenties. 98 Degrees have a lot of amazing songs, this one I think would be in the top five

119 Summer Girls - Lfo

I crazy lmfao very like

120 One Thing - One Direction

This song gets me happy no matter what mood I'm in. No song has been able to do this tome before. Besides before One Direction formed their boyband I barely paid attention boybands. The other boybands can not be compared with 1D because everybody knows 1D is the best.

This song brightens my day! I cannot believe how sweet the message of the song is. It explains how, no matter who you are or what you look like, you will always have that One Thing.

Great creative music and on bonus point they've got everything.
And they make us realize that everyone has "one thing" that is unique and precious. So stay happy always and keeping heading to "one direction" and you will achieve everything you want. God bless everyone and especially "ONE DIRECTION"

I can't believe this song is so far off..i love the lyrics of this song

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