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41 Balanar, The Night Hostest

I am enjoying to used this character, in early you can go farm and the night will come you must to do hunting. Try it to use

Balanar is my first hero played when I I'm a newbie in dota, balanar is the best... I loved balanar cause he is the night stalker... Nobody fears balanar during at night

What!, balanar is the most powerful hero in DotA he could defeat anyone if you know how to use it

Balanar is the strongest in night!

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42 Shenzeldare Silkwood, the Vengeful Spirit

I have win every match I love ths hero so much the most powerful hero have a swap and stun

I like this HEro every match I win... nice hero Shenzeldare

Great combo skills! Can fight any hero 1 on 1

She nice than the other hero

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43 Mortred the Phantom Assassin

Can be the god if you can farm and use her right

Maan this hero has a critical! Can kill 5 heroes in 3 secs if well farmed no matter who they are

It's a good hero because when you use it wiselyy you go to rampage

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44 Anti Mage

Best dota hero in the world if you use him correctly number 1 can stand in front awesome agility with blink of just 5 seconds cd mana burn mana void and passive hood which is amazing even somebody tries to counter BKB mage is too imba! Mage rocks

With right combination of items and life steal. He unstoppable one on one with any other hero.

Has to be in front of every mage in this game just because he is anti mage

Anti Mage has the mana break or to kill skyreght Mage or skeleton kill was nothing to use her second life ss

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45 Nortrom the Silencer

This hero is better than Anti-Mage

1. using glaives of wisdom deals high damage the more higher intelligence
2. his ulti silence won't let your enemy nuke you down
3. OP

If you want to kill heroes that are high in intelligence, then you should use him.

His 1st skill (arcane curse) will make less your enemy use his/her skill because the more the skills the more the damage they will recieve

2nd (glaives of wisdom) spam this to a mage...the higher the intelligence, the higher the damage plus it's pure

3rd (silence) best when used against nukers..won't let them use their skills

ULTI (global silence) just like his 3rd skill but all of the enemy around the map will be affected


46 Syllabear, the Lone Druid

If you are talking about best or greatest hero overall there is no answer for me to you but if you are talking about ultimate late game hero there is no one who can deny that Syllabear is the best ultimate late game hero (all hero have full ultimate item) but the reason why Syllabear is not best or greatest hero overall is the difficulty of reaching the ultimate point is very hard in exchange of unbeatable ultimate late game hero anyway you want us to vote for greatest hero so I will assume you are talking about greatest hero overall (good in both early and late) so I will not vote for Syllabear because Syllabear and spirit bear are not very effective in team fight early almost useless so they are not even one of greatest hero in this game and also this is why Syllabear and spirit bear are not very popular choice and not even one of top ten hero of the game

My Fave Hero^^ the bear's tangled is really deadly plus the high HP (Bear and Sylla) The Battle Cry bonus damage... Really good hero Late Mid or early Game... All you need is treads vanguard and basher both Sylla and his Pet...

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47 Rylai Crestfall, the Crystal Maiden

Crystal Maiden is a powerful disabler and support spellcaster. Each of her offensive spells impairs the target in some way, making her a valuable addition to any lineup. Crystal Nova allows her to blast multiple enemies with chilling damage, and Frostbite completely stops a single target enemy from moving for several seconds. Freezing Field causes immense damage and slows everything in a large area around Rylai, but her natural fragility makes it a difficult spell to use to its full effect. Despite the usefulness of all of her spells to her allies, perhaps her greatest asset to her team is Brilliance Aura. This aura gives all allies across the map a significant boost to their mana regeneration, giving them plenty of energy to use their own spells no matter where they are. Although she tends to take on a supportive role, the Crystal Maiden is still one of the most valuable heroes for any team.

Nuker that doesn't need bloodstone and has a second disable and can wipe out teams with her ultimate you will know when your versing me if you get murder by a crystal maiden

Shes so very powerful no one can't beat her...

Rylai lvls are best in dota

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48 Skeleton King, King Leoric

Because when you equip him with too divine rapiers he is unbeatable even to roshan and 2 hyperstone and he is overwhelming and undefeatable

Simply put armlet, heart, threads, soul ring, refresher orb and an aegis. this all equals to IMMORTALITY

My favorite hero. When he reaches to level 16 the other team will surely lose the game.

Wraith King means undead King, Just add him with Treads and heart, moonshard, Refresher orb, Aegis, Divine rapier,Then Good game to him

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49 Venommancer

The best with his poison... Nobody can save...!

Venomancer is more than a snake because even your enemy is fast you still have your 3rd skill to kill your enemy

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50 Meepo, Geomancer

I like meepo because if you can reach level 6 and get 2 meeting you can just keep earning gold with experience. I can be anywhere anytime. Good for luring someone disabling them the kill. You can be strong but you r not 5

I like it because of its poof and it my best hero

If fully upgraded (which he can do very quikly), he can do a passive 320 damage from one attack

Best hero ever

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51 Troll , Smash
52 Mirana Nightshade, Priestess of the Moon

The best hero of all time! I love using heroes that has accuracy skills like pudge and kunkka.

Because Arrow + Leap + Starfall = Dead = Not Enough Mana

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53 Morphling, the Morphling

Laugh out loud cute water fountain. He is good at spraying water for those who feel thirsty. He is my favourite. He owns at quenching our thirst. He is a good hero th

For me, this hero is the best in having a good game you may gain some gold immediately. And his replicate skill is very powerful.. So you may choose this hero. You got imbalance game

I love morphling just when you have ethereal blade..., ahaha cool, ethereal and then 2nd. Great!

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54 Necrophos V 3 Comments
55 Aiushtha, the Enchantress

It was powerful enchantress firm without makakatalo the combo he is strong

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56 Raigor Stonehoof, the Earthshaker

Earthshaker is the gratest because his combo is very strong 1st enchant totem 2nd fissure then attack when the stun stops use echo slam then attack after if the enemy escapes use dagger sure death

Earthshaker have best kill the enemy was running you can use first skill to block the enemy

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57 Doom Bringer, Lucifer

Level death + level death + scorched earth + doom + level death... Pwned!
Doom Bringer is owning!

You all noobs, you can choose any hero you like and I can own your sorry a**es with Doom and level? Death! - Nord666

Doom is the best farmer. Best farmer means best items. Doom is the best for me. 99% win

Ultimate Rule!

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58 EarthShaker

He's the strongest ss in dota with Aghanims Scepter+Shivas Guard+refresher can kill below 3 seconds

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59 Ayam n Asom, the duet
60 Betlog, the Malambot

Best hero ever. Could use a lot of strategies with this one.

This hero is the best because he can be so hard when you want to, and soft if you want more agi. Great hero! Should be at top 4 at least?

That's right I agree with you haha

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