London, England


London is city that continues to grow on a person after decades. It might not initially blow you away like manhattan or have the obvious beauty of Paris, but hidden in corners are some of the most elegant building around, each area is its own town within the city. Cultures are mixed, everything just seems to work together. Old and new, technology and history, skyscrapers and medieval palaces stand side by side and just work. No other city has this. London is safer, cleaner, greener, more accesible and just hands down more welcoming than other cities. Fashion, sports, arts, music and education are all world leading in London, Links to rest of the world are amazing, cuisine is second to none.

Londoner by choice, great city, hasn't succumbed to the skyscraper revolution yet. Tall glass buildings are currently the norm but they have been juxtaposed tastefully within the legacy architectural fabric. Culture, cuisine, art, drama, musicals, concerts, stand up, parks, gardens, walks, fitness, fads, fashion, diversity, - you name it all - London has something unique to offer with its own quirky twist.. This is one city where you can do a completely different and unique activity every day of the year. However I am not going to put down the other great cities of the world. I prefer London

Wow its beautiful and there is loads of culture and fun there is always something going on. I must say covent garden is so fun defiantly London all the way with shopping people and the amazing queen can you imagine living near the queen

London has the world's best shopping (Harrod's is better than any store in America), the British Museum is the world's best museum, the BBC is headquartered there, and it's architecture is superior to New York. And yes I've been to both London and New York, though I live in New Jersey, so naturally despite all my travelling I've been to New York many times more than London

London has been transformed over my lifetime to be a beautiful vibrant modern city, filled with exquisite, exciting modern architecture. Its wonderful historical buildings have been preserved and are available for all to enjoy. It has an extraordinary history and wonderful green spaces too. It has the most fantastic art galleries, theatres and museums and is a cultural haven unique in the world.

London is obviously the best city in the world. Even though New York City might be more powerful economically London is more politically powerful plus it has influenced world history since the middle ages.

Nobody who votes for New York has ever left the United States, because if they did, they wouldn't vote for it. London is a million times better than New York. New York is a great city, don't get me wrong. But people only vote for because they are Americans trying to boast about their country. - HarCher

London is not just a city with a rich history, architecture and tradition. It is a melting pot of cultures, because of it's position between America and Europe. And there is one more thing, London was, it is and it will always be before NYC.

I have visited every city that makes this list and easily London comes to the top. New York is an absolutely amazing city, but London is just so unbelievably interesting. It's the fashion capital, a stable financial city, extremely pretty, has so much history. The transport there beats every other city in the world 100 times over because it's efficient, reliable, quick, easy and looks the part. It's has the biggest variety of shops and is hands down the most culturally diverse city I have been to. My only Critisism is that it is ridiculously expensive, but this is only now, who knows how expensive it'll be in a couple of decades.

Very difficult to compare cities, however, when you look at almost every point you could statistically rate London against NYC by, it beats it.

Worlds oldest subway system
More variety
Far more diverse - more languages spoken
More iconic
Higher wealth status
More Billionaires
Financial capital of the world
Has the best restaurants in the world
Better university rankings
Bigger and better galleries and museums - usually free of charge.

The list goes on.

London is the best city in the world... FACT! New York is too crowded, London has a much larger area and is 5x older! The centre of the largest and greatest empire ever, the undisputed capital of the world. It makes me so proud to be British.

The city that has everything, Clubs, shops, culture, politics, sport (Proud hosts of two olympics and soon 3), Landmarks and according to some sources it is the world's most visited city.

I reside in New York and even I know London is a better city. Been there many times, it's a wonderful place. Also, while the NYC subway "runs" 24/7, London's actually works with little delay or construction, unlike NY. As a resident of NYC and a frequent visitor to London, I also know first hand that London's climate is better than NYC's. No nasty climate extremes that bring you to your knees and beg for mercy. Just showers. to be honest, I wouldn't even place NY in the top 50.

I was born in London 66 years ago and for me there is no better place on this Earth.
Over its history, it has welcomed people from every corner of the globe and is still the place that most foreigners think of when the want to relocate. London has it all without the crime rate of New York, the congestion of Tokyo and the less delightful elements of Asian and Middle Eastern cities.

Arguably the greatest city in the world, now building a skyline to match its global standing. In comparison to other cities in its league, New York is tired, ugly and third world in comparison, Paris is devolving into a cesspit, Tokyo is great, but just doesn't have the stature or history to compare.

London totally deserves to be 1st! Have you ever even been there, all you Americans that are saying NYC is better? It's completely safe, there are no shootings there and it's a HUGE city. I'm not saying there ARE shootings or anything like that in NYC, but still, you just can't beat London. And I've been to NYC before, so I know what it's like. can simply not be beaten.

It is a city for the people! London has a culture that is ever growing, and is the capital of the world in terms of finance. So much class and elegance in the architects, the culture and the people. London can never disappoint, and continues to lead the world.

London is a fantastic city it's better safer than New York its stronger and held olympics more times

London is the enter of all civilizes culture. A powerhouse of theatre, arts, finance, food, and people. I'm a complete anglophile if you can tell, but this is just a fantastic place. No contest.

London is the most overrated city in the world. It is full of dull places. There are more than 8300 homeless people. The number of acid attacks is rising every day. It is really interesting why people keep flocking to this depressing racist city.

London's my city were I come from the capital of england 3rd's not when there's like 10'000 city's in the world now were tying with New York

To be frank, it's honestly an insult that a city of London's aesthetics, cultural offerings, stature, cleanliness and vibrancy should be compared to a city like New York, which is, for all intents and purposes, a third world city.

Half the city lives off benefits and the houses are tiny even know like 3 families live in every 3 rooms of the one tiny house

There's more to see in London than there is time for in one lifetime.

Gateway to Europe. Transport hub for the world. Political superpowers. So many tourist attractions and things to see. It was the centre of the industrial revolution