Top 10 Greatest Cities in the World

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181 Baton Rouge, U.S.A.
182 Warsaw, Poland V 1 Comment
183 Tbilisi, Georgia
184 Lucknow, India Lucknow, India Lucknow is the largest city of the state of Uttar Pradesh, India A major metropolitan city of India, Lucknow is the administrative headquarters of the eponymous District and Division and the capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh.
185 Odessa, Ukraine
186 Lhasa, China
187 Casablanca, Morocco
188 Bournemouth, United Kingdom
189 Orlando, USA
190 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
191 Fort Wayne, IN, USA
192 Des Moines, U.S.A.

A very underrated city in Iowa. - JakePlaid

193 Belgrade, Serbia

The city with a lot of diversity. Traditional, and yet so modern.
Belgrade is a city that brings together so many different people in one place.


Visit Knez Mihailova Street, most interesting pedestrian zone in the Balkans

Have fun at Ada Ciganlija, Belgrade sea!

Visit Skadarlija, bohemian quarter and enjoy the Serbian food and drinks!

Enjoy the beautiful panorama of the city at the Kalemegdan or Avala Tower!

Go to shopping in the most modern shopping malls in the Balkans!
Enjoy the best concerts and the best nightlife in the world!
Have fun in all possible ways!

You romanticist, adventurers, party maniacs...
Whether you are students, pensioners, children or parents...
If you want something to learn, if you're looking for good restaurants, good shopping, and craziest nightlife in the world...

Belgrade is place for you! - nikola94

European New York. Best food, hotels, restaurants in the Balkans, with the best nightlife in Europe. Belgrade is the city with great future. It's great place for living. I came from Miami in short visit to Belgrade. That was four years ago. I live in Belgrade and I'm so happy.


194 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Food, Shopping, People & Scenery, Modern Structures, Cultural Events. What more do you want in city?

This is the city where the Petronas twin towers stand!

The most diverse city in Asia and perhaps world!

V 2 Comments
195 Brooklyn, U.S.A.

Brooklyn is a part of new York - ikerevievs

196 Manhattan, U.S.A.
197 Leeds, England

I came to Leeds 26 years ago and never looked back. Home is where the heart is, but Leeds has become the closest to it I've ever had.

198 West St. Paul, U.S.A
199 Davao City, Philippines
200 Arusha, Tanzania
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