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101 Calgary, Canada

I love Calgary! That is were I live and it's just like New York. Calgary has fancy hotels, caring people, and a lot of people from other different countries visit Calgary: U.S. A, Europe, Mexico, Australia! This is the best city with one of the most healthiest and freshest air, cleanest and pure water and so many more

102 Tehran, Iran V 3 Comments
103 Shiraz, Iren

Shiraz is very nice city in Iran. Persepolis and Cyrus the great are famous people from there.

Best city with best wine

It's a very nice place

Shiraz is very beautiful and old. perspolis ( takhte jamshid ) is one of the building ancient in the word ( 518 years because).

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104 Jakarta, Indonesia

How are these rankings organised, is it just number if votes?

You will find a hiding paradise

Largest cities in SE Asia

105 Beirut, Lebanon Beirut, Lebanon

Come over and see for yourself, however I would advise you to try and catch a tour guide or try to get to know someone who lives here and let them show you around that way you would really get a good taste of this great country. Regardless of all what you hear on T.V. Lebanon is a very beautiful country.

One of the oldest cities in the world

The greates the most beautiful the richest in heritage the prettiest. Simply Beirut.

Fanrastic city where you can hear three langua. in a same phrase

106 Phoenix, USA

Phoenix is underrated, Phoenix has a lot to do and it didn't seem so by many people on the internet, everyone thinks everybody in Phoenix are racist, sure we have some but not everyone! Phoenix have a beautiful botanical garden, Arizona Science Center is pretty cool, Papago Park personally my favorite attraction in Phoenix we have a small lake and a we have a view of Downtown Phoenix, we have a lot more attractions but I said my favorites. Then in Phoenix we have a lot of stores and restaurants, I think we have too much of these though haha

Huge city with lots to do! It literally has it all. Vast cultures mainly Latino of course but hey at least you get genuine Mexican food! The weather is gorgeous 8 months (horribly hot the other 4 months) tons of outdoor activities hiking and exploring of course. And my personal favorite 4 wheelin! Awesome places to go but then again I have a ford bronco so not to many places it can't go

107 Edmonton, Canada

Since the Oilers can make the Playoffs now this should be higher

This is the best city

108 Dhaka, Bangladesh

The city of Mosque, People and Rain :-)

This place is very populated. So they're will be traffic jam for a long time.

The city is over populated other wise this is lovely...

City of joy
city of mosques

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109 Bruges, Belgium

I was born here. lovely place with nice markets and a nice football stadium. VOTE VOTE VOTE.

110 Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide, the city of churches, also one of the most safest cities to live in in the world, the city is quite fancy and is not as crowded as cities like Tokyo of course, and there are lots of festivals every year, it's a beautiful place to live in.

All it's lacking is a theme park otherwise it would be the best. Our sports teams do really well and if the government wasn't biased towards the east coast I think adelaide and Perth would be the best

Better then melbourne and Sydney and all of the people are really nice. Also home to the barrossa valley one of the top wine regions in the world

111 Quetta, Pakistan V 1 Comment
112 London, Canada
113 Scottsdale, USA
114 Bristol, England

Bristol's got like the best under 12 football team stanbridge were I come from there so good they're going to wembley

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115 Cleveland, U.S.A.

Cleveland is the best city ever it has football cedar point nfl hall of fame and basketball it also has beautiful land and Lake Erie why not vote for this beautiful city

116 Udaipur, India V 1 Comment
117 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Wonderful and magical place. Simultaneously ugly and beautiful, it may not be "great" in the way that New York or London are but it has so much character and is arguably one of the most unique cities I've ever been to. It's a little bit NY/London in the 80s in gritty charm. A little bit France in archetecture and culture. And it's populated by Italians speaking Spanish.

Beatiful city. It's the Paris of South America, amazing food, rich culture, Buenos Aires is beatiful

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118 Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen is the capital of the Kingdom of Denmark. At a population of 591,481 inhabitants as of January 2016, it is also the largest city in the country. It is located in the Hovedstaden region of Denmark and is home to the world famous Tivoli Gardens, one of the oldest operating amusement parks in more.

Best food in the world. Don't miss Noma!

A beautiful historical city with friendly locale people! Danish people are good lucking and the best at speaking English since Danish is only spoken by very few. You can go by bike all around the city! Home for H.C. andersen, the little mermaid and the oldest royal house! A must-visit city!

Coolest city ever! The food is great, but also a little bit expensive.
The people are beautiful and the architecture is impressive!

119 Birmingham, England
120 Mecca, Saudi Arabia

It was best City in the world it is the centre of world

It was best City in the world it is the centre of world

I can't wait until it gets nuked

Mecca better then tehran

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