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21 Eli Tomac
22 Ronnie Mac

He is an inspiration

Best person ever my hero basically

Such a rednech and he's awesome and wild


23 Stefen Everts

Beat Bubba at age 34! If Everts would have raced Bubba and Carmichael at age 25 over a full season I think he could of definitely beat Bubba and I think he could of challenged Carmichael

First off, it's Stefan Everts. Not Stefen.
Second, and more importantly, how is he not top 10? If not top 3? He holds the record with 10 World Titles!

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24 Taddy Blazusiak

Beat David knight in the last man standing race

25 Jeremy Steinberg

Won way too many xgames medals and other awards not to be on this list

26 Gaston Rahier V 1 Comment
27 Tony Cairoli
28 Trey Canard

He rides a honda and he's darn good at it

29 Josh Sheehan
30 Mitch Mayes
31 Justin Hill

Great upcoming rider out of Canada watch out for him in a few years in the Arena cross 450 class

32 Josh Grant

" He is one of the best riders I know. "

" he can flick dirt up any second he is on the bike "

He is the best...

33 Tony Distefano
34 Justin Brayton V 1 Comment
35 Jimmy Ellis
36 Marc Coma
37 Mike Cinqmars V 1 Comment
38 Joel Smets

Come on! He totally belongs.
Along with Stefan Everts. They were each other's big rivals!

39 Dean Wilson
40 Robbie Maddison

He rode across water and got the world record for the longest distance on a motorcycle also he jumped the arc de triumph

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