I'm a middle aged Notre Dame fan in Illinois and just I voted Alabama #1. Why? Because a "Greatest of All Time" list means you have to be great throughout the history of college football. I love Notre Dame but only Alabama has been consistently great in the distant past, the recent past, right now in the present, and will be great on into the future. Notre Dame was only great from the 1920s-1980s. But in actuality our decline isn't confined to the last 28 years since our last national championship in 1988. It has actually been trending down for the past 50 years, since 1965. In the past 50 years Notre Dame has won 4 national titles and 1 Heisman trophy. Alabama has won 9 national titles, 2 Heisman trophies, and a lot more bowl games than and. I'm a Fighting Irish fan who is reasonable and realistic, and I have no problem admitting Alabama has overtaken us by now in prestige, tradition, and overall value.

There can only be one King of College Football... Alabama is too consistent not to have that title... Notre Dame doesn't have enough bowl appearances... Ohio State and Michigan don't have a winning bowl record... Texas, LSU, Florida State, Penn State, and Georgia don't have enough national titles... USC and Tennessee don't have enough wins... And finally, Oklahoma and Nebraska are not even close to being as consistent as Alabama... The Crimson Tide has a winning record over every team that has played them more than 10 times (No other team can say that), 16 national championships (12 consensus), 29 conference championships (25 in the toughest conference in the NCAA), 2 heisman winners(Mark Ingram and Derrick Henry, who ran a combined 6,852 yards at Alabama), 63 bowl games, 36 bowl wins, 35 ten-win seasons, the best coach in College Football as of now (Nick Saban), the best coach to have ever set foot on a field (Paul "Bear" Bryant), at least 1 National Championship every 20 years since ...more

2 of the best coaches in College Football history with Bear Bryant and Nick Saban, and 2 of the best players in College Football history with Don Hutson and Derrick Thomas. Producer of Quarterbacks that won the first 3 Super Bowls (Bart Starr won the first 2 and Joe Namath won the third). Murderer of all other SEC schools. After that 2018 National Championship game win, there no longer is an argument for Notre Dame or Oklahoma to take the College Football crown. Bow to the true victors, Roll Tide!

While they have been down due to probations from about 95-05, few teams have been as consistent winners throughout history. Ohio State has been consistent but not able to win championships against the SEC. ND has not been a real championship program since the 70's-80's. Michigan/Okla/USC/or any of the others have been no more consistent than BAMA.

The ONLY team in College Football to have a record over EVERY team that they've played 10 or more times, The ONLY team to have over 11 National Championships, The ONLY team to have over 60 Bowl appearances, And the ONLY team that when you look at how many statistics they are Number 1 in, you're jaw DROPS!

As an avid Alabama fan for 41 years, I have seen the ebbs & flow of our football program. I have seen multiple SEC and National Championships. I have seen our program struggle with mediocrity as well as placed on probation from the NCAA. Winning Championships with class is the Bama way. Fortunately, Bama has been blessed with multiple legendary coaches. Those coaches have brought a winning attitude to our program. Our program has also been blessed with high character athletes. Those athletes have brought a positive winning attitude to the program. I am also thankful to be an proud Alabama alumnus.

8? No way 7 teams should be higher than the school who put southern football on the map. I don't care about individual records and Heismans as other teams spew about... Look at SEC titles, NC's and Bowl Wins and Bowls played... 'Bama should atleast be in the top 3 and I'd say #1.

The most recognized national championships (what really counts) and the most conference championships while playing in what is generally considered the nation's toughest conference. Bama regularly plays 4-5 ranked teams in the regular season while some teams below on this list do well to play 2-3. Plus, the Tide has had FIVE different coaches win national titles...amazing consistency over the past 100 years.

After winning the 2017 National Championship, Alabama has proven that they are in the greatest dynasty in College Football history, hands down. 5 National Championships in 9 years is unheard of when you need to play one of the top 2 teams in the nation to get there

Even though Bama can't and shouldn't claim a few of those Championships (1973 for example), they are still way ahead of everyone else! (I am a diehard Bama fan born and raised in Michigan). Because a lot of other teams claim championships that they don't deserve...For Example Notre Dame in 1966! and in 1978! Plus many teams didn't even go bowling or lost the bowl game while claiming a title! No championships should be counted after 1936...PERIOD- A diehard fan knows exactly why! Sorry Michigan and Princeton (A Couple of POSERS). After I study it a little more I will tell you why N.Dame and Ohio State are not top 5 Material! And Why Miami = "( '02 BAD CALL! BAD CALL! )",USC and Oklahoma ARE!

Ok... Way to many people think Notre Dame should be higher... I don't know why, they are over hyped and aren't even the winningest team anymore, Michigan broke that record... And USC is way too low on this list... But the biggest thing I can't understand is why Ohio state is number 2... They don't have a winning bowl record, they don't have even 10 National Championships, they are just too overhyped, kinda like Tennessee...

Here is my list...

-Alabama Crimson Tide
-USC Trojans
-Michigan Wolverines
-Ohio State Buckeyes
-Oklahoma Sooners
-Nebraska Cornhuskers
-Texas Longhorns
-Tennessee Volunteers
-Notre Dame Fighting Irish
-Penn State Nittany Lions
-Georgia Bulldogs
-LSU Tigers
-Florida State Siminoles

The truth is right in our faces. This guy is 100% correct. There is just no argument. Everything you start a season with goals to do, Alabama is #1 in. Win your conference. Get to a bowl game. #1 win said bowl game, #1. Win National Championship, #1. Enough said.

Oklahoma. It says all time for a reason. Recent Alabama dominance will go down in the history books, but until they fully surpass the height and prestige of the University of Oklahoma will I give them the props they deserve.

I'm the biggest Notre Dame fan you will ever meet but even I will admit the history of Alabama football, coupled with their current form over the last decade have made this the greatest college football program.

Any team that has broken 6 NCAA records you have to respect...
16 national titles
15 recognized titles by the NCAA
63 bowl games
36 bowl victories
3 playoff appearances
2 playoff victories
All of these records have been unmatched by any other team... Alabama is the greatest football program ESPN has to offer!

Alabama is the best team in the best conference.. Top to bottom far & away the best team over the past 10 years & all time

Alabama's history of success is unmatched��" and absolutely mindblowing considering it was achieved in a much shorter time than all the other prestige programs since football didn't reach the South for decades after the Northern, Midwest, and West coast schools began playing it. But it's downright obscene considering they've done it playing in the toughest conference of all. The most national titles, bowls, bowl wins, and 10+ win seasons in NCAA. Greatest head coaching legacy of all schools. There's really no debate over this; Alabama is the best ever.

Bama put football on the map in the South and with Coach Saban are once again the top program in the South.

No question here. Bryant established the law and all who follow must abide. Or they may wind up in auburn

cfbdatawarehouse has Bama No. 1 overall. That is good enough for me.

Not my favorite team, but Bear Bryant is one of the all-time greatest coaches. - thomwim

I agree Ohio State isn't number one or two there -1 there just that good

Most dominate team in college football the last 8 years, hands down.

History is on the side of Alabama. Deal with it!

16 national championships speak for themselves!