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101 Josquin des Prez

Not for me the greatest actually, that would be Bach or Vivaldi. But he was by far the greatest composer of his day, with a colossal reputation, and his influence is widespread even today. "Josquin will survive because his best music really is as magnificent as everybody has always said it was." - Richard Sherr

102 Adam Young Adam Young Adam Randal Young is an American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, best known for creating the synthpop/electronica project Owl City. Other important projects he has taken part of are Sky Sailing, Port Blue, Swimming With Dolphins, Seagull Orchestra and Adam Young Scores.

The one composer who deserves to stands among the legends

V 1 Comment
103 Francisco Tárrega
104 Guillaume Dufay
105 Giovanni Battista Pergolesi V 1 Comment
106 Charles Marie Widor
107 Saverio Mercadante
108 Alessandro Scarlatti
109 Luigi Boccherini

One of the best violin composers in my opinion.

Genio olvidado!
Creador del primer cuarteto de cuerdas de la historia.

110 Franz Lehar
111 William Thomas Mckinley
112 Léo Delibes

One of the most underrated composers of all time... He has written some popular tunes such as the pizzicato from Sylvia and the flower duet from Lakmé which many people would recognize. But aside from that, his work "Coppelia" is one of the greatest ballets in my opinion, up there with Tchaikovsky's ballets. It has drama, excitement and catchy and fun melodies throughout the entire work... Funny enough, Tchaikovsky apparently held Delibes in higher regards than Brahms. Even if you disagree with that, I think the complexity and creativity of Delibes's music is no doubt up there with the other great composers. He needs the credit he deserves! - Absynthe1812

113 Amilcare Ponchielli

Come on, he wrote Dance of the Hours! - Absynthe1812

114 Mikhail Glinka

He's like the father of Russian classical music! Listen to his Ruslan and Ludmila overture - Absynthe1812

115 Octavio Pinto
116 John Powell
117 Richard Strauss

Richard Strauss of Elektra, Salome and all his operas, his enchanting symphonic poems and songs is 90th? Wow... I put him at the bottom of the top ten... An amazingly inventive composer.

The four last songs must put Strauss up among the great composers; and Tot und Verklaerung says something to us about the human condition. He is certainly a greater composer than some of those listed above...

118 Johann Strauss II

His waltzes are to die for, I just soar whilst listening to them. Blue Danube, Voices of Spring, Annen-Polka...

Who makes Johann Strauss II number 101 how about 8

The Beautiful Blue Danobe, I take it everyday - vivek0305

I love Die FLedermaus

119 Wojciech Kilar V 1 Comment
120 John Dowland
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