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41 Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, Bloodbath) Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, Bloodbath) Alf Peter Tägtgren is a Swedish musician, multi-instrumentalist and producer. He is the founder, main songwriter, lead vocalist, and guitarist of the death metal band Hypocrisy as well as the industrial metal band PAIN in which he is the only member.

The album debut of Hypocrisy is awesome, his vocals make me feel like a man in flames and it's so fantastic

Listen to EATEN! True Death Metal voice!

He looks like a cross between Christopher Walken and Johnny Depp. He's still awesome though!

You should hear his vocals in PAIN.

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42 Ben Falgoust (Goatwhore, Soilent Green)

Great live!

43 Dan Swanö

Just listen to the beginning of "Crimson II", this guy blows everyone else on this list out of the water.

Amazing death metal vocalist should be much higher on the list!

Great vocalist he should be top 5

His range is even more various than Akerfelds. From low growls through strong singing up to heavy metal shrieks - this is ultimate 360°C talent. Just compare what he is capable of with "Steel" and with "Edge of sanity"

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44 Travis Ryan Travis Ryan Travis Ryan Collins, who goes by the stage name Travis Ryan, is an American musician known for being the vocalist of the Deathgrind band Cattle Decapitation.

He has one the the strangest and most unique growling styles I have ever listened to. His death growls sound odd, but he can also unleash a inhuman scream. On their newest album he even combines screams with an almost clean sound.

His work on the last Cattle Decapitation's album is quite amazing. He don't just keep doing what he knows best, he constantly try new things, new technics, recreating the death metal vocals. A human beast live and in studio

Travis Ryan has a range that any other Death Metal vocalist would kill for. His low tones register on the Richter scale, and his high tones are sonic weapons. This guy is one of the best.

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45 Nergal Nergal Adam Nergal Darski[ (born Adam Michał Darski; 10 June 1977 in Gdynia), is a Polish musician and television personality, best known for being the frontman for the black/death metal band Behemoth . more.

Black Metal, not Death Metal, but still good

He may look like a Black Metal musician,but actually,he does Death Metal...

46 Mark Jansen (Epica, After Forever)
47 Mike Majewski (Devourment) Mike Majewski (Devourment)

This dude Is a true beast.
He belches forth sow like grunts that sound like they fought their way through a worm filled sewer pipe.

48 Karl Sanders (Nile) Karl Sanders (Nile) Karl Sanders is an American musician, most widely known as the founding member of the American ancient Egyptian-themed technical death metal band Nile.

His guitar playing is so spectacular that it may overshadow his growling but he still sounds like an ancient pharaoh awakened from his slumber placing curses on the world

He has one of the deepest growls. - asdsees

49 Ross Dolan (Immolation)

Too low for this man

50 Shawki Ahmed (Sever Dementia) V 1 Comment
51 Jens Kidman (Meshuggah)

Powerful and great live performance.

Should be in the top 10 to be honest

52 Bo Summer (Illdisposed)

This guy has a brutal mid-range growl

53 Corporate Death (Macabre)

Clean, deep growls, high shrieks, midrange growls... He can do I all! Also a talented guitarist.

54 Brett Hoffmann (Malevolent Creation)

Are you kidding me Brett was not in the list by now? Is there anything more intense in death metal singing than what can be heard on 'Retribution' or 'Stillborn'? Number 1 for me.

55 Derek Rydquist (The Faceless)
56 Tatiana Shmaylyuk (Jinjer)

Even though it is hard to pinpoint the exact genre of Jinjer, Tatianas vocals including the impressive growls create the bands originality and core.

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57 Tommaso Riccardi (Fleshgod Apocalypse)
58 Pekka Kokko (Kalmah)

He screams better than Laiho and he can growl too

59 Shaun Lacanne - Putrid Pile Shaun Lacanne - Putrid Pile

He is INSANELY good for a one man brutal death metal band. - Metalhead1997

60 Adrian "Covan" Kowanek (Decapitated)

The best Polish death metal vocalist from the most technical death metal band from Poland, Decapitated! His vocals are so brutal that you can feel the anger from Covan! Organic Hallucinosis was the most epic album by Decapitated and I hope he recovers from his disablement.

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