Ancient Egypt (3150 BC - 30 BC)


Certainly the Egyptian civilization is No. 1 because it was built on the foundations of a justice based on the King and the work secret of success and other great foundations when talking about Egyptian civilization talking about equality between men and women talking about compassion with all creatures, whether human or animal talking about dazzling the science that we do not reach him to today, whether in engineering or astronomy, medicine or chemistry... Egypt has given the world of love, peace, justice and mercy concepts...

We need hundreds of years in order to get to what we have reached Egypt from civilization in the concept of morality

The only civilization that attempted to pass on the knowledge of the original older civilization that existed prior to the floods. By building the pyramids based on the universal language math ; they attempted to save the future from the chaos they perceived was coming ; as it does seem to be happening today just as it did for their ancestors ; unfortunately the warning seems to have come to late to the wrong people. James Forrest

Ancient Egypt is far more than the Pyramids and King Tut. I vote for it as the greatest Ancient Civilization because of its social and ethical norms.
1. The Egyptians had a tradition of philosophic wisdom literature that advised people to be just and honest, to think well before talking and acting, to share with the poor, to respect the weak and to refrain from rushness and violence. Very advanced principles, don't you think?
2. The society was hierarchic, but it allowed a good deal of mobility: a smart peasant boy could get educated at temple school and rise to the highest offices, a girl from a modest background could become a high-ranking priestess or successful business woman.
3. While in Rome or Greece most women were dependent on a husband or father, the ancient Egyptian women were their own legal entities. They could inherit and own property, run a business and speak at court. (They could not hold public offices, save for religious ones or as queens, that I concede. So ...more

They build a empire on sand!
This is one of the most greatest civilizations on earth. No civilizations have lasted so long OVER 3000 YEARS!
Real historian would place at least number 3!

No doubt the Ancient Egypt civilization is number one on all fronts. This is not a civilization that was built on power or wars as the Romans ruled, this is an inspiring civilization built on the power of mind.

Even in the Romans time, Egypt was most controversial and its old civilization overcome the Roman. Imagine when Cleopatra the queen of Egypt entered Rome with her famous Ancient Egyptian theme and not a roman one.

This is probably the smartest civilization as far as achievements go and they definitely outshined their Middle Kingdom and New Kingdom. They flourished in arts and architecture and had influences on many other African civilizations.

The quick development of cities in ancient Egypt led in a next step to the creation of the first central government in the world. They adopted a strict irrigation system and they well managed the Nile river. In the middle dynasty, the Egyptians connected the meditterian with the red sea through the nile using an artificial canal. Also, in the modern dynasty, the egyptian navy sailed around africa starting from egyptian meditterian coast reaching the egyptian east coast in the red sea.

They achieved unspeakable feats of culture, religion, art, science, astronomy, medicine and architecture thousands of years before anyone else. No other culture was more successful for so long.

So far no other civilization has accomplished so much in their existence without the benefit of prior knowledge.

The Egyptians were building pyramids and temples while most of the world was living in nomadic tribes.

It had such a long lasting and great civilization. It built many beautiful monuments that still dazzle and confound many engineers of the modern world.

Egyptian Civilization is full with the most fascinating and sustainable beauty. I vote Egypt!

Ancient Egypt was with no doubt one of the greatest ancient civilizations that ever existed.

Egypt is the greatest civilization ever this is with no doubt

The ever standing great pyramids the sphinx and mummies put egypt at the top

This is the best civilization in history. The people of Egypt were very civilized when they were surrounded by Barbarians. I think this is the best civilization for their intelligecy to be one of the first civilizations.

Egyptians were as old to the Romans as the Romans are old to us. Who can't just love this civilization!

The most magnificent of all civilizations.

The first civilization in the whole world.

Gods with animal heads enough said.

In engineering it tops the ancient ones

I'm from India and I honestly wanted to vote for either Cholas or Mughals but no. I love Kemet too much. Primarily because I'm a cat person but Egypt is awesome in countless other ways as well. Rome and Greece were awesome too and they definitely have the edge in terms of contribution to modern society but I'm still giving my vote for Ancient Egypt.

Anyone who disagrees that the Egyptian Empire was the first empire and geatest Empire on earth must be inaccurate in their research. Philosophy,Math, Engineering, farming, Astrology,Medicine etc, came from Ancient Egypt and the roman empire was build through learning and studying in ancient Egypt. In fact, black Egyptians governed Rome in its early stages.

It is the greatest country or empire to have ever been build if the romans were the gteatest how come they didn't build the pyramid? the egyptians were the first to build dams fortress and other amazing builds

The greatest and the oldest civilization, they invented the first writing language and the firstbpaper sheet and the first calender and 1st numbers and fractions and many stuff we still using now because of them and they didn't expand because they expan only when needed because they respect other's not like the others always want concern the world to prove power the Egyptian proved ther power by mind and work and by invention