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21 Willis McGahee

Best single season in the history of the University of Miami...1,700 yds. 28 TDs. Boo yah!!!

Held back from better stats by a conservative coach. Could have easily-easily surpassed 2,000 yards and 35 TDs with an offensive minded coach. Place Urban, or Nick, or Les on that staff and he's in the conversation for greatest of all time.

22 Larry Johnson Larry Johnson Larry Alphonso Johnson, Jr. is a former American football running back in the National Football League.
23 Leonard Fournette

Number one leading rusher wright now

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24 Ron Dayne

He's the all-time NCAA leading rusher.

I saw the Great Dane not even play in the fourth qtr of a lot of his games,... And he still has the most yes of ALL TIME...

25 Ernie Davis

Would have been in the top 3 as a pro. Being this far down on this list only reflects the lack of recognition that has followed the man that quietly outran Jim Brown. My next door neighbor played on his high school team, and used to tell us how during practice for kick offs they would kick it to Ernie, and without any blockers he'd return it for a TD almost every time. If he had lived and continued to play with 32 at Cleveland, an argument could be made against any Packer dynasty in the 60's. View some highlights of the man who really set the mark for the perfect blend of speed and power. As football fans we were robbed of his brilliance. RIP 44.

I am from USC and have followed running backs for fifty five years. Though I never saw Ernie David run, his legend began when he was alive playing in college and was considered far greater than Jim Brown. I would like to hear Jim Browns take on this, or would I. Also Ricky Bell from USC should be here, another lost to soon in life.

Only people over 55 mostly only Syracuse or Cleveland Browns fans, a few Washington Redskins fans will have knowledge of Ernie Davis. So, let us get Jim Brown to answer and any remaining Syracuse coach that worked with both. I would accept their replies,

Ernie Davis is awesome.

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26 Anthony Davis Anthony Davis Anthony Marshon Davis Jr. is an American professional basketball player for the New Orleans Pelicans of the National Basketball Association.
27 Nick Chubb
28 Glenn Davis

Averaged almost 10 yards per carry.

29 Bronko Nagurski Bronko Nagurski Bronislau "Bronko" Nagurski was a Canadian-born American football player, renowned for his strength and size.
30 Ki-Jana Carter

KI-Jana Carter deserve's too be on this list. Carter was as good as any RB in college. Would have easily went over 2,000 yds. In 1994, if he didn't sit out almost the whole second half like every game. He was faster and bigger then Reggie Bush. That is a proven fact. Just look at his highlights and all his long breakaway runs. Bush being from Southern Cal was highlighted like a Hollywood star. If Carter played at Southern Cal at the same time, and instead of Reggie Bush he would be very high on this list. You put Larry Johnson on this list, because he had one huge season. Carter had quite a few big seasons and was simply better, trust me I followed both of them closely. Carter averaged 8 yards a carry!

Most underrated on this list! Ki-Jana was a threat to score every play. Powered the 94 Penn State offense with over 1700 rushing yards and 26 TDs and the dude only played in the first half of all but 3 games cause PSU was usually up 45 at the half!

31 Lawrence Phillips

Dude was an incredible talent! Did not even play his senior year! Would of won heisman with ease if it were not for his off field trouble, which is main reason some people may not even know who he is! Just look him up, man was unreal! Too bad he self destructed his God given ability! Wasted talent!

Look at the film Lawrence was by far in the top ten. Watch when he ran against the U Miami.

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32 Charles White

Awesome in College. Out did Billiy Sims and got the heismmman. Another player not used correctly. Wasted talent. It took 10 years of part time playing and his old college Coach believing in him and what does he do? He led the NFL in rushing however he was back in the powder and out of the league. Real sad!

33 Dalvin Cook
34 Doc Blanchard

Big and strong. Could play today.

35 DeAngelo Williams

Top five in all time rushing yards and all purpose yards all time

36 Melvin Gordon Melvin Gordon Melvin Gordon III is an American football running back for the San Diego Chargers of the National Football League. V 1 Comment
37 George Rogers
38 John Cappelletti

Special back. Real tough and smart.

39 Donald Brown
40 Mark Ingram Mark Ingram Mark Ingram, Jr. is an American football running back for the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League. V 1 Comment
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