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21 Angevin Empire (1154 AD - 1242 AD)
22 Celtic Empire (800-450 B.C.)

The Celtics were arguably the mightiest warriors in history. They invented a language still spoken today, a minor religion still used today, and had mythological figures STILL SEEN TODAY. Though not as popular as the Greeks or Romans, they ruled Gaelic Europe, making them one of the strongest and most prosperous civilizations to date!

Not an empire, just a lot of squabbling tribes.

23 Armenian Empire (321 BC - 428 AD)
24 Ethiopian Empire (1137 AD-1974 AD)

Well it dominated the horn of Africa so it deserves a place

The greatest civilization and culture and not because I am african

25 Goguryeo Dynasty (37 BC - 668 AD) V 2 Comments
26 Portuguese Empire (1411-1999 AD)

Amazing advances in exploration around Southern Africa

The first European worldwide empire.

First empire to unify the world.

27 Silla Dynasty (57 BC-935 AD)

They United three kingdoms into a one big kingdom and has developed a lot of new weapons and has started a big trading market with China. They've also fought Japanese from invading islands and has stopped China from coming downwards to their capital. They are an interesting and a proud dynasty for Koreans.

It became a foundation of current Korea and spread culture to Japan.

It was a great civilization and it was the start of the Korea now!

Never heard of this awesome

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28 Indus Valley Civilization (3300–1300 BCE)

This is one of the best civilisations. This has the best drainage system and the best bathrooms or toilets. Indus Valley people built granary where they kept their grains. The special Jewellers used to make Jewellery with gold. They made statues with clay! Bronze and silver, they made good quality poetry, they made bowls, wheeled carts, wells, raised mounds and windows for houses too. In history I like to study about the Indus Valley civilisation.

The forgotten cradle of civilisation, the Indus people were highly advanced for their time, known best for their sophisticated urban planning and sewage systems, as well as their vast trade networks. A very under appreciated civilisation.

World oldest civilization and situated in largest delta in the world

World's oldest yet the most advanced society of it's time is at 30th place!
User of this site really doesn't have any knowledge about anything except metal and DBZ.
You metal maniacs! get some real world knowledge too.

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29 Babylonian Empire (1894 BC - 539 BC)

What came out of Mesopotamia is misrepresentation. Most of the empire's mentioned above all benefited from innovations the Mesopotamians.

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30 Inca Empire (1438 AD to 1533 AD)

Despite the huge technological difference between the Inca and Spain they managed to beat them in several battles even capturing some of Spain's cannons and using them against them. They proved to be a worthy adversary to a country several thousand years ahead of them technologically and in my mind that makes them the greatest.

31 Byzantine Empire (330 AD-1453 AD)

Pathetic. The other comments about it falling to 'barbarians' and that 'Americans are so stupid' is complete bull. The Byzantine Empire was indeed a strong nation, but the Ottomans were simply better and finished them off. And Constantinople will be Greek again? Complete bull. Turkey is far superior than Greece is today in economy, military, and doesn't have an insane debt.

Constantinople was the most beautiful city in the world until it was fell to the barbarians of the east the savage people that stole it's history I will never forget May 29 1453 the City will be Greek again it's redicules to put the USA well above the Byzantine Empire which was a Greek empire it's also highly inaccurate the American are so stupid to thing that they have the best civilisation in the world

32 France (1789 - Present)
33 Kingdom of Israel (1312 BCE - 69 CE)

Greatest civilization ever, bar none, is the Israelite civilization, because of God's blessings on them throughout history, past, present, and/or future. But also the most hated and punished for wickedness due to sin, at least, to date, with the former being the case because Satan hates God and His people of Israel more than any other seeing as Jesus, Son of God, came to Earth by being born there, to save the world from its sins and H@ll for eternity, if people would accept Him as their Lord and Saviour forever.

"War does not make one great"

- Countless contributions to society

Known to have established the oldest Monotheistic Religion in the 13th Century B.C. and is thought to have influenced Egyptian culture and Vice Versa and it currently Possesses one of the Oldest Cities, Jerusalem. Its architecture during the period of the Herods' was at its peak and it's distinctive domiciles still exist today. See Ritmeyer Archaeological Design for more info and detailed images.

34 Carthaginian Empire (650 BC - 146 BC)

They could have conquered rome if the romans didn't copy their ships and destroyed their land

The Carthaginians could've accomplished much more if they hadn't been fighting over the same back-yard as the Romans. Equally advanced, just lacking the Roman military machine.

Carthage was an amazing empire, too bad they were all captured and made slaves in Rome. They also featured Hannibal, one of the best military leaders. - Turkeyasylum

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35 Aksumite Empire (150 AD-950 AD)

Greatest kingdom on the land of Africa

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36 Kushan Empire (30 AD - 375 AD)
37 Mauryan Empire (322 BC-185 BC)

Ashoka was a great ruler... One of the best... That India had ever seen...

Ashoka was one hell of a man and his empire was simply ethical... Great.. N religious of all..

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38 Hittite Empire (1600 BC - 1178 BC)
39 Norman Empire (911 AD - 1135 AD)
40 Etruscan Civilization (768 BC - 264 BC) V 1 Comment
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