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161 I'll Be There (For You) - The Moffatts I'll Be There (For You) - The Moffatts

-Where are the Moffats songs?

162 Miss You Like Crazy - The Moffatts V 1 Comment
163 The Hardest Thing - 98 Degrees The Hardest Thing - 98 Degrees
164 The Way You Do - 98 Degrees The Way You Do - 98 Degrees
165 The Chaser - Infinite
166 Trouble Is - Backstreet Boys Trouble Is - Backstreet Boys
167 Without You - Blue
168 We've Got Tonight - Blue We've Got Tonight - Blue
169 What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction

BEST SONG EVER best example of boybands coming back strong today!
I love these guys and I hope they continue to sing amazing songs like this one

Best Song from Best Boy band Ever..

How is this not in the top 10? Come on people! - Lissie19999

What the hell... ! This song should be number 1... Come on people...

V 2 Comments
170 One Thing - One Direction One Thing - One Direction

This song gets me happy no matter what mood I'm in. No song has been able to do this tome before. Besides before One Direction formed their boyband I barely paid attention boybands. The other boybands can not be compared with 1D because everybody knows 1D is the best.

This song brightens my day! I cannot believe how sweet the message of the song is. It explains how, no matter who you are or what you look like, you will always have that One Thing.

Great creative music and on bonus point they've got everything.
And they make us realize that everyone has "one thing" that is unique and precious. So stay happy always and keeping heading to "one direction" and you will achieve everything you want. God bless everyone and especially "ONE DIRECTION"

This is the greatest song!

V 4 Comments
171 I Do (Cherish You) - 98 Degrees I Do (Cherish You) - 98 Degrees

This is a very nice song. I would of thought this song and may others by theses guys would of been in the top twenties. 98 Degrees have a lot of amazing songs, this one I think would be in the top five

172 Live While We're Young - One Direction Live While We're Young - One Direction

Its an amazing song you got to listen to it. It will make you jump and scream its thrilling it will be number 1 soon. One direction have been doing very well lately and this song is just 1 of the many that are to come. If you don't like this you have got bad taste in music I really hope you enjoy this song! One direction all the way

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173 Summer Girls - LFO Summer Girls - LFO
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