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21 North Dakota
22 Auburn

I heard Auburn had a losing record against the worst team in the SEC, Vanderbilt.

2010 BCS National Champions
3 Perfect Seasons in the last 17 years (more than any other team)

Best team not to win a national title the last 25 years.

Ownership of bama the last 30 years

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23 Florida

Much better than teams such as West Virginia, Virginia (why are they even on the list), Georgia, Oregon, Penn State, Tennessee, LSU, and Florida State.

Hmm... Kansas Iowa UNC SYRACUSE MIAMI Ohio North Dakota Tennessee (Recently)! They all stink and should not be ahead of Florida 3 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS 8 SEC CHAMPIONSHIPS THIS IS A GREAT FOOTBALL TEAM! - peaceswagtv

Bull. Teams ahead of Florida that shouldn't be?
Auburn: Florida has more national titles and SEC Titles than Auburn.

West Virginia: Are you kidding me? They have NEVER won a championship.

Virginia: Again, NO championships.

Georgia: Has 2 championships, which is less than 3. Also, Georgia hasn't won the SEC in 11 years.

Army: Yeah, back in the 1940s...but not today.

Oregon: NO national championships at all, and they've had SEVERAL attempts. They're only ranked high because of their flashy uniforms.

Tennessee and Penn State: This is arguable. Florida has more championships than Penn State and leads the series against Tennessee. Toss up here.

LSU: Bandwagon central. People only like LSU because of Odell. LSU football was not on the map until Nick Saban came in 2000. Florida has had more All-Americans than LSU, way more division titles, and Florida leads the series against LSU.

FSU: Florida leads the series against FSU, and more ...more - peaceswagtv

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24 Washington

Needs to be way higher. Longest nonlosing streak in college football history and second biggest winning streak.

25 Ole Miss
26 Georgia Tech

John Heisman, yes that Heisman coached at Georgia tech and had his most success here. And Bobby Dodd along with 4 national championships. More than that other school in the state

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27 Miami (OH)

How are they in this list

28 Virginia Tech Virginia Tech

Has dominated since the early 90's

The frank bemer era has left its mark in Blacksburg

29 Princeton
30 Maryland
31 North Carolina
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33 Pittsburgh

9 national titles here

34 Marshall
35 South Carolina
36 Minnesota

6 national championships, 18 big 10 championships, the use to be great

37 Oklahoma State
38 Nevada
39 East Carolina
40 Texas A&M

Should be number #1cause there the best team known to man kind

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