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41 Osaka, Japan
42 Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen is the capital of the Kingdom of Denmark. At a population of 591,481 inhabitants as of January 2016, it is also the largest city in the country. It is located in the Hovedstaden region of Denmark and is home to the world famous Tivoli Gardens, one of the oldest operating amusement parks in more.

Best food in the world. Don't miss Noma!

A beautiful historical city with friendly locale people! Danish people are good lucking and the best at speaking English since Danish is only spoken by very few. You can go by bike all around the city! Home for H.C. andersen, the little mermaid and the oldest royal house! A must-visit city!

Coolest city ever! The food is great, but also a little bit expensive.
The people are beautiful and the architecture is impressive!

43 Nottingham, England
44 Stockholm, Sweden

For those of you who haven't been there! There is no more beautiful place you can visit. Period!

A GREAT city I must say

A really nice city

Fell in love since the moment my plane landed, every one is so lovely and the city gorgeous

45 Vienna, Austria

Vienna should be in the top 10! Great food, Sights, Shopping streets! Also, Vienna is ranked as the most livable city in the world! What do you want more?

Yeah, cleaner than New York or Shanghai.

City with best sights

Vienna >>>>>>> Every other city

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46 Seoul, South Korea Seoul, South Korea Seoul – officially the Seoul Special City – is the capital and largest metropolis of the Republic of Korea, forming the heart of the Seoul Capital Area, which includes the surrounding Incheon metropolis and Gyeonggi province, the world's 14th largest city and second largest metropolitan area.

Seoul is the greatest city.
Why? Korea had war in 1950. so then Korea was like a waste land. But people worked very hard. and Korea became the great city over the world. It calls the miracle of Han river. Also Seoul is the major city of Asia.

This city is a please to be, fill up with excitement, good and friendly people, their women are generous, caring and lovely..

It should be number 2 because it was one of the world best cities.

Seoul is one of the best cities in Asia along with Tokyo and Hong Kong

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47 Liverpool, England

New York of Europe, very diverse cultures, multi-racial society, friendly people with character, conquerors of the sports realm. Need I say more?

Lovely city with nice people and it has a great night life

Best city in the world in my opinion, people are so friendly and has great music and great sports teams

The heart of the worlds music and former European capital of culture should be above the likes of Manchester,Portland,and Montreal

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48 Delhi, India

What man, India is full of rubbish

Delhi one of the most beautiful city in the world. There are many historical buildings in delhi like India gate,red fort, qutub minar,etc and etc. That's why India is one of the best cities in the world

49 Manila, Philippines

I vote for Manila

This is PH's only city to be on top 50! Hope that this can make it to top 10 because it's more fun in the Philippines!

Manila, Manila, Manila, the land of my home. People are united, tourist spots are very good. The caption "It's more fun in the Philippines! ", it makes the country's people more proud of what they made in the past few years.

50 Perth, Australia
51 Boulder, U.S.A.


52 Edinburgh, Scotland

I visited once and sine have been saving up to see the city again, there is so much culture and many amazing sights to see! - SidneyHando

53 Gurgaon, India

I am a Canadian and I live in this city and things over here are changing a lot and it's devoloping and it looks like this city is gonna be in top ten in a few years

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54 Wagga Wagga, Australia

This has a good botanical garden with train rides and a zoo. It also has the attractive Pavilion hotel, which I always stay at with Mum and Grandma. Also, it is home to Regional Express Airlines.

55 Boston, U.S.A.

New England patriots, Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins, Meghan Trainor... need I say more about Boston and NE in general?

Where it all started, many historical moments. Fantastic Sports teams. etc...

Best city of them all should be in the top ten at least

SHOULD BE #1 $$$ - Boxer02

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56 Bristol, England

Bristol's got like the best under 12 football team stanbridge were I come from there so good they're going to wembley

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57 Noida, India
58 New Orleans, U.S.A.

New orleans is one of the top cities for international students from around the world tulane university loyola university worlds top night life city one of the famous cities in america behind nyc

To be honest, New Orleans should be at least #5, if not more. It has an extremely diverse history, great food, Mardi Gras (possibly the best known festival in the U.S.), and so many other features. It has one of the biggest ports in the world and has rebuilt itself from scratch twice in its history. It has famous universities, people, and landmarks. I mean, can any other city recreate the French Quarter?

59 Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane is without doubt the best city in Australia, beautiful weather all year round, steeped in history, some of the largest museums and art galleries in the world, and there is always something going on there.

Affectionately know as 'Bris-Vegas', this thriving metropolis is the place to be.

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60 Hollywood, U.S.A.

This is a neighborhood in Los Angeles. Technically not a city. Just saying..

Its awesome because a lot of stars are there

It ain't a city yall - pouria_mt

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