Top Ten Greatest Chocolate Bars

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41 Turkish Delight Chocolate Bar
42 Cadbury Caramilk
43 Toffee Crisp V 1 Comment
44 Violet Crumble

I remember my friend came home from the royal show and he let me have a bite... heaven.

45 Lion Bar
46 Rocky Bar
47 Mound's
48 Milka

Nothing beats Milka. The best I ever had.

49 Bliss

Love the bliss chocolate!

50 Cadbury Dairy Milk Black Forest
51 Mr. Big V 1 Comment
52 Picnic

Probably the ugliest looking bar out there. Tastes phenomenal and has some decent crunch with all the nut and rice puffs.

Very nice, peanuts, rice crispies, the odd raisen. Very tasty indeed. Good for when going on long walks outdoors, peanuts release energy over a long period of time.

53 Double Decker

The best chocolate bar

54 Dream
55 Maltesers V 1 Comment
56 Moro

How is 55th it's the best ever it's my favourite chocolate bar

A bar like Mars but ten times better

57 Cadbury Fruit & Nut
58 Dairy Milk Silk

I love Dairy Milk Silk, it is so delicious, smooth and BIG

59 Park
60 Geisha
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