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1 Sunshine of Your Love

Its Riff Is The Greatest Riff Ever Used By Eric Clapton. The Perfect Song For Begginer Rock Guitarists.

Also, its Lyrics Are Stunning

Might be the best riff in any song along with smoke on the water. It is an awesome song. I am just shocked that Toad isn't on this list at all. It is an incredible drum solo and in my top 5 cream songs, probably some of the inspiration for Zeppelin's Moby Dick

Great riff and superb offbeat drumming


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2 White Room

If not the best Cream song this is definitely a gold standard for Rock songs in general.

I'll wait in this palce, where the sun never shines, wait in this place where the shadows run for themselves... One of the most emotional moments in rock history

The solo is also pretty good... Great song - fidelcanojr

Without doubt the best Cream song there is. The awesome intro harmonies, and then that snare. Just one nod. And it explodes into that blistering riff. And the way Jack says "In A white room with black curtains, at the station..." You just know it's the beginning of an amazing journey. Baker was immense in this song. Bruce was at his vocal best and the basslines are so good. And Clapton. Was more Clapton than ever.

Absolutely amazing

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3 Crossroads

excellent guitar riff, great bluesy feel, and the overall flow of the song is just stellar

Amazing song, so much soul, everyone should hear this song. Really.

One of the best guitar solos forever!

Nice song, amazing guitat by clapton

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4 Tales of Brave Ulysses

Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker & Eric Clapton!
End of Story! - Nirmal1991USA

With tales of great solo's, your naked ears are pleasured by cream sweetly singing.

Pure Simple Brilliance! This song personifies the Legendary & Incredible Journey of the Mighty Odysseus!

5 Strange Brew

I'm addicted to this song

I like this song much better than crossroads. it is equivalent to the doors break on through

The best psychedelic song of Cream


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6 Badge

I could listen to this song for days, definitely one of their greatest.

It is the best Cream song of all time. Clapton at his best and Bruce and baker are not shoddy either!

Clapton's riff in the middle, restrained but so powerful!

The guitar solo in Badge was performed by George Harrison, supposedly in exchange for Clapton's solo on Harrison's "While my guitar gently weeps" recording for the Beatles.

Apparently, the cooperation ended here, as these 2 guitarists parted ways when Harrison got heavily into YOGI & Clapton pursued his R&R / Blues roots by forming Derek & the Dominoes.

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7 I Feel Free

Listen to how great Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker are on this classic--(I swear I believe Clapton was the 3rd most talented guy in this band! )

These guys were super all great songs in only a few years! Awesome!

Try to listen to this song without dancing.

sould be 4

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8 Toad

I agree much better than Moby Dick, (no disrespect to Bonham), also black Sabbaths' "Rat Salad" is an amazing song with a drum solo in it

One on the greatest drum solos and much better than Moby Dick. Also has a great guitar riff to it.


This song really needs to be in the top ten!

10 I'm So Glad

The riff! Clapton is just so beautiful! The riff is truly life changing! Believe this one is their best song!

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11 Deserted Cities of the Heart

This song is so amazing, makes you think and feel that you are in an apocalistic atmosphere, the solo, the fast strumming of bruce in the acoustic, that bass lines and the Baker fast drumming, one of the hidden gems in the history of rock, totally underrated song.

It's my favorite on the list.

12 Spoonful

Ah yes, but not as good as the spoonful on wheels of fire the 16 min spoonful

Superb especially with headphones for full appreciation.

13 N.S.U.

N.S.U. should definitely be the one. The perfect song.
You should at least have experienced it.
I am very curious to know how other people think about it.
(or why they neglect it) It is sheer magic. It has been called a kind of nursery rhyme, and I take that to mean it is hypnotizing. It even can give you energy, or lust for life, or lift you out of a depression.
(also, it is the only cream song which has passed through so many changes, 1. the short, fast and perfect studio version on 'Fresh Creeam' (<3 min), 2. the early rough life versions 3. long life versions (12 min, and 24 min! ), and finally the slow latest version (reunion concert), why so many versions? ) and it is probably their very first song, fresh from pure inspiration or improvisation, not so contrived or sophisticated as the other cream songs. (compare 'take it back'. - sjcohen

14 Wrapping Paper
15 Politician

This absolutely needs to be number one. The live version is legendary, everyone gives it their all. Jack Bruce's vocals are amazing. You have my vote

I really love the riff to this one. MASSIVELY underrated. One of my favorites from cream - matty925

16 We're Going Wrong

The 2005 gig at royal Albert hall was my favourite version of this song. Was not really interested in this song until I heard the 2005 version

Probably the best song for me! What a song! I'm not talking about drum bit or guitar riff or the vocal here.. Because its self understood (all four section are the best). If you look at the lyrics, it just becomes the most auspicious, overwhelming and welcoming song in everyone's life. Just ask urself... WE'r GOING WRONG? Defiantly at the moment!

Very underrated

17 Sweet Wine

Great composition. Clapton's most bitingly incisive, fierce solo ever.

Drums are life

18 Dance the Night Away

A mostly forgotten, but exquisite gem, look it up and have a listen on YouTube, you'll be glad you did!

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19 Born Under a Bad Sign

This is definitely an underrated song! - matty925

This one needs to be way higher - LizardKing99

got blues?

20 Anyone for Tennis

This one's a little weird because it is so unlike Cream: subdued, delicate, and very catchy. Underrated.

Very political; class oriented

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