Top 10 Greatest Cities in the World

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141 Atlanta, U.S.A.
142 Cork, Republic of Ireland
143 Portland, USA

Want to be in the city and yet so close to nature? Portland's the place. We aren't as big as New York or as flashy as L.A. but they don't hold a candle to Portland beer wise. Our nightlife is great, and you won't get in trouble at night in our city. Our sports teams are dynamic, our malls are great, and our food is absolutely fantastic. I hate how Portland is perceived as a hipster and grunge city. Don't judge a book by its cover! Dislike Portland? Then get out of town-literally! Go on day trips to the beautiful Oregon Coast (better than washingtons) or the Gorge (the prettier side is Oregon's side). You're so close to nature in Portland and yet not far from the city. It is perfection!

Don't forget the trail blazers lol

144 Winnipeg, Canada

Everyone says they hate this city, but honestly, it's pretty nice! - LowMiner50

Seriously,Winnipeg should be in top 50s it's the one of the best city in Canada

145 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The most beautiful wonderful country in the world. This should be top 10

A city with really rich history

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146 Ljubljana, Slovenia
147 Durban, South Africa

Honestly best city I've ever been to. Great weather beach is amazing. Want to live there at some point

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148 Makurdi, Nigeria

Awesome city.. Diverse cultural beauty...

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149 Geneva, Switzerland V 1 Comment
150 Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Just the most homely of places, quite diverse for a Northern Irish city, and has the friendliest people! UK City of Culture 2013

151 Louisville, U.S.A.
152 Fukuoka, Japan
153 Kandy, Sri Lanka
154 Kansas City, U.S.A.

Like it because it's a good place and I live there. To chiefs!

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155 Denver, U.S.A.

The best city which crushes your favorite football team

156 Tabriz, Iran

An old city with 4000 years of can see all kindes of weather there..special centers..friendly people with turkish language..wonderful visitable places

157 Baku, Azerbaijan

Well, it's actually build too tastelessly and is too dirty also has the dirtiest air among the cities with population of over 2 million. - Fan_of_Good_Music

Didn't think that this would be on here. Awesome city, but hard to describe. If you're a traveller, check it out!

158 Kanpur, India
159 Doha, Qatar
160 Zagreb, Croatia
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