Greatest College Football Programs

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21 BYU
22 Baylor
23 Washington

Needs to be way higher. Longest nonlosing streak in college football history and second biggest winning streak.

24 North Dakota
25 Clemson
26 Ole Miss
27 Georgia Tech

John Heisman, yes that Heisman coached at Georgia tech and had his most success here. And Bobby Dodd along with 4 national championships. More than that other school in the state

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28 Miami (OH)

How are they in this list

29 Marshall
30 Kentucky Kentucky

Had bear Bryant in the 50s, and plays in the SEC

31 Virginia Tech Virginia Tech

Has dominated since the early 90's

The frank bemer era has left its mark in Blacksburg

32 Boise State

Someday they'll get a chance to move into a big conference. - haineroid

33 Michigan State Michigan State
34 Syracuse

They may be really crappy now but look what they were, a national championship, BCS Contenders in the 90s. But sadly, they have lost talent, and the only thing people care about are the southern schools, Ohio State. And those wannabe national champions Oregon and try to look good with their uniforms

35 Princeton
36 Maryland
37 North Carolina
38 Iowa
39 Kansas

They have the my penis

40 Pittsburgh

9 national titles here

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