Top 10 Greatest Cities in the World

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241 Albany, U.S.A

The Capital of New York, The most beautiful and underrated city ever.
Well, we have a lot of Things to enjoy in the area like good food and good radio stations. And that's why Albany is a great city.

242 Saskatoon, Canada
243 Green Bay, U.S.A.
244 Gold Coast, Australia
245 Lucena, Philippines
246 Canberra, Australia
247 Jaipur, India

This city were stand should be on top 10 potion how beautiful city this is

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248 Krakow, Poland

I love this city it is absolutely amazing and classy. Everyone should visit it especially around Christmas.
Galeria Krakowska and other shopping malls are beautifully decorated throughout the holiday season making your shopping experience extra awesome.
Taking a tram at this time of year is also cool.
But the Main Market Square is a holiday paradise.
Krakow is great in the summer too. So many amusement parks, you can visit the zoo, botanical garden and other places.
Plus it is so historic.
You can vacation here for a month and still not have enough time to visit every attraction.
I love Krakow! - PolishGuy

249 Halifax, Canada

A great beautiful Canadian city.

Ohh! This is where I live. that's surprise me to saw that on that list

250 Isfahan, Iran

It's Better Than Each Cities. It Has A One BIG Thing(Security)... Something That No Country And No City Has.

251 Moncton, Canada

The best city in the world (in my opinion). Trust me, is not a big city but a lot of things you want to do is in Moncton!

I live not far from there. I get shook to see this city on it.

252 Cluj-Napoca, Romania
253 Florianópolis, Brazil

The most beautiful island, with more than 40 wonderful beaches.

254 Coral Springs, U.S.A.

Its where I come from

255 Tel Aviv, Israel V 1 Comment
256 F***ing, Austria V 1 Comment
257 Srinagar, India
258 Bordeaux, France

The historic part of the city is on the UNESCO World Heritage List as "an outstanding urban and architectural ensemble" of the 18th century.

259 Lille, France
260 Lyon, France
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