Why Pink Floyd should be no. 1.

Although, Led Zepplin is great when it comes to skill, it lacks great songs. The only song from Led Zepplin that i consider great is Stairway To Heaven. They have some more good songs but they r not great or addictive. Overall it is no better than beatles. Pink Floyd is truely the best because they both got huge skill and songwriting ability. I started to get into PInk Floyd when I heard Comfortly Numb, that solo just amazed me just bout peed myself. They don't write songs they write masterpieces. Then i listen to their guitar playing I wonder is the solo of Comfortly Numb really the best guitar work they have written. Some of their best albums include The Wall and the underrated The Division Bell. Comfortly Numb never stopped being my favorite Pink Floyd song. It just never gets old unlike stairway to heaven. 1 of the most underrated songs of Pink Floyd is High Hopes. It is just amazing. Words cant describe how amazing it is. I could say that to a lot of the songs by Pink Floyd. I can't say that about Led Zepplin. Another thing i really like about Pink Floyd is that they sing so softly. I mean would u rather have some guy screaming like crazy in ur ear or hear some nice harmonic sounds.

Attention! If u know little about Pink Floyd look at the following:

MUST hear songs: Comfortly Numb, High Hopes,Marooned, Hey U.

Recommended Songs:Wish U Were Here, Money, Time, Shine On U Crazy Diamond,Welcome To The Machine, Dogs,Echoes,Great Day For Freedom, Learning To Fly, Another Brick In The Wall pt.2.


definately no.1 - visitor

. . . but they are no.1 and always will be! - Alexandr

Just number 1, :D - XMrGentlemanX

Definitely - Ananya