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61 Hope for the Dying

Technical and long progressive metal. Definitely an acquired taste but is pretty darn good.

62 Blessed by a Burden
63 Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is so sick! If you are looking for a good metalcore band look them up. My personal favorite of theirs is parade of scars but they have plenty more good songs, trust me you will be impressed.

64 Bloodline Severed
65 Those Who Fear

Best lyrics ever! They also have THE sickest breakdowns. Their music is very Christian

66 These Hearts
67 Inhale Exhale
68 I Am King V 1 Comment
69 Forevermore

They are solid.

70 Confide

This band got me into the metal / core scene simply due to their lyrical content! They are great, give them a listen

71 The Ongoing Concept

You've never heard anything like it! Great music and passion. They handmade their instruments for their 2nd album!

72 The Order Of Elijah

Oh my! Listen to Gods Unwanted Children and judge for yourself.. They have almost rap like vocals and some deathcore elements. Its very cool!

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