Top 10 Greatest Cities in the World

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81 Cancun, Mexico
82 Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

This should be at the top. The most industrialized and highly urbanized city in the entire planet. - joshsanz

83 Helsinki, Finland

Always feel safe in Helsinki. Beautiful city.

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84 Newcastle, United Kingdom
85 Cebu City, Philippines

Home of the best food... the best city in the pearl of the orient... -no doubt cebu city is the very very very very best... home of the best disciplined people and very good I heart... the oldest city in the Philippines and in some of the world... one of the best English speaking people... and very happy people live here... VOTE FOR CEBU NOW!

The best city in the world
home of the best foods
land of the most hospitable people
known for its famous history - acepoller

Center of the 7,000 islands of the Philippines, rich culture and world class tasting foods

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86 Madrid, Spain

Can't understand how Madrid is not in the top 10. Superb architecture and gastronomy, and the best nightlife of the world. Capital of the Spanish Empire, you breathe history in every corner of the city

Yes, it was 190 and its finally boomed at 85!

Why Madrid is LOW LOW low low low!

Madrid is easily a top 20 city this is absurd. I voted for london but Madrid has so so much to offer. the history, food, museums, nature, skiing, parks, summer, winter all are perfect

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87 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Wonderful and magical place. Simultaneously ugly and beautiful, it may not be "great" in the way that New York or London are but it has so much character and is arguably one of the most unique cities I've ever been to. It's a little bit NY/London in the 80s in gritty charm. A little bit France in archetecture and culture. And it's populated by Italians speaking Spanish.

Beatiful city. It's the Paris of South America, amazing food, rich culture, Buenos Aires is beatiful

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88 Bandung, Indonesia

City in west java with the fresh air, mountain and, etc, very likeable :D

Indonesia is great, you must go kepulauan riau,tanjungpinang,Indonesia waw

Parahyangan style with tangkuban parahu montain cool beautyfull and joy full bandung is jabar style


89 Navi Mumbai, India

It is very poor city if you visit this city you are mad

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90 Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom
91 Vilnius, Lithuania
92 Dortmund, Germany
93 Naples, Italy Naples, Italy

Chaos of the most beautiful type. This is the Italy of movies and popular imagination. It's passionate, crowded, loud and indescribably gorgeous. Florence and Rome are fine and well but for me the greatest Italian city is Naples.

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94 Agra, India V 1 Comment
95 Busan, South Korea

Busan is the second biggest city in South Korea. It is a coastal city with lots of fishermen around. Busan is trying to be elected for the summer olympics, so you know how it is a great city.

Busan is the second city of Korea. It locates in Southeastern Korea. Busan has very high buildings and beautiful beaches. Also Busan is the best city in Korea for trading.

96 Andong, South Korea
97 Bonn, Germany
98 Guangzhou, China

Long ago - SpencerJC

99 Yerevan, Armenia
100 Almere, Netherlands
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