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21 Sven, the Rogue Knight

Strongest melee heroes, his God Strength beat everything and when the enemy runs... Say hello to Storm Bolt HAHAHA :D I love Sven

Gs then dagger then stun then hit... Hehehe rampage.

Sven got the God's Strength...
No one can beat him with God's Strength even troll...
He just go get basher and mkb for troll...

He is Tank, Hitter, Stunner, Runner (warcry) and what?

No one can run fom him.. With the god strength he can beat anything. And with the right inventory he can be invinsible :D He is just awesome

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22 Outworld Devourer

Great late game damage with his Q, awesome ultimate for wrecking Str and Agi heroes, and almost unlimited mana for spamming capabilities!

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23 Razor, Lightning Revenant

It is very good hero, I used it many times, by giving right items he can be very good and his special skills are just awesome!

I use this hero lots of time, great pushing hero with its plasma and with the right items he will surely a team asset mid - late game... Items used: BoT, Linken, Buriza, Butterfly / Yasha & shivas

I love this hero, though weak at the start but given the right items, like butterfly, boots, skadi/mjolnir, battlefury, radiance, heart of tarrasque, this hero is awesome, plasma in this items can blast all surrounding creeps in blink of an eye, with eye of storm, static link, unstable skills, your enemy would run for sure.

My most favorite hero. just need a couple of strong builds and your set! Use Manta, Lothar, Mjolnir and anything you can add. OFC you need some phase boots or other boots and wraith band. DOTA 1

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24 Lanayar, The Templar Assassin

Best carry because of her refraction and she can dominate the whole game by her traps.

Clearly the best. Her Refraction ability gives her massive damage for a few attacks and can block the most powerful spells and physical attacks. Her Meld ability can turn Lanaya invisible as long as she doesn't move and when she breaks her invisibility by attacking, the attack will be much more powerful than her normal attacks. Her Psionic Blades passive ability can easily kill creep waves and can be used to harass your opponent in the middle lane. Her ultimate ability, Psionic Trap, can be used to give vision to Lanaya or greatly slow her enemies. Recommended build is: Power Treads, Desolator, Daedalus, Butterfly, Black King Bar, and Monkey King Bar with that she can be beyond GODLIKE!

Lanaya is A perfect Assassin and a Late Game Devil
Has the Potential to kill any hero and with right item (Treads, Vanguard, Desolator, Buriza/Dagger, MKB or Butterfly) can take Rampage!
Reflection is the best skill with no damage (magical physical) taken
For 6 instances
Meld and strike gives the for a 200 pure damage
Psi blade are great DPS
And traps can help slow the foe and finish it off
Thus LANAYA is the number 1 hero in dota

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25 Bloodseeker, Strygwyr

He is great, and his rupture kill the enemy and using its bloodrage to itself.. He kill anyone. And he is hard to kill.

It's true some heroes have some skills to dominate others in a team fight but there's no other hero that's better at cleaning up after a fight than bloodseeker.

Bloodseeker is amazing at picking off anyone by them self. Almost impossible to get away from.

Best is her ss he can share power and the ss is her speediest attack

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26 Zeus, Lord of Olympia

With the right set up of items (with an emphasis on mana and mana regeneration) almost no hero can match his DPS. A chain lightening move that does decent damage is good, but he can use it every 1.75 seconds! That adds up. He also had a fairly decent spike damage move that he can use every 6 seconds. His static field is okay, but until it's level 4 it's nothing to write home about. But his ultimate... If set up correctly can kill multiple heroes in one move! One of the best anti-hero spells in the game.

Awesome spamming capability with heavy damage... On top of it A universal ulti! What more do you want

Zeus is great, I like his skill thundergod's wrath, were he was able to target every hero wherever it is. And so I vote for him.

Zeus is powerful can use 4th skill to kill enemy heroes and sight invisibile enemy heroes just to kill by upgrading by aghanim scepter...

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27 Phantom Assassin

One Critical equals ONE KILL provided the right items! The only thing that can kill this hero is stunners.

great assassin.. never lets a hero run away - misho961

Haha get divine rapier she is sure to be able to one hit kill BOOM

I got 3 Rampage in 2 games what kind of hero is that 😂😂😂😂

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28 Akasha, Queen of Pain

Poor armor, poor agility and hey, she is an intelligent. Has great skills, effective chaser and escaper, his scream tend to bring nightmare to any enemy who dare to stand before her..

Akasha is the best mid hero in my opinion, have big escape, a ultimate that in early get half of your life and she slow you with her first skill

Yes he/she is right this hero must be in 1st place because she is power full and beautiful

This hero must be in 1st place

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29 Demon Witch, Lion

Lion is tough. I usually get poor mans shield and tangos starting items. ( combos well with impale and mana drain. ) core is arcane boots, pipe, magic wand, force staff, dagger. If game lasts I go guinsoo. If I get a good lane partner sometimes I rush dagon and the damage at level five is around 1030 and that can kill almost all heroes around level five. Once lion gets ahead he is hard to stop.

