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21 It Never Rains

Possibly the most underrated dIRE sTRAITS song. Perfect from begining to end, great lyrics, outstanding outro.
It's such a shame it was only played live during the short Love over gold UK tour.

Without any doubt the greatest song Mark ever wrote during the Dire Straits period.

This forgotten last track of the Love Over Gold album deserves more love! Terrific guitar and lyrics - Knopfler at his best. Should easily be in the top 10.

Guys this should be in top 10 at the least. Try this song n u wont regret it!

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22 Skateaway

The one that got away from the live shows, and I think, overlooked. From their best album "Making Movies".

This song ALWAYS stops me in my tracks. GREAT late night song with a little glass of somethin'

This song has such a strong melody, 2nd only to Tunnel of Love

This song should be much higher!

23 News

I think the guitar in this song is unforgettable. It just sticks to your head once you hear it. It makes me think about car accidents. Great song! Deserves a better ranking on the charts...

24 In the Gallery

This is one of the most bluesy songs ever written, and it's combined with a perfect amount of funk. This song should be vaulted up top. Drink a beer and turn it up loud... You'll love the chorus.

I agree should be running up there with Sultans of swing, That guitar is unbelievable.

This tune should be right along side of Sultans of swing. Great keyboard in it.

25 Six Blade Knife

One of their best

Great bass

26 Going Home
27 Twisting by the Pool

Energetic and great

28 Hand in Hand

Just love this tune.. so simple but just class

Most underrated song of all time, like a kick in the gut every time!

29 Lions

Might be the weirdest song ever. I can't even listen to it without feeling really unconfortable.

30 Expresso Love

Amazing Song! Absolutely fantastic display of songwriting!

Crazy this isn't higher on the list. Killer guitar riff drives through the verses. Classic Dire Straits!

31 You and Your Friend

Amazing lyrics and guitar work.

Lay down and soak it in

32 Portobello Belle
33 Fade to Black V 1 Comment
34 Eastbound Train
35 Water of Love

Pick Withers legendary drumming is just as essential to this song as Mark Knopflers guitar work, combining for one of their most underrated songs. Their sound may have been somewhat undeveloped on their first album, but this, along with Sultans of Swing, is some of their best work that isn't on Making Movies or Love Over Gold.

36 Ticket to Heaven
37 Private Investigations

This is already at number 9, isn't it?

38 Solid Rock

Good old fashion Rock N Roll!

39 Boom, Like That
40 Single Handed Sailor

My favourite Dire Straits song. I love the main riff and the way it turns in and out in the play out at the end. The clean strat sound with its hollow ring, echoes and lingers beautifully. You can almost see the lonely haunting figure of the Cutty Sark throughout the song

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