Top Ten Greatest Chocolate Bars

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61 Munch
62 Kinder Country
63 Motta MaxiRì
64 Tartufone Stick Noir
65 Nestlé Drifters

Crispy wafer covered in chewy caramel and creamy chocolate

66 Whatchamacallit
67 Godiva
68 Curlywurly

Got one of these at an arcade once. Not very memorable aside from the interesting design.

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69 Oh Henry!
70 Take 5
71 Ghirardelli
72 Bounty

Oh come on, 50? I love Bounty! It was a great and original idea to put coconut in chocolate, it's a shame that it's so slow on the list.

Coconut, chocolate what more can you want.

There is a bug in this list! Bounty should be number 1! - marisolswift

EW I hate coconut - Brxtney

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73 Mars Slim
74 Fast Break
75 Moro Gold
76 Venchi
77 Wunderbar

Beautiful combination of sweet and salty with a "wunderful" texture.

78 Wispa Gold

Exactly it IS the number 63 chocolate

79 Lindor
80 Cherry Ripe

I can't believe this is last on the last. Kind of sad. Really nice taste... the red coconut looks cool too :(

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