Top Ten Best Cher Songs

A list of favorite songs from any solo or other albums by singer Cher.

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1 Believe

Nobody sings this song as well or better than Cher... NOBODY.

72 & still going as strong as ever!

This song is awesome! - tropicaljay

NO ONE sings this song as well as or better than Cher.

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2 If I Could Turn Back Time

I like this song because Cher-my fav-sings it so well. She has inspired so many people it is unbelievable. I really wish to meet Cher. My parents also love Cher but not as much as me

This song speaks volumes to me. It has such a good message and I could listen to it over and over again. - Celestius

Great song even better body all the sailors loved it

This song speaks my mind, and is one of my favorite songs of all time

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3 Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

I'm going to see Cher tomorrow in Pittsburgh, PA, I'm so ecstatic to see her and listen to her songs. - 4/17/2019 - SpinelliFan

Can't stand Cher...but I do love this. - truckturner

Cher's voice could cut through cement at this point in her career - also on this album is her cover of James Taylor's Fire & Rain - listen to it - Cher's voice on that track is silk her voice is that smooth on that cover - if she would have covered that song today the same way she'd be a heroine for 'singing out of the box' way ahead of her time - way ahead of her time

I love this song so much! Shes truly amazing

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4 Save Up All Your Tears

so powerful, yet perfect for dance. this song is real healer for broken heart souls :) truly, one of best from Cher!

Excellent song love it

Cher is so iconic

This is a fantastic song of Cher

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5 Dark Lady

One of the great cher story songs fantastic

Great song so much heart in it.

Hauntingly amazing

A sexy tale of superstion, betrayl, and murder. One of my favorite Cher songs

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6 I Found Someone

I had this on cassette years ago. It was the song that first introduced me to Cher. I wore the tape out listening to it over and over. I never tire of this song

My personal favorite! This is an all time classic. Simply AMAZING.

The song is so powerful, I just love it

I love this song so much

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7 Strong Enough

I Love it

This isong is grest I loved it no matyer wjat japen in a telation you need to stay strong

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8 You Haven't Seen the Last of Me

I love this song when I seen the movie burlesque I started out I don't get it that this has only 5% for this song obviously people haven't listened to this song ever so people need to listen to it so listen to it on you tube

Just the positive message. I just wish that I had the ability to have this as the official song of a walk that I have created - The Walk for Mental Health Awareness - Houston. This song is my story. I just did not know it till I was 60.

It's the best song I've ever heard. It's really a strong song & it has a very sweet message that if you're down, you'll get up again. It makes you not lose hope.

One of her greatest songs I have ever heard and the movie Burlesque was great and with her heart and sole part of it.

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9 Half-Breed

This song was ahead of its time with the bi-racial theme and has a great melody. Interesting video of Cher dressed in Indian garb on a horse as she wails out the vocal.

I like most of the songs

Catchy but powerful song and lyrics. Great vocals. A true Cher classic.

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10 Song for the Lonely

Great song and was a tribute to 911.

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The Contenders

11 The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)

Such a catchy song I love it

She's always good & specially in this song... Goon to your way & try to being good ever.

Great for playing when you're getting ready for a night out-- loudly

Absolutely wonderful song. Cher is awesome artist and this song is one of the most memorable tracks from her - Irina2932

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12 All or Nothing

The best of Cher!
IDC If it�'the 27# place, my favorite song of her.

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13 Walking in Memphis

I love many songs from amazing Cher but "Walking in Memphis" is my personal favorite track. I love its sound, melody, lyrics. And the video was great - Irina2932

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14 After All UListen to Sample
15 Dov'e L'amore

I ADORE this song. It's a really exciting song that gets you pumping!

This song is Unforgettable and my favorite.

The best song which I've ever listened

I love this song

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16 Just Like Jesse James

It's just an amazing song, love it!

This song is everything

Bad ass song

Great song

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19 Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)

This is like, one of the best songs ever written during human history. Up you go!

Its not weird at all that this became one of the greatest hits ever and iy has been coverd a lot of times

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20 Dressed to Kill

I know that it has auto-tune, but Cher makes it work. Especially in this song.
AMAZING! - 906389

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21 The Way of Love

My favorite

Her best.

Beautifully written, arranged and the voice Cher put on this is her at her best flawless vocals here FLAWLESS

Love this song. Cher's voice is wonderful. One of my all time favorites!

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22 One by One

My favourite...


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23 All I Really Want to Do UListen to Sample
24 Alive Again

If you have not listened to this song - listen to it - strong vocals from Cher - as usual - great distinctive voice that should get more respect than it does - this woman has one of the most powerful voices as well as one of the most smooth voices - all around talent

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25 The Greatest Thing - Cher

Duet between two of the biggest divas in music- this is such an amazing song! GAGA AND CHER FOREVER.

Duo with Lady Gaga, this song is so pretty

26 Love and Understanding UListen to Sample
27 Heart of Stone

I fell in love with this song because of the lyrics and the style.

Best song ever

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28 Love Hurts

Love it say it all

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29 Pride UListen to Sample
30 I Hope You Find It

Great cover

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31 Who You Gonna Believe?

I love it so much

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33 Woman's World

Love this song to death! Shocked it's not in top 10!

This song should of definitely been in the top ten this song was fantastic x

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34 Bell Bottom Blues

Great cover off stars lp should be rereleased

35 Take Me Home UListen to Sample
36 It's a Man's Man's Man's World UListen to Sample
37 The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine (Anymore) UListen to Sample
38 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
39 Perfection UListen to Sample
40 Dead Ringer for Love

Cher rocks upstages meat loaf, pity she didn't get credit, loved her on top of table.

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42 Take It Like a Man

Classic Cher with an updated, catchy sound. In a better music period, this would've been a huge huge hit. -- 5814

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43 I'll Never Stop Loving You

Groovy track great guitar rock on babe

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47 Just This One Time

One of her best in my option stars was an album so ahead of its tome

Written for Cher by Jimmy Webb who produced her LP Stars in 1975 JUST THIS ONE TIME is Cher at her most vulnerable and honest in song. Part gospel, part rock ballad this song scorches with Cher using her hardly ever used falsetto voice! Check it out on Youtube. You will hear a 29 yr. old Cher pleading for redemption after leaving Sonny and being truly single for the 1st time. And yes! The Stars Lp should be rereleased as it was way ahead of its time in 1975.

48 You Better Sit Down Kids UListen to Sample
49 You Take It All
50 Angels Running UListen to Sample
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