Lion is strong his SS can be great finisher if used right and has two disables he even has a mana drain with the imp+Mana+vodoo+SS and right item build If used right he can be one of the best heroes So I say go Lion!

Combine the voodoo (mana drain while voodoo), finger of death and impale then attack it.Items you should buy must be bloodstone, shiva's guard, battle fury, monkey king bar, refresher orb and radiance.

Lion is super power..

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30 ASOM, the great of god

He has anger issues when he uses he's last skill you all gonna die'

31 Legion Commander, Tresdin

This hero is very good. Can force enemies to attack you with Duel ability, with each Duel won she gets increased damage. Overwhelming Odds can deal great damage to 5 heroes in an area. Press the Attack kicks out any disables!

Damage increase every duel won

Oh this hero should be in top 10 he is invincible

This hero is a legend with her new aghanim she is unstoppable!

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32 Yurnero, Juggernaut

The first time I played juggernaut.. He was my hero, his abilities are awesome! He is an early gamer., with right skills he owns the game

Can't believe he is at no 60!...! You troll warlord come one on one... we l see who is number 1.. he is a certain top hero.. with don't Evn need your ulti.. poetry in motion!

He's totally the greatest hero, with proper items, he can kill any hero 1 on 1 without using his ultimate skill.

In my first game I get 10 win strick in jugg that's why a vote in the most greatest hero

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33 Rikimaru, the Stealth Assassin

He can truly be the greatest if he has a great pilot and have a accurate item that can dodge, reduce damage and a very accurate prediction! :D

He can beat everyone when he is invisible.

I love stealth and
His ultimate also his third backstab increases by hi agi and that's great and his smoke is a killer machine

RIKI with divine rapier is unstoppable. I was able to kill all the enemy heroes single handedly when they attempted a team fight. Riki might look small and nimble but he's a stone cold killer

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34 Storm Spirit

Cool and fun hero. With orchid no one can escape from this guy

Very quick, they have no chance for escaping

My favourite hero over powered and can chase heroes and disable them with his ulti and vortex

This the strongest hero

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35 Tiny, the Stone Giant

Avalanche and Craggy Exterior are making him a great stunner and when he go to full Grow, with some agility and attack speed items, there is no hero that can beat him one on one battle.

I don't know why I vote him and also I don't know why I can't beat him @@

I know that tiny is the biggest hero in the dota and the killer
If you use the combo tiny avalance and toss the enemy will die
Not less than in 5 second or 3 so that tiny is my favorite hero...

The big boy and power full hero

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36 Ursa Warrior, Fuzzy Wuzzy

Ursa is my pet ursa is great hero

Maybe ursa must be top1 cause if ursa have vladimirs offering and threads he/she can engage roshan if he have that build.

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37 Rhasta, Shadow Shaman

One of the best hero in dotA, good in 1v1, very helpful in team battles and in the hand of a skilled player can surely bring to victory

Rhasta is a hero trapper. He can kill any heroe and he is good in 1 vs 1.. NO NEED ANY BACK-UP... CAN KILL As MUCH AS % HEROEs.. HE CAN BE BEYOND GODLIKE...

Rhasta is the best hero trapper with in his ultimate he can directly PWNED an enemy without any back-up..

When skill no.4 is casted to a right place the enemy will be trap and if it goes away you can cast skill number 1,2, and 3

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38 Slardar, the Slithereen Guard

Yeah! I love to use slardar because of his remarkable strength... With the aid of mask of madness and SS then skill 1, no enemies can escape from the wrath of this creature... Hehe!

Slardar is the greatest hero of all. He is the best because he's perfect no hero is match for his abilities. He is a perfect killer

Slardar has all the killing abilities and advantages in escaping

When you have a mask of madess and you will one on one with your enemy I will use a ss and mandness and second skll

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39 Balanar, The Night Hostest

I am enjoying to used this character, in early you can go farm and the night will come you must to do hunting. Try it to use

Balanar is my first hero played when I I'm a newbie in dota, balanar is the best... I loved balanar cause he is the night stalker... Nobody fears balanar during at night

What!, balanar is the most powerful hero in DotA he could defeat anyone if you know how to use it

Balanar is the strongest in night!

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40 Lich, King of Liz Sonique

He is the best killer in DotA.
He can kill 5 in one Chain Frost and Frost Nova.
He SURELY can defeat Troll Warlord in the top 1.
The Lich King of Liz Sonique is Blue_Knight_06

He is My First Favorite Hero in Dota cause Of His Clothes Then later on with his Powers cause its ICE AND Ice is A Powerful Power!

Lich Is The BeSt BecaUse ThE ChAin CAN hiT MaNy HEro that's wHy He Is the best
And Many Killer Skill..,

Lich is my favorite hero and he has nice clothes, at first I thought he was a girl but he isn't, I HATE NAGA SIREN, or, SlITCHE

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