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Pink Floyd were an English progressive rock band formed in 1965 in London, England. They achieved international acclaim with their progressive and psychedelic music. The band consisted of 5 members - David Gilmour (Vocals and Guitar), Syd Barrett (Vocals and Guitar), Nick Mason (Drums), Roger Waters more.


Come on! I like The Bealtes and Queen, but I don't think they are better then Floyd's! Pink Floyd as a band made so many interesting and powerful songs with great riffs, solos and lyrics. They made such a incredible albums as Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, The Wall and I think every track on this albums is a masterpiece. On the top I would only see: 1. Pink Floyd 2. Led Zeppelin 3. Metallica... And then Queen and Beatles. That's my opinion!

I think Animals or Wish You Were Here was their best albums. Although I'm obsessed with the concept of The Wall, that and Dark Side, are frankly, over played. Animals definitely had a lot more effort put into the songs and concept. Heck each song (Other than Pigs On The Wing, Part 1 & 2), are all over 10 mins long. Every song on that album is like it's own separate story. People should give Animals more credit than they do.

Perhaps the most intelligent msuic ever made, Pink Floyd's music is not easy to understand. However, once you "get" Pink Floyd, the music stops being creepy and becomes so beautiful that you can't stop listening to it. It took me decades to "get" Pink Floyd. I remember when it happened, I was at home and my father bought me a copy of DSOTM and The Wall for Christmas. I popped in DSOTM and just listened to it, one song after the next. Keep in mind, I'd listened to Pink Floyd since I was three years old but this time, something felt different. The music was taking me somewhere, somewhere I'd never been before and when Time's glourious guitar solo ended, I realised that I now understood Pink Floyd and it was a feeling that defies explanation. I think that every Pink Floyd fan knows what I mean. It's one thing to like Pink Floyd's music (which I always did) and then, there's the moment when you "get" Pink Floyd and the music starts speaking to you on a whole other level. It's a similar ...more

Phenomenal band. An Album for every mindset. Its funny because self important idiots that write for magazines think that they didn't revolutionise music. I disagree, for a start if it weren't for early floyd expanding minds by delving into hypnotic and heavy songs then the audiences would never have been receptive to the likes of Black Sabbath. I would say that they had more of effect on the creation of heavy metal than any other band including Zeppellin and the Beatles.

Every single song they have is amazing. They have the best guitarist ever. The best keyboarder, and best lyricist. You can not argue for anyone else if you have heard all of pink floyds songs. The beatles are like tenth and are more pop then rock. Queen isn't that good. Everyone loves them for some strange unknown reason. Led zeppelin is amazing and should be second. Third is probably the WHO

Listening to Dark Side of the Moon is always a highlight of my day. The guitar solos blow me away, not only on their more famous songs, but on some hidden gems like Dogs and Learning to Fly. On par with the Beatles in terms of influence

Perhaps the Beatles were a bigger influence than Floyd, but for sheer quality and diverseness of output Floyd definitely outstrip them and Queen and are at least on a par with Zeppelin so, in my humble opinion, should not be less than 3rd (personally I only just put them above The Beatles and Zeppelin also)

1) Pink Floyd 2) The Beatles 3) Led Zeppelin 4) The Rolling Stones 5) The Who 6) Fleatwood Mac 7) Queen... Not sure after that.

Far too intellectual in their sonic approach to be appreciated by the common beer drinker and amid constant undying tensions, still managed to be the greatest band ever to grace rock music. Miraculous.

It is my opinion that the waters era produced masterpieces. The wall explores the mind of a rockstar who had completely isolated himself from the world while dark side of the moon talks of human nature. Most of their songs have deep meanings and also great guitar solos.

nothing is weirder and relaxer than theese guys - chipimaster

Actually Pink floyd only, cause they bring a lots inspiration inside of the lyrics and poem. Perfect music animism, Good in live performances and theater. I think there's no more Harmony of music except They, the great Rock band in the world Ever. I Love Pink Floyd

Roger Waters Pink Floyd is 100% pure epic, pure contemplated quality, heartfelt audible gold. I started listening to classic rock when I was ten and immediately crowned them winner. Then I discovered John Lennon - but eventually returned to fold after a few years.

Queen are very good, but should not be above Pink Floyd. Musically, Pink Floyd were much better. Queen made more radio-friendly and mainstream songs. That doesn't mean they were better than Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd deserve the number one ore number two spot.

A great band and rightfully in the top 5. Although Dark Side of The Moon, The Wall and to a lesser extent, Wish You Were Here are more popular, I prefer Animals which is outstanding from start to finish. Rarely hear it on the radio.

Pink floyd is the best band ever. Dark side of the moon, animals, wish you were here, and the wall are the best albums ever. The wall is an amazing story and all of their songs are amazing, especially comfortably numb and time.

Pink Floyd is amazing! This is the definition of prog rock. They pushed the boundaries of music and created some mind-blowing songs. Positively genius. These songs will stay with you.

Pink Floyd redefined the way albums should be made - like albums!
There is nothing more soothing than listening to one of David's solos, almost as if you can guess what the next note would be.

There are guitarists, and then there is David Gilmour!
There are lyricists, and there is Roger Waters!

There are rock bands, and there is Pink Floyd!

Pink Floyd is a prime example of consistent excellence in classic rock. Each album is unique in it's own way, and all have something for any experienced listener to love.

The best band ever! The solos are amazing, and so the lyrics! They should be at least number 2 behind the Beatles I think... they're a lot better than both queen and zeppelin!

Pink Floyd is the best way to sum up all emotions. Every touch of emotion is portrayed in each song, all of which are an individual masterpiece.

I think they're overrated, but they're still good. Listen to:
Wish You Were Here
Comfortably Numb
On the Turning Way
The Dogs of War

What would music be without Pink Floyd? How can you not like the music they make?

Pink Floyd is just great chill music, with great concept albums, and unbelievable live performances!

They may not be the best classic rock out there, but they're definitely the best type of rock out there.

The Dark Side of the Moon is quite frankly the best album in music history.
The way the songs work in complete melodious union with one another is spine-tinglingly brilliant. Wish You Were Here and The Wall are absolutely brilliant too.