Ohio State


Ohio State was the first team to win the College Football Playoff. They have won 8 national titles, 886 games, 6 players who won the heisman trophy (Including the only 2-time winner), 418 players drafted in the NFL, the third most in the entire nation, and more weeks ranked in the AP Polls than any other team. They are also one of two teams to have never lost at least 8 games in a season, the other being Tennessee, and out of both of these teams, Ohio State will probably outrun Tennessee in that record.

Ohio State was a football powerhouse long before Alabama. They have far more individual awards (Heisman's, etc.). They have 8 National Championships (could easily claim more), they have the highest ALL-TIME AP ranking, and have spent more time at AP#1 than anyone, period. They have far more All-Americans than Alabama, and far more NFL talent over the years. And while Alabama has dominated a sometimes weak SEC, Ohio State dominated the Big 10 for years when the Big Ten's other teams such as Michigan, Michigan State, Iowa, Minnesota, etc., were typically top ten teams - not to mention dominating Nebraska and Penn State since they have joined the Big 10. I can see USC ranked above them on this list, although that is questionable - and Oklahoma is often listed as the top all-time collegiate program, and to be fair, Alabama should be a top five all-time team - but above OSU, I don't think so.

Ohio State has the highest winning percentage of any college football team over the last 100 years. In that span, they have won 8 national championships, 7 Heisman Trophies, 35 Big Ten titles, 7 Rose Bowls, 5 Fiesta Bowls, 3 Sugar Bowls, 1 Orange Bowl, and 1 Cotton Bowl. The Buckeyes have won all but one (1942) of their National Championships in the Modern Football Era (1950+) unlike the likes of Notre Dame (4) and Michigan (1...which was shared with Nebraska). - Mr-Me

Ohio State doesn't rebuild, they reload.

There is no way Alabama should be number 1 yes as of now they are the greatest program since 2010 but of all time no way Alabama was never as dominate in the 60s or 70s hell they weren't even a team but a team as consistent as Ohio state was or Oklahoma or even Michigan. And yes of course Alabama is the pride of the south I mean without Alabama the SEC as no body the SEC is absolute terrible.

They are a good team but in no way should Ohio State but any higher than 5..
Notre Dame, Alabama, USC, Oklahoma are all far superior over the last 40 years.

10 major Bowl Wins, 2 National Championships, 10 Confrence Championships, 4 Division Titles, 208 victories, 3 number two finishes, 12 top five finishes, 1 Heisman, and 15 seasons of ten Wins or more. Just in the past 20 years. Not bad. If not for a Bowl ban in 2012 then you might be adding 1more NC.

Ohio State PLAYS NO ONE... Play @ least a Top 25 team once a year,at least one.
The rest of the world are getting fed up with Ohio state claiming to be #1 & Never play a team with a winning record, wait they play in the Big Ten, there are no teams with winning records.

The? The school who cannot win it all. so much for Urban Meyer.

Extremely Overrated, should be # 5 maybe.
Cup Cake schedule & no defense.

7 Claimed National Championships (3 consensus, 7 recognized by the NCAA), 7 Heisman winners, 36 Conference Titles, 78 Consensus All-Americans, 413 NFL draftees, 24 College Football HOF, 9 NFL HOF, and home of the only two-time Heisman winner (Archie Griffin)

Make it 8 National Championships, 7 Heismans, 37 Conference Titles and 79 Consensus All-Americans. Updating is fun! Not sure if we are #2, but with Meyer the sky's the limit.

Ohio St. has 1 of Miami's titles. Give it up you idiot buckeye fans, that was not pass interference. The ref waited 8 secs while the crooked NCAA told them to throw it. Ohio St even purposely shaved to Michigan St who was a literal fraud and got destroyed by Bama in the playoff. Urban and Ohio St are a total fraud. We'll, Jack Tatum did play there & he was born in NC about 8 miles from my hometown so I guess that counts for something.

OSU has some impressive accomplishments. Most Heismans (tied), Most weeks at #1, most weeks in top 10, 8 national Championships, 8 # 2 finishes (most of all time), 3rd most players Drafted, 3rd most All-Americans, 4 coaches on College Football HOF, not including Paul Brown who is pro-HOF, 3rd most players in pro football hall of fame, most players ever drafted in 7 round draft, most players ever drafted in first 3 rounds only one of 2 teams to NEVER have 7 losses in one season. They lost 2 NCs on 1970s to USC by one point each and they play in greatest rivalry in College football.