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21 Pat O'Brien (Cannibal Corpse)

He is technically amazing, just watch him play frantic disembowelment, he is also dedicated to his instrument and even toured with slayer when gary holt left to tour with exodus

This guys rhythms are harder than most guitarists solo's. I have yet to see this guy play less than perfect. Just listen to Frantic Disembowelment.

Pat with rob barret gods of all death metal guitarists

"Karl and Pat deserve top 2" this dude knows what's up

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22 Robert Vigna (Immolation)
23 Patrick Mameli (Pestilence)
24 Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal, Morbid Angel)
25 Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed)

Most tech grind core ever also has more ability at writing memorable riffs than slayer overkill and morbid angel combined deserves top two with luc lemay from gorguts

26 Vogg (Decapitated)

This man or-rather brutal metal beast-is a no contest for the top 5. If you watch his live performances or have the good fortune to witness Decapitated, you will know why. It's not just that he writes and executes some of the most innovative, classic, and technical death metal riffs and solos in existence. It's that when he performs them live, he does so with utmost ease and stage presence, even opting to improvise on his own songs at times. Who else in technical death metal does that?!

Deadly fast and clear. Innovative riffs and sofisticated solos.

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27 Jari Mäenpää (Ensiferum, Wintersun) Jari Mäenpää (Ensiferum, Wintersun) Jari Mäenpää (born 23 December 1977) is a Finnish heavy metal multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. He is the founder of metal band Wintersun for which he records all instruments. Before forming Wintersun, Mäenpää was best known for his role in the folk metal band Ensiferum.

How is he not on here? He should be in the top five!

28 Christian Muenzner

Insanely great and innovative guitarist whose latest release Beyond the Walls of Sleep is an incredible instrumental gem. Listen to Alkaloid, Spawn of Possession, Obscura and Necrophagists's Epitaph to see his incredible and extremely enjoyable shredding prowess. Speaking of Necrophagist, Muhammed ranks at about the same level as Christian but I find Muenzner a bit more enjoyable and you cannot choose them both.

Really great guitarist especially considering he had a condition that impaired his fingering

Just one of the best guitarist in the world

29 Brendon Small - Dethklok Brendon Small - Dethklok Brendon Small is an American producer, writer, animator, stand-up comedian, voice actor, and musician.

Dethklok is great either way you put it. All you have to do to

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30 Lucas Mann (Rings of Saturn)
31 Ralph Santolla (Obituary, Deicide, Iced Earth)
32 Dave Suzuki (Vital Remains)

His solo is most technically and brutal too, he's technique what can I say anymore that no one doubt about his solo..
Additionally : his voice is GREAT and BEAST too!

Icons of evil is full of great guitar melodies

33 Nicke Andersson (Nihilist, Entombed)

Unique playing style, I must admit. He technically uses to mix garage rock elements into the traditional death metal sound.
Check out Left Hand Path. - Nord666

34 Michael Carlisle - Mortification

Awesome, underrated guitarist! He may not be the greater lead player ever but his rythms are deadly! M/

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35 Jesse Pintado (Terrorizer)
36 Anders "Blakkheim" Nyström (Bloodbath)
37 Paul Masvidal (Cynic, Death)

Focus was a great album. You can apprecite this guy's varied influences

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38 Ville Friman (Insomnium)
39 Ryan Knight (Arsis, The Black Dahlia Murder)

This guy is amazing I don't see how he isn't higher on the list he puts great riffs and solos out on every song also he know when and where to add a solo some death metal groups and melo death guitarist suck at that

40 Fredrik Akesson (Opeth, Arch Enemy)
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