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61 San Diego, USA

Why so low? San Diego encompasses a vast area of southern southern California. San Diego has beautiful mountains, canyons, desserts, beaches, and valleys, and great weather all the time. Pacific Beach has one of the best night scenes, and each neighborhood is unique in its culture and new opportunities to try new cultures. It's a melting pot with good weather and good food.

Very underrated city. Best weather and beaches on earth. Outdoors life is fantastic.

So much to do with so many different people!

62 Chennai, India

Second oldest corporation in the world.. One of the oldest city with greatest monuments.. detroit of Asia... Land of Music and Culture.. land of dance.. Land of Superstar Rajinikanth and most importantly

And hometown of CSK... m/

Hey, I would say best city in world, got no words to explain, though I am british

The best city in India

One of the oldest city in INDIA and best city in INDIA.

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63 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Just like New York, São Paulo is the city that never sleeps. People are constantly rude, and it's a violent city. Even with all the struggles people have to deal with when they come to this city, they all still love it and consider it the city of possibilities and the place you can find love and acceptaince, once people in SP are very open minded. I love my city

64 Kolkata, India

Kolkata is better than London and New York City is better than Kolkata

I love Kolkata city. It is ver beautiful city

Hell that Karachi is before it

Kolkata is a beautiful city with its grand colonial architectures.It also has one of the best transport system in the the world in terms of cost, convenience and options..serves the best food. Also it has traditionally served as the hotbed of culture and activism in India

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65 Damascus, Syria

Great old simple and civilized city.

The most beautiful city in the world

God bless Syria and Syrians peoples...

Also the most bombd city in the world - Zachywaky

66 Saint Petersburg, Russia

This one of the most beautiful and culturally rich cities in the world. It is so amazing and charming as a Summer dream.

In my opinion, is the best Russian city and is more safe than Moscow.

I always like Saint Petersburg more than Moscow.

I love this city.

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67 Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most amazing cities in the world! Loved being there because it is a city full of culture and history and also has lots of different leisure activities and beautiful places to see

Keep dreaming mate you hai

What a lie!

68 Budapest, Hungary

Good night life, tasty food, not expensive, good connectivity to other european destinations.

69 Heidelberg, Germany
70 Cusco, Peru

Small city, but fun to travel, great history.

71 Hyderabad, India

Hyderabad is top population city after Mumbai and Delhi in India

Hyderabad is the best to living cost in India.

After Bangalore one of the majar IT hub, rich and wonderful climate city...

Soon you will heard about city drastic development in it and other sectors...

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72 Bangkok, Thailand

Surprised it's so far down. Spent 6 months there in '88/89, just in Bangkok and loved it. I guess, it has changed a lot since then.

201st? This city should be at least in the top 100. Why? Fun culture, river markets, lovely people, all the sites, beach. Simple!

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73 Pune, India

Awesome city less traffic, good facilities, malls, theatres arcades shopping and even an ice skating ring

India is like 100 behind monkeys stone age

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74 Mexico City, Mexico

Really nice stay in that city, nice people, nice buildings and tourism.

It has ancient history
Colonial style buildings and History
Great places to see and visit
Very affordable to travel to
Great people

75 Houston, USA

They don't have good public transportation, but at least they have fat people, big SUVs, climate-change deniers, oil lobbyists, racist politicians and Christian fundamentalists. What's not to love?

Great city to live in, not really a tourist destination though.

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76 Lagos, Nigeria
77 Cape Town, South Africa

No other City can boast the integration of nature and urbanisation like Cape Town can. Wine valleys to the east, The Atlantic ocean on the west of the peninsula and the Indian ocean to the east of it, The world Famous Table Mountain range to the south and Sand dunes to the North. There is beauty for every taste. - matthewsukhram

Should be top 50 please vote, highest drop in the world table mountain

One of the most beautiful cities in the world

Be careful the Atlantic is cold

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78 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Food, Shopping, People & Scenery, Modern Structures, Cultural Events. What more do you want in city?

This is the city where the Petronas twin towers stand!

The most diverse city in Asia and perhaps world!

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79 Lahore, Pakistan

This city is an addiction, once you become its citizen it is impossible for you to leave it.

The best city in the world :)
best food, history, shopping malls, beautiful roads
coolest people, welcoming
its said that you haven't born if you haven't seen or visited lahore :)

Best city in the world.
Lahore though Lahore hei yaar

80 Hamburg, Germany
